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3/204-DE LEVEL 3/204-DE



Item #: SCP-204-DE

Object Class: Safe

Threat Level: White


Picture taken of SCP-204-DE-B

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-204-DE-A and -B are currently contained in an armored cabinet within Site-DE20. A Level 3 clearance is needed for testing.

If the O4-Council decides to use the object to contain another anomaly, the Special Containment Procedures of both anomalies are to be edited according to the new procedures.

Description: SCP-204-DE-A is a 7,5 kilogram heavy wooden chest, measuring 50 x 30 x 30 centimeters; the exact type of wood can’t be determined due to the primary effect of the object. Visually seen, it’s most likely walnut wood. On all sides, except the bottom one, there is a construct of a total of [REDACTED] gears and twenty-four (24) different clocks, which only share the similarity of running mechanically. They all run perfectly accurate, but always offset from each other by one (1) hour. During the initial inspection, only the effect of being indestructible could be noted, thus resulting in it being classified as an anomalous object. Additionally, during Test-204/A-DE, it was detected that a temporal anomaly is located within SCP-204-DE-A, which can cause a stoppage of time for exactly 24 hours. To activate the anomaly, SCP-204-DE-B must be inserted into a slot on the upper front and must be rotated once (1x) to the right, causing all gears to move as well. These normally don’t move. Additionally, the top of SCP-204-DE-A must be closed to activate the anomaly. There is an obvious logo of the Group of Interest GoI-███-DE, also known as "Mages Academy", which is engraved into the inner side of the top.

SCP-204-DE-B is a metal, presumably iron, slightly corroded key, which also possesses the primary effect of SCP-204-DE-A. With a length of 7 centimeters and a weight of 20 grams, it matches commercial standards.


Material SCP-204-DE-A (secondary effect activated) and an egg timer (set on 10 seconds).
Description This experiment tests what happens when SCP-204-DE-A is activated, while an object is located inside of the anomaly. (The secondary effect of the anomaly was not known at the time the experiment takes place.)
Results As SCP-204-DE-A closes, the timer reaches 5 seconds. After an hour of waiting, SCP-204-DE-A is opened and the timer rings after 5 seconds.

Material SCP-204-DE-A and a copy of SCP-204-DE-B
Description This experiment tests what happens when SCP-204-DE-A’s secondary effect is activated without SCP-204-DE-B.
Results The key isn’t able to be rotated while inserted.

Material SCP-204-DE-A, SCP-204-DE-B and a common hamster (Mesocricetus auratus).
Beschreibung This experiment shows, how animals act under the influence of SCP-204-DE-A.
Results After an hour, the animal is healthy and doesn’t show any signs of anomalous changes.

Material SCP-204-DE-A, SCP-204-DE-B and a digital camera of the brand ████████.
Description This test shows, how recording devices behave within SCP-204-DE-A.
Results No recordings take place while the stoppage of time is active. The recording transitions smoothly between the closing and opening of the object. The internal clock shows an appropriate time delay.

Discovery: SCP-204-DE was secured by Mr. ████, who tried to sell the object at an auction1. An automatic webcrawler registered the logo of the mages academy on a picture on the website of the auction house. After an additional interrogation and a house investigation, ████ was administered amnestics, released and placed under observation.

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