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SCP-2005-JP appearing in Auburn Prison, the US, 1899. Earliest existing photograph.

Item #: SCP-2005-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2005-JP cannot be contained at present. Efforts are to be focused on covering it up from the general public.

The Foundation and its allies have signed the Bastille Treaty, which includes cooperation with prisons and prohibition of public executions. For the full text, please reference Appendix 2005-JP-Bastille Treaty Clauses (Security Clearance Level 4/2005-JP required).

On the occassion of death penalty executions, a team of agents posing as prison guards and journalists will be present on-site to prepare for SCP-2005-JP’s manifestation. Upon confirmation, the scene will be put on a lockdown, the prisoner’s corpse retrieved, records falsified, the person in charge interviewed, and witnesses will be given Class-A amnestics upon completion. If the prisoner’s family wishes to retrieve the body, it’ll be delivered only after it’s cremated or embalmed.

To prepare for cases in which SCP-2005-JP appears outside of Foundation monitoring, a dedicated web crawler (I/O-Saint-Just) is to patrol the net, immediately blocking all images and messages leaking information about it. Then, the Intelligence Bureau will give the sender specific Class-A~B amnestic, with Foundation front company “The SillyCat Pictures” disseminating the cover story “scene from a movie”.

Description: SCP-2005-JP is a humanoid entity that appears in execution sites all over the world. It has the appearance of a young caucasian male, 180cm tall, wearing an early modern european red coat, and carrying a double-edged longsword. Although it speaks in french, SCP-2005-JP’s speech can be understood by people even if they have no knowledge of the language.

SCP-2005-JP appears just before a death penalty execution, at the execution side. The exact manifestation conditions are not known, but a common feature is that the prison guard or soldier working as the executioner have sympathy for the suject, and question the justifiability of capital punishment. The manifested SCP-2005-JP declares itself to be the executioner, and uses its longsword to decapitate the prisoner. In this situation, people around will be unable to interfere with SCP-2005-JP. During interviews, people in charge claimed that “they couldn’t approach SCP-2005-JP due to their overwhelming majesty”. SCP-2005-JP will disappear shortly after.

The earliest SCP-2005-JP manifestation confirmed by the History Department was at the execution of a member of the Paris Commune1. Since then, and until this current document revision, SCP-2005-JP has manifested ███ times, and has intervened in the executions of prominent historical figures. Below is a selection of SCP-2005-JP events:

SCP-2005-JP-Case 9

Manifestation date: 1901/?/?

Manifestation location: Qing (China), within Beijing

Prisoner: Name unknown (Unknown-1901)

Charges: Treason

Prisoner summary: Member of the Boxers2. Following the cleanup of the fall of Beijing, surrendered to the Allied Powers in exchange for the lives of his subordinates being spared.

Executioner status: All members in charge were Chinese, and felt guilt over the execution due to the prisoner being of the same nationality, and their own animosity towards the Western Great Powers.

SCP-2005-JP-Case 17


An Jung-geun

Manifestation date: 1910/03/26

Manifestation location: Qing (China), Lüshun Prison

Prisoner: An Jung-geun (안중근)

Charges: Murder

Prisoner summary: 1879-1910. Korea-independence activist during the Korean Empire period. On 1909/10/26, assassinated former Resident-General of Korea Itō Hirobumi​ at the Harbin railway station, northern Manchuria.

Executioner status: Some of the people in charge began sympathizing with the prisoner’s beliefs and character after interacting with him.

SCP-2005-JP-Case 22


Mata Hari

Manifestation date: 1917/10/15

Manifestation location: France, Saint-Lazare Prison

Prisoner: Margaretha Geertruida Zelle

Charges: Espionage

Prisoner summary: 1876-1917. Stage name: Mata Hari. Dancer and stripper active mainly in Paris. As a high-class prostitute, she shared a bed with German Army officers while working as a spy for the French Army. Sentenced to death during World War I under the charge of double espionage. It is rumoured that she was sentenced to cover the worsening of the French Army’s war efforts.

Executioner status: Some of the people in charge were fans of the prisoner. Furthermore, some questioned the sentence due to the feebleness of the evidence.

SCP-2005-JP-Case 29

Manifestation date: 1945/01/31

Manifestation location: France, Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines

Prisoner: Edward Donald Slovik

Charges: Desertion, desertion under enemy fire

Prisoner summary: 1920-1945. US Army serviceman. Repeatedly deserted duties on the battlefield due to opposition to the military draft, court-martialled and sentenced to death. Only american to be given the death penalty for desertion since the American Civil War.

Executioner status: At that time, US Army desertions were common due to wanting to avoid the war, and the majority of those in charge sympathized with the prisoners.

SCP-2005-JP-Case 37

Manifestation date: 1950/04/07

Manifestation location: Japan, Sugamo Prison

Prisoner: ██ ███

Charges: War crime (Class B)

Prisoner summary: 19██-1950. Former member of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Sentence by the International Military Tribunal for the Far East on 1945/04/15 for the abuse and murder of 3 crew members from an Allied aircraft shot down over Ishigaki Island on the same day3.

Executioner status: Some of the people in charge sympathized with the prisoner’s declaration of “Not being able to go against the orders of his superior officer”.

SCP-2005-JP-Case 42

Manifestation date: 1997/04/01

Manifestation location: China, ██ Detention Center

Prisoner: █ ██

Charges: Drug trafficking

Prisoner summary: 19██-1997, Hong Kong mafia member. Sentenced to death for drug trafficking after being discovered with 2,5kg of stimulants during airport customs.

Executioner status: Some of the people in charge questioned the excessive punishments over drug-related crimes in China compared with other countries.

SCP-2005-JP-Case 58

Manifestation date: 2013/01/19

Manifestation location: Saudi Arabia, ███ Prison

Prisoner: Rizana Nafeek (றிஷானா நபீக்)

Charges: Murder

Prisoner summary: 1988?-2013. Maid from Sri Lanka. Sentenced to death after obstructing with milk the throat of an infant she was taking care of, causing his death. The possibility of accidental manslaughter, and the possibility that the victim, who falsely claimed to be 22 years old when in reality was 17 years old, have led to diplomatic issues between Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia, as well as the criticism of human rights organizations.

Executioner status: Some of the people in charge felt guilt over executing the prisoner due to her age. Furthermore, some questioned the ambiguity of the boundary between involuntary manslaughter and homicide in Saudi Arabia’s penal code.

SCP-2005-JP cannot be contained at the present time, however, due to its limited manifestation conditions, causing no harm to anyone other than the prisoner, and the concealment procedures established, Euclid is believed to be its appropriate class object.

Note 1 regarding Document-2005-JP-α: In 201█/██/█, documents were discovered in the archives of the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, France, which may be referencing SCP-2005-JP. It’s believed to be part of a letter, but due to its poor condition, the author’s details are not known. Below is an excerpt:

Document-2005-JP-α "Notre-Dame letter": Original text in French, with some words not known.

[Impossible to decipher due to damage]as for the Vatican, be extremely careful not to let them know of it.

Next, about the executioners in crimson overcoats appearing on execution sites all over the place. That man is sacred and inviolable, and interference is impossible and futile. That man is the Monsieur de Paris, Charles-Henri Sanson4, who’s reincarnated by [Currently being decoded].

Although Monsieur Sanson did not hold the position of knight, his contributions to the Order and his knowledge in divine wisdom were second to none. My predecessor thought of him the most apt successor. I too believed the same. However, he refused, remaining forever loyal to the royal family.

My predecessor asked Monsieur Sanson what he wished for instead. He wished for the death penalty to be erradicated from the world. This was impossible for the Order to do. Mankind has not yet [Currently being decoded]. He wished, then, to continue to swing the sword of judgement to relieve the executioners who suffered under the weight of their sins.

How did my predecessor grant Monsieur Sanson’s wish? That, I do not know. Perhaps he used the [Currently being decoded] Sacrament of Reincarnation. He was qualified enough. Cursed by the family business of an executioner5, he was forced to take the lives of more than 2,700 people with his own hands. Who has spent a life enduring as much pain in the soul as he?

Refusing even the solace of death, Monsieur Sanson continues to act as an agent of unreasonable death penalties to this day. Until the death penalty is erradicated from this world, his soul will not know rest. For his sake, we must abolish this bigotry as soon as possible, and lead mankind towards divine wisdom.

Thus ends my correspondence. May thy path be blessed, Jacques de Molay​6

Order of the [Impossible to decipher due to damage]
Paris Division Grand Master [Impossible to decipher due to damage]

Classified by the Intelligence Bureau. Security Clearance Level 4/2005-JP required
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