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Item #: SCP-200-DE

Object Classification: Safe Neutralized Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-200-DE is to be kept in a 0.75 m x 0.50 m x 0.60 m large safe, within a room measuring 2 m x 2.5 m x 3 m on Level 4 of Site-DE6. The remains of SCP-200-DE are to be stored in a cylindrical metal container in a room measuring 2 m x 2.5 m x 3 m on Level 4 of Site-DE6.

Two security guards have to protect the only entrance to this room around the clock and neutralize intruders if they manage to get that close at all. Only personnel with a security clearance level of 4 or higher are allowed to enter the room and any tests on SCP-200-DE must be permitted by the department manager and the site manager. All tests on SCP-200-DE have been discontinued due to a sufficient amount of information. Should there still be an urgent need for testing on SCP-200-DE, this must be reported to the site manager and it needs his permission to be carried out.

SCP-200-DE should be transported in such a way that as little personnel as possible - regardless of class - comes into contact with it. For transport purposes, SCP-200-DE is therefore to be loaded into a metal box with gripping tools and unloaded with these, if necessary.

After tests on SCP-200-DE are concluded, personnel who were influenced by its anomalous effect should be amnesized. In addition to that, possible ideas, plans or inventions that emerged during this time should be documented, stored and archived, furthermore, triggering SCP-022-DEs anomalous effect by submitting appropriate tasks to solve to those affected is to be strictly prevented. If these inventions could be of use, they may be used to the benefit of the Foundation, if permitted by the department head.

Addendum 200-1: After the contents of Protocol [CENSORED] were inspected by the Ethics Committee, they ordered to assess any invention created by SCP-200-DE right there, before deciding on the use of that very idea, due to the "rather threatening content" and the information from the discovery. At the request of the Ethics Committee, it was prohibited to create inventions using SCP-200-DE. Devices that have already been created are to be stored and examined further. Any disrespect of these prohibitions will lead to the a downgrading of the affected personnels safety permit and they are to be subjected to an isolation and amnestics therapy. A sample set of inventions created through the use of SCP-200-DE can be found in Addendum 200-2.

Description: SCP-200-DE is a bundle of eight sheets of paper tacked together using a stapler, the top one of which bears the inscription "Edwin P. Ford | The Book of Advanced Mathematics". SCP-200-DE weighs 43 grams and has a paper format of DIN A4, seven of the eight pages are fully covered in handwriting. The designation "SCP-200-DE" refers to the charred remains of the old SCP-200-DE. These consist of a bent and sooty staple and 20 grams of ash that were left over after the Incident 200-02.

If SCP-200-DE is picked up by a subject or if a subject is in close proximity to SCP-200-DE, the following effects occur:

The subject gains sudden knowledge of every programming language and, if required, can solve very difficult informatic problems or questions with ease. In addition, the subject has an overwhelming urge to solve current problems or puzzles through inventions and to do everything possible to do so - or to use his or her IT skills to simplify them. The subject, if equipped with the necessary tools or computers, will immediately start assembling these systems or programming these applications - even if there was no prior knowledge of handicrafts or engineering. Most of these ideas aim to simplify people's lives or replace old discoveries with new, more productive ones. The final effect is, that when faced with any type of mathematical problem, the subject involved will try to solve it. No matter how much mathematical knowledge or the like the subject had before, the given tasks weren't solved in only every eighth case.

All of these effects persist for months after removing SCP-200-DE from the subject and are difficult to erase with amnestics.

Addendum 1: Based on the knowledge of the effect of SCP-200-DE obtained from the discovery and tests on SCP-200-DE, it seems as if a subject that has been exposed to it for too long becomes addicted; they weight the development of new inventions far higher than any other need.

Time exposed to the effect of SCP-200-DE The shift in needs that occurs
0 to 24 hours No changes occur, the subject carries out all important tasks conscientiously and pushes inventing behind more urgent problems.
1 to 12 days The subject starts to weight the usage of SCP-200-DE higher than social contacts, but still continues with tasks like cleaning up the household before the usage of SCP-200-DE.
1 to 5 months The subject only keeps up with vital requirements, renounces any social life and tries to spend as much time as possible using SCP-200-DE.
More than 5 months The subject involved spends every moment with SCP-200-DE and no longer carries out any other activities, which inevitably leads to death from dehydration or otherwise.

Note: These effects also occur with the remains of SCP-200-DE, but the interval between the different stages is three times as long.


The following documents are

Top secret!

To access this data, a Level 4 security clearance is required!
In the event of unauthorized access to these documents, this computer will be traced and disciplinary measures will be initiated!

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