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SCP-2051-JP photographed by an underwater camera

Item #: SCP-2051-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: In order to prevent the appearance of SCP-2051-JP, the area around Teardrop Lake will be sealed off, and three guards will be placed at the observation post to prevent civilians from approaching Teardrop Lake. Please avoid contact with SCP-2051-JP that has appeared as much as possible.

Description: SCP-2051-JP is a class A ectomorph1 that appears in Teardrop Lake, ███ Prefecture. Although its appearance is generally that of a human female, its appearance differs each time it appears, and no individuals with the same appearance have been confirmed up to now.

It is speculated that certain conditions are required for SCP-2051-JP to appear, but the document that describes them in detail are altered to "an image or painting that is recognized as an unknown human female smiling" without exception, so they are not included in this report. The process from SCP-2051-JP's appearance to its disappearance is the same, and the memories of the personnel who witnessed it are also altered in a similar way to the above. The only exception is the moment SCP-2051-JP is submerged in water, and only the record of this time can be saved. The following are items discovered around Teardrop Lake after SCP-2051-JP appeared.

  • Car with unknown owner (the car model differs depending on the appearance, and all items inside are images or paintings of an unknown human female smiling)
  • Cell phone of unknown owner (no abnormality except that all data is filled with images of an unknown human female smiling)
  • A pair of shoes placed at the end of the pier (shoes are placed neatly in all cases)

Addendum: Teardrop Lake had attracted the Foundation's attention until 20██ due to frequent disappearances of women, but investigation revealed no involvement of anomalies, so no further investigation was required and the lake didn't attract any more interest of Foundation. It should be noted that the number of missing men has been on the rise since the Foundation discovered SCP-2051-JP.

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