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Item #: SCP-204-TH

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-204-TH is housed in a furnished 8m x 6m humanoid containment chamber at Site-23. SCP-204-TH will be given 3 meals a day from the cafeteria. As a reward for good behavior, it may receive dessert or go to the cafeteria under strict supervision.

Officers working with SCP-204-TH are to wear specialized thick clothing to prevent injury.

Description: SCP-204-TH is a human female, approximately 16-18 years old, with a slender build, long black hair, and brown eyes. It is presumed to be of Asian ethnicity. Interviews reveal it to have an aggressive and temperamental personality.

The hair on SCP-204-TH's scalp accounts for approximately 30% of its total body hair. It notably resembles barbed wired, and grows at a normal rate like regular hair. Sample examination found that it is made out of a slippery metallic material that is chemically similar to keratin. Each strand is about 10-20 cm long, and can rapidly regenerate when cut.

The hair can be manipulated consciously by SCP-204-TH. For example, whenever SCP-204-TH is upset, its hair will point towards whatever is in front of it and act defensively. Sometimes the barbed strands can injure it or damage clothing. As a result, SCP-204-TH often ties up its hair with pins.

When a subject is cut by SCP-204-TH's hair, strands of similar hair will grow from the wound and potentially lead to a tetanus infection. The only successful method of treatment is to remove the flesh surrounding the wound.

SCP-204-TH was discovered in 2009 in the country of ██████ after attempting to evade police arrest for burglarizing a convenience store. SCP-204-TH's background check revealed no records of education, employment, or any family. It has reportedly been homeless since it was a child surviving through theft. For shelter it had lived under a bridge popular among the homeless. The experience of the arrest has caused SCP-204-TH to be hostile towards Foundation personnel, expressing reluctance towards containment.

Addendum: Interview between Dr. █████ and SCP-204-TH.

Dr. █████: Greetings, SCP-204-TH. My name is Dr. █████. I'm glad you came to live with us.

SCP-204-TH: I didn't want to come here. I was captured. You can't keep me prisoner like I am some kind of monster. And my name is not 204 or anything like that!

Dr. █████: So sorry, what's your name?

SCP-204-TH: My name is ███.

Dr. █████: Now, ███, I'm going to ask you a simple question. When did you start to have that special hair?

SCP-204-TH: I don't know. Since I was born?

Dr. █████: What about your parents?

SCP-204-TH: They left me so I hate them. (Puts feet up on the table.)

Dr. █████: Since birth?

SCP-204-TH: No, they threw me away when I began to move my hair. (Sways the barbed strands back and forth in front it.)

Dr. █████: Can you please put your feet down? (Adjusts her glasses) I'm amazed at how unique you are, ███.

SCP-204-TH: Yes, I can do anything with these. Everyone becomes afraid of me. Children would always cry when they saw it. How are you not scared of me?

(SCP-204-TH raises all of its barbed hair to point directly at Dr. █████.)

Dr. █████: I enjoyed your little show, but that doesn't work here.

SCP-204-TH: So, what the fuck are you going to do to me now? No one has ever dared to do this to me.

Dr. █████: You'll be staying here indefinitely. Think of this like a penitentiary, except this place operates outside of the law. We have our own rules we expect you to follow so please learn to behave.

(SCP-204-TH yelled and pointed at Dr. █████ who remained calm until the interviewee was escorted away by security.)

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