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Item #: SCP-2057-JP


SCP-2057-JP instances

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2057-JP instances are to be contained in a rearing cage in a standard organism containment cell, in accordance with basically the same rearing practices as for normal chicken chicks. Multiple transparent acrylic balls with a diameter of 5 cm are to be placed in a position visible from SCP-2057-JP instances. Any SCP-2057-JP instances confirmed to have been transferred into the acrylic balls or other spheres are to be re-contained in the rearing cage after hatching.

Description: SCP-2057-JP instances are juvenile domesticated chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus). They have no differences from normal juvenile chickens except for the Rebirth Process, which is described below, and the fact that they do not mature. The major anomalous properties of SCP-2057-JP manifest at the time of death.

Upon death, SCP-2057-JP transfers itself inside a roughly spherical substance in its field of vision or in the surrounding area as an embryo1 measuring approximately 3-4 mm in length. Following the transfer, the embryo develops by converting the solid or liquid inside the sphere into its own nutrients through unknown means, reaching the stage of a juvenile chicken in an average of 21 days, and hatches. This sequence from transfer to hatching is termed the Rebirth Process.

The environmental conditions required for a transferred SCP-2057-JP instance to become a juvenile differ from those of normal chickens, and it is capable of developing into a juvenile under any environment within the sphere. However, hatching requires an environment in which a chick can survive; it is known that SCP-2057-JP will enter a dormant state in the sphere if the appropriate external conditions are absent.

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