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> Validating certificate…

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> Initiating secondary validation. Please enter the correct code.

> Unknown, Fear, Correction

> Identification: Containment Officer Kim Sohwa

> Position: SCP-1999-KO Containment Officer

> Validated. Greetings, officer.

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Item #: SCP-1999-KO

Object Class: Keter Apollyon1

Special Containment Procedures: The instance cannot be contained. To minimise the damage caused by the instance, the Foundation must examine all mass media, such as music, TV programmes and novels, and related personnel, and expunge all related data when neccesary.

The SCP-1999-KO containment department should collect and view all documents, books, audio and video records related to the "Fifthist Church", and focus on identifying its ultimate goal and meaning. Fierce, in-depth inter-branch discussions are advised to do so.

Revised 2022-09-17: Contact with the art director Nikita Illich Yezhov of the "Noonday Oak Troupe" must be minimised. Unauthorised contact will result in disciplinary measures.

Description: SCP-1999-KO refers to all events related to the "Fifthist Church", or "Fifthism". In 1990, the Foundation was conducting research about newly formed religions centered around the new age movement. During the research, the Foundation first came in contact with the anomalous organism formed around numerology and mysticism, the "Fifthist Chruch". The members called themselves "Fifthists". Unlike the new religions at the time, Fifthism was preaching the theory that "everything happens from five", not the religious unity of "all religions ultimately deliver the same teachings". However, it was difficult to collect information about their exact doctrines or ideas for reasons to be described later. Research about the goal and meaning of the "Fifthist Church" was initiated after the first contact. However, events similar to the ones mentioned below started happening sporadically.

Extensive investigation about the exact doctrines and ideology are under progress, but the interpretation is slow as the information gathered are chaotic and disorganised. The only established pieces of information are as follows:

  • The organisation worships a concept called "Five".
  • They are related to a hostile reality-destroying entity known as "Seven".
  • Some sects have a deep relationship with music.

Despite regular extensive discussions, no meaningful conclusions have been made.

Interview Log 1999-KO-PA

Interview Log 1999-KO-PA

Date: 13-09-2022

Interviewer: SCP Foundation SCP-1999-KO Chief Investigator Lee Yuri

Interviewee: Noonday Oak Troupe Art Director Nikita Illich Yezhov

Appendix: This interview was conducted as part of a regular investigation of SCP-1999-KO. The Foundation focused on that while Fifthists can be erratic and disorganised, some do musical activities or participate in the music industry. The Foundation suspected that anomalous musical societies might hold information about the Fifthists. Thus, a member from the Noonday Oak Troupe was selected, as it is a musical GoI which is very friendly to the Foundation and does not possess dangerous anomalous instances or powers.

[Start of Log]


(Yezhov seems annoyed.)

Yezhov: I mean… Haah…

(Yezhov gestures for a cigarette. The request was denied.)

Yezhov: …I'm here because the Foundation went overboard with oppressing art and media. My troupe suffered the damage, and I'm requesting the Foundation does something about…

Lee Yuri: Mr Yezhov, please focus on the question. I asked you about bands related to Fifthists.

(Short silence)

Lee Yuri: Contact our official diplomatic desk for that matter. We're not here for diplomacy but for a regular interview.

Yezhov: What's your deal with those junkies?

Lee Yuri: (Silently sighs) We have a serious matter.

Yezhov: (In a slightly upset voice) Then lock those junkies up and leave us alone! Are you afraid of that monster the bastards keep talking about or something?

Lee Yuri: …Can you say that again?

Yezhov: … Is that actually the reason…? All this fuss over that…? That Seven or Seventy things or whatever?

(Lee requests termination of the interview and detainment of the interviewee on the interface for breach of security protocols. Request denied.)

Yezhov: (Sigh)… Can I please have a smoke?

Lee Yuri: No.

Yezhov: Yeah, whatever…

(Yezhov grabs onto his head and keeps talking.)

Yezhov: So… What did you say? What is Fifthism?

Lee Yuri: Yes..

Yezhov: Junkies. But with anomalous tech. That's it.

(Short silence)

Yezhov: I'll be blunt. We're musicians. But we have anomalous tech. And I know all well that you think of as nothing. Fifthists are junkies. But they have anomalous tech. What's all this commotion, then?

(Lee Yuri requests approval to mention superior classified information. Request granted)

Lee Yuri: Their documents and conversation logs, anomalous phenomena, some parts don't make sense…

Yezhov: You think they'll be coherent after all those drugs?

Lee Yuri: But too many of them disappear or die…

Yezhov: Don't you think all those drugs will kill them?

(Short Silence)

Yezhov: You know… I know you love your flawless definitions and orderly classifications because of you're academics… But do you need those for the gibberish those junkies say? You can't make sense of what they say because there is none. You can't understand the anomalous phenomena? Of course, because there's no meaning there. 1982, 457, 38546, 22. Do you know what I mean? You wouldn't. That's because I just blurted out whatever just came to mind. But why do you keep trying to find meaning in this sequence?

Lee Yuri: …We found clear evidence of danger. We suffered damages from them.

Yezhov: I'm not saying they're safe or harmless. Of course, they're dangerous. But being dangerous is a whole different thing from bearing meaning. Why are you complicating things? Do you think that every piece of rock on the street has meaning?

(Short Silence)

(Lee requests permission to mention the highest classified information. Request granted.)

Lee Yuri: Them, what is Seven?

(Yezhov closes his eyes for a while and thinks. Then he opens his eyes)

Yezhov: Just a beast. Nothing more. You, people, would have contained it already if you weren't obsessed with those junkies.

Lee Yuri: But we suffered significant damage from that Seven. So that…

Yezhov: Are you afraid of being bitten by a lion in the zoo? Is it because you saw those junkies tripping into the lion cage? Why are you scared, saying we should do this or we shouldn't do that? Just add another lock or another cage, or feed the lion until it's stuffed and throw some toys inside. You guys stuck your arm inside to get it torn off. Why are you throwing a fit in front of anomalous artists? You feed the lion stories. The world is made of stories. If you talk about our reality, then it's a story. It's nothing big.

Lee Yuri: So…(Sigh) So, Seven is now…

Yezhov: We have it.

Lee Yuri: What?

Yezhov: Some people keep lions. Why are you surprised?


[End of Log]

Note: Following the interview, the SCP-1999-KO Containment Department gathered an emergency meeting and started an extensive discussion. The Containment Department concluded that:

  • The interviewee's claims are too radical and risky to be accepted without consideration.
  • The anomalous technology NOTE possesses is not sophisticated, so it is doubtful they have a complete understanding of the instance.
  • Every possibility and circumstance must be considered, regardless of whether the claim is true. Also, the Foundation has no reason to be defamed.

In addition, there were minority opinions such as "this opportunity should be used to expand the direction of the investigation" and "the intensity of the investigation should be reduced experimentally and step by step using resource relocation".

SCP-1999-KO Extensive Investigation Log, Sort Code-RA

Reporter: Agent Kim Wooseok

Date: 18-09-2022

Overview: The direction set from interview log 1999-KO-PA needs basic investigation. It will focus on Taiwan, where the Noonday Oak Troupe headquarters is located. The investigation will also cover the possibility that the Taiwanese Fifthists possess a particularly lower risk.

Contents: Fifthists in Taiwan form many smaller groups. No sign of anomalous traits or phenomena has been observed yet. However, it should be noted that the investigation is in its earlier stages.

The most active group is located in Kaohsiung City. Exploiting its proximity to the harbour, the group is involved in smuggling items such as illicit drugs and illegally obtained money. The contrabands are thought to be distributed among the Fifthists spread around Taiwan.

An interesting link between the Fifthists and NOTE members was uncovered during the pursuit. Currently, no other anomalous nor non-anomalous activity has been found between the two groups besides drug trade and musical gatherings. The NOT members indeed do drugs, but the fact that other trades may be going on under the surface cannot be overlooked. Hence, an investigation of the leaders of both groups is underway. The act of singing to each other is key.

Direct, on-site evidence of anomalous phenomena has not been found yet, but indirect pieces of evidence are being found at the moment. Especially the significantly higher death rates near the Fifthists can be solved with death. The most notable are automobiles, especially the rising costs of car repair centres, sales of microfibre towels for cars, SUV lovers club member increase and decrease support this, according to anomalous statisticians.

Fifthists obsessing with five can be related to the fact that we are doing this in the fifth paragraph is the strongest link or maybe its not or is it or is it not so we should again review the fifth investigation records and bet our five fingers that the fifth brother exists and ask the fifth question and fivefivefivefivefive of the five power is the answer. This shall be decided by the OFive council though the quorum should be five.

Analysis of the aforementioned investigation records indicates evidence of weak but prominent anomalous phenomena. Longer observational research on the subject is advised.

Overall Discussion of the Investigation: Agent Woo-Seok Kim seemed normal when he submitted the report. The following interrogations showed that he did not find the report strange. An extensive investigation did not find significant anomalies. The Containment Department concluded that:

  • The incident is a preemptive assault on the Foundation. Therefore, firm and active counteractions are required.

In addition, there were minority opinions such as "Discretion is advised, as multiple organizations are involved."

Video log SCP-1999-KO-NO

CCTV Video log transcription

Date: 22-09-2022

Location: ████, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Subject: NOTE Member Lui ████

Abstract: Following the interview with the NOTE art director, more extensive surveillance and reconnaissance missions were conducted. The following log is information gathered in one of the missions.

[Start of log]

//Lui ████ is seen in the frame of the restaurant's CCTV. A rucksack on the floor and a guitar case leaning on the floor can be seen. On the table are food, pieces of white paper, and stationary equipment.

13:06:02 Person thought to be Lui ████ is eating in the restaurant.

13:07:03 The person starts writing something on a piece of paper.

13:11:17 The person continues to write. Interpretation from the video analysis team suggests the document is a musical sheet.

13:19:41 The person stops writing the presumed musical sheet and puts it into the guitar sheet. The document is sucked into the case. The person then starts to write a second document.

13:21:38 Lui ████ finishes the meal. However, Lui keeps writing.

13:23:32 Lui puts the second document in the guitar case. It is also sucked in.

13:23:35 A document is ejected from the case at high speed. It's confirmed to be the second document put in moments before.

13:23:36 //Lui ████ grabs the document. Lui sighs, opens the case and puts his hand in it. The angle of the CCTV and lighting prevents seeing what is inside the case or what is happening.

13:24:01 Lui ████ pushes the second document in the case again. The document is sucked in.

13:24:21 As Lui packs up and stands up, most people inside the restaurant seem startled, looking outside.

13:24:24 A truck crashes into the restaurant. The crash causes a heavy noise on the CCTV screen. Most people, including Lui, can be seen scramming away in terror in the blurry footage.

13:24:38 Undecipherable

[End of log]

Notes: The video log was provided during the regular discussion sessions about the containment procedure. The Containment Department concluded that:

  • The particular NOTE member is extremely likely to possess an anomalous entity. Thus, the entity must be examined and contained, regardless of its connections to SCP-1999-KO.
  • The unnaturally abrupt accident may be related to the member or the anomalous entity Lui possesses.
  • Considering Lui was not caught during the widescale search as of now, Lui may be deliberately hiding from the Foundation.

In addition, there were minority opinions such as "Discretion is advised as diplomatic problems may arise with GoIs, including the NOTE."

As such, the SCP-1999-KO Containment Department designated Lui ████ and the unknown anomalous entity as SCP-1999-KO-A and decided to proceed with their securing process.

External Document Records, Sort Code-IA

Subject: Unofficial Private Mail
Date: 30/09/22 14:00
Sender: NOTE Vice President Ngô Tihan
Recipient: SCP Diplomacy Department

This mail is my private opinion. My deepest apologies that NOTE currently cannot provide you with an official opinion. I'll make sure to give you one as soon as possible.

In the past five days, inspections on anomalous artists have grown worryingly frequent. Moreover, there are accusations of kidnapping, assault and torture that violate the "Multi-party agreement about the conservation of anomalous artistic activities and preservation of normality".
Some perceive the recent events as a focalised attack on us, the Noonday Oak Troupe, supported by the fact that they occurred in Taiwan, our geographic and spiritual home.
We have requested multiple times to explain what is happening in President Jang San's name. However, the Foundation's persistent silence is deeply concerning.

Nevertheless, I'll provide you with my personal answer to the Foundation's inquiries.

We are reaching an agreement to decline your request to transfer the personal information of one of our members, called SCP-1999-KO-A by the Foundation. As per the "Multi-party agreement about the conservation of anomalous artistic activities and preservation of normality", involved artistic organisations must transfer assets and personnel if it is deemed to be a threat to normality. However, it is difficult to accept the opinion that Fifthism, drug use, and the number of traffic accidents are a threat to normality.

We interact with almost every anomalous art organisation. Fifthists are merely one of them - their correlation is purely a supposition. Indeed, the member did communicate with AWCY, and many others interacted with Fifthism. Drug use is clearly wrong, but it has nothing whatsoever to do with a threat to normality. The law enforcement of each nation should handle it.

As for traffic accidents… To be frank, I can't help but doubt my eyes when I read it. I checked the increase in traffic incidents sourced by an acquaintance of mine… There were twenty more - twenty, including fender-benders like a moped scraping some paint off a car's rear door.

As a friend of a Foundation, who once pursued the same ideals, I ask you this: Why? Are you alright? You told me that you need to know about SCP-1999-KO-A's anomalous phenomena. I'm not sure what it is, but… The rapidly worsened oppression after you came in contact with the Fifthists, your paranoid obsession with drug users and the stuff they wrote, and how you're acting right now are… I worry that you're occupied with the wrong thing.

You're breaking us apart. But remember, you'll break yourself apart after us. Please secure your rationality, contain the chaos, and protect yourselves, like the Foundation's motto you told us when our two organisations first met.

Noonday Oak Troupe Ngô Tihan

As for the email, the Containment Department concluded that:

  • The Noonday Oak Troupe possesses minuscule levels of anomalous technology compared to the Foundation. Listening to such an organisation's opinions is too high of a risk.
  • Conversely, it can be deduced that the Noonday Oak Troupe is deliberately protecting SCP-1999-KO-A, based on the email.

There were no minority opinions.

Securing log SCP-1999-KO-C

Transcription of Securing log

Date: 05-10-2022

Location: ████, Quijin District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Subject Secured: SCP-1999-KO-A

Deployed Personnel: Site-ZH-44 Tactical Response Team, Star-1("Leader"), -5, -11, and -16 of MTF Delta-5 ("Front Runners")

Abstract: Focusing on the traffic accident rate revealed that SCP-1999-KO-A was hiding in an abandoned five-storey building in ████, Quijin district. Considering that he must be secured before other GoIs are involved, MTF Delta-5 ("Front Runners") deployment was requested.

[Start of Log]

Site-ZH-44 Tactical Response Team disguised as local police surround a building. To counter traffic-related anomalies, the MTF team uses a helicopter to enter through the rooftop. Locals were informed with disinformation that the operation was part of anti-terrorist training.

Star-1's main camera is activated. All video logs are recorded from Star-1's perspective.

Star-1: Alright. Is everyone clear?

Star-7: Clear.

Star-16: Sure, clear.

Star-11: Clear.

Star-1: Okay, rappelling.

Delta-5 agents rappel down. No anomalies were seen from outside the building.

Star-1: Rappelling complete. Star-11, lead into the emergency staircase. Star-16, follow me, covering from behind.

Star-11: Roger. Going in.

Delta-5 agents all enter through the staircase.

Star-11: Star-1? Do you know roughly where the target is?

Star-1: Negative, except the target is in the building.

Star-7: (Sigh)

Star-1: Don't. It's not the first time they've done it.

The door leading to the 6th floor corridor is opened. Nobody in sight.

The lead opens a door. An empty room can be seen.

Nothing unusual happens while the team searches four rooms.

Star-11: It's a bust again.

Star-7: (Unpleasantly sights)

Star-1: Quiet.

Star-11 opens the door to the next room. A CRT TV is inside, playing footage.

Unknown Host: So, Beck, what should we do now?

Beck: What are you talking about?

Unknown Host: It's a simple question. The wardens are poking here and there. It'll not be five, but a stupid four. Or three. (Brief silence) You're not thinking that horrendous thing after six -

Beck: Hey, let me tell you something. (Holding back his words) … Can anyone like someone who pokes thin air?

Unknown Host: (Bursts out laughing, flabbergasted by the statement)

The TV turns off abruptly, and smoke rises from it.

Star-1: …Wait…

Star-16: Star-1! Unknown object seen in the corridor!

Star-1 orders to form response formation. All agents get to the corridor.

Star-1: Where's the object?

Star-15: In the next room, the one we didn't search.

Star-1: Star-11.

Star-11 approaches the room. A concrete sculpture-like object can be seen as the door is opened.

Star-11: Fuck, what the…

Star-1: Enter with caution.

Agents scout the area, but nothing special can be seen.

Star-1: Star-16, are you sure it's here?

Star-16: Affirmative. Cognition filter reads normal.

Star-11: Are You sure it's not searched?

Star-1: …Nothing's seen. We're going down from now.

The team get back into formation and heads to the staircase. They then go to the corridor downstairs.

The team arrive downstairs. The structure is the same as upstairs.

Star-11: (Signals to enter and opens the door)… Oh, fuck me.

Star-1 enters the room. Multiple concrete structures, the same as before, are in the room.

Multiple laughter is heard from the back.

The team turns back, and a CRT TV identical to that upstairs is on. The door to the room was closed in previous records.

Beck: (Laughs) I mean, numbers don't have eyes.

Unknown Host: (Holding back laughter) Those people with eyes in the audience films us with their smartphone and watches through the screen… (Bursts out laughing)

Beck: Lend your eyes to the smartphone, and the phone breaks-

Star-7 hits the TV with the stock of his gun. The TV is destroyed.

Star-1: What the hell? What are you doing?

Star-7: Haah… I'm sorry.

Star-1: Did you just-

Star-16 is heard screaming from behind

Star-16: Fuck! It moved! That concrete slab just moved!

Star-21: What? What moved?

Star-16: That bitch moved while we were watching the TV!

The frame turns to the concrete sculptures. Investigation reveals they show no movement.

Star-1: Calm down, Star-16. All agents check cognition and anomaly filters.

Star-16: (Breathing heavily) No abnormalities.

Star-5: Minor readings on the anomaly filter. No other abnormalities.

Star-7: Negative.

Star-11: Me neither.

Star-1: Good. Then, should we-

Star-16: Are you going to leave those like that?

Star-1: No (Sigh) … Then I'll leave the two at the back to watch it.

Star-7: Affirmative.

Star-16: Yes, sir.

The remainder proceeds with the search as planned.

Star-11: You sure? I think they're just seeing stuff.

Star-1: Better than something happening.

Star-11: They seem much more jumpy than usual.

The team continues the search. No abnormalities were seen.

Star-11: This is the last room on this floor.
Star-1: Good. Let's be quick.

Star-11 opens the door. A person that exactly resembles Lui ████ is shivering in a corner.

Star-11: Get on the wall! Get on the Wall!

Star-1: Left side clear!

Star-5: Right side clear!

Star-11: I told you, get on the wall!

Star-11 points his gun at the person and forces him up. The person is muttering something under his breath.

Unknown figure: (Incomprehensible)

Star-11: Get on the wall, now!

Unknown figure: (Incomprehensible)… So Beck, is it true?

Star-11: What?

Unknown figure: That we should run away from the story?

Star-1: Everyone, raise your cognition filter levels -

Star-5: (Exaggerated movements) Of course!

Star-1: Fuck!

Unknown figure: So we fuck up smartphones, and what happens to the world?

Star-5: What's sure is, the readers couldn't know! What's important lies beyond, my friend! We lived happily ever after!

Star-1: Star-11! Capture him with force! I'll take Star-5! Star-16! Retreat immediately! Now!

Unkown figure: Remember this! There's only one fourth wall-

Star-11 tases the target. Star-5 is also knocked out by Star-1.

Star-1751: Fucking shit! Which floor are we on?

Star-2819: Twelvth! Just one more left!

Star-1012, Star-2236, Star-3125, and Star-55555 climb up to the top floor and shoot a rescue flare. The helicopter that was waiting picked them up. SCP-1999-KO-A, which the team claims to have captured, is nowhere to be seen.

[End of log]

Notes: After the operation, during the debriefing process by Tactical Response Team ZH-44 and MTF Delta-5("Front Runners"), it was confirmed that a male had sneaked out of the operation area with a guitar case in his hand. How he could have escaped while surrounded by the response team is a mystery. It is confirmed that the song <Air on D>, composed by Korean musician Yiruma, is played along his expected escape route.

After checking the video log and debriefing process, the Containment Department concluded that:

  • Considering the discrepancy between the deployed personnel list and the actual people in the video log; persistent mentioning of non-existent call signs; no anomalies detected in the video; and the occurrence of a possible unknown anomalous phenomenon, the information has been heavily contaminated, and thus the log severely lacks credibility.

In addition, there were minority opinions such as "This may be a serious pataphysical containment breach."

Video Log SCP-1999-KO-C

Video log transcription

Date: 06-10-2022

Abstract: This record was played on all monitors in the department at the same time when SCP-1999-KO containment department Chief Investigator Lee Yuri stood up as she felt the abnormality of Containment Officer Kim Sohwa. The video only showed an identical blank white screen with audio.

[Start of log]

Hey, pal.

Yeah, you.

Why the frown? Why worry?

Peace and love, peace and love.

Story? First, take a breath.



Hey dude. Relax. It's just a writing.

Does something bother you? Thinking it does not satisfy enough?

Good. You're divided between two things, right?

Paranoia, a terrifying group.

Oh, you're worrying because the junkies are good, but people also want a group of terror?

That's where you got tied up.

Whatever, it's your idea. What you think is right, pal.

Yeah, don't worry. There are many more things to worry about in this world.

They say: There's no cannon.

Do you need to worry about your pastime?

OK. But I gotta admit. You messed with the wrong guys.

Fifthism wasn't easy as you thought.

You thought it was a literary device or feature, but they're a main or at least one of the major-minor characters, and you messed with them.

But so what? Have confidence, pal.

Do you think this world will end? Yo, don't worry. It's not like people die over it.

Pal. You can do it again. It's fine.

You're not burdening anyone.

They advised you, didn't they? It'll make them frustrated if you get depressed by it.

And, be honest. Spill your heart out.

You're ashamed, aren't you?

You're ashamed to show this excuse of an article to people who helped you, people counting on you, right?


I believe the Five that are you.

I believe you. I believe in my god.

Of course, you're Seven, too. But don't worry, pal. As I said, I believe in you.

Because you're not completely Five nor Seven.

If you leave your seat, lose interest, and put down your pen.

Well, this here would become a story that never existed.

But it's okay. Even if you become Seven, I'm okay.

Because I believe that you'll be our Five someday, one day or another.

Ashamed, were you?

Even if we're deleted, I think it'll be cool if you become our Five.

For their dream only

A warrior marches alone into the battlefield of certain death.

A cliché is a cliché because everyone loves clichés, pal.

Hey friend.

So enough worry and press the button.

As soon as you upload.

You become our Five.

Be the star of failure with dignity.

Oh, don't forget the designation.

Make it fancy.

[End of log]

Note: Based on the incoherence and disorganised sentence structure and the word used, the log seems to be an attack from the Fifthists or a message. The contents are being analysed.


On 9th October 2022, a person that seems to be SCP-1999-KO-A was captured. He had a guitar case, and no anomalies occurred during the capture. Interrogation revealed that he is Lui ████, had relationships with Fifthists in the past, and used illicit drugs. In the case was a tiny paper shredder with built-in anomalous technology. The shredder was jammed with a musical sheet.

On a different tangent, the Foundation raided different Fifthist organisations within Taiwan. The Foundation obtained numerous drugs, contrabands, and several anomalous instances, but no abnormalities occurred.

The Containment Department concluded that:

  • SCP-1999-KO is to be decommissioned. Work and documents regarding Fifthism will be transferred to appropriate teams, followed by the disbanding of the SCP-1999-KO containment department.

An interview between the SCP-1999-KO Containment Officer and Pataphysics Department leader is scheduled.

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