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Item #: SCP-2061-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The three elevators in ██████ Department Store are constantly monitored by video equipment. In case the manifestation of SCP-2061-JP instances is confirmed, the elevators are to be stopped immediately to ensure that the general customers do not board, and the surveillance is to continue until the disappearance of SCP-2061-JP instances. Exploration plans within SCP-2061-JP-A are currently suspended in order to preserve human resources.

Description: SCP-2061-JP is the collective designation given to a series of humanoid entities that manifest inside elevators located in ██████ Department Store in Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo. The uniforms worn by SCP-2061-JP instances does not correspond to ██████ Department Store's or any other department stores in Japan. In addition, they do not manifest outside the business hours of ██████ Department Store. All instances of SCP-2061-JP have the appearance of adult Asian females and are capable of communicating without problems; however, it has been confirmed that they are automata with no organic body tissue, and that their skin is made of an unknown, elastic porcelain material. In interviews with SCP-2061-JP instances, they have called themselves model numbers, such as "Model 24 Akifune" and "Model 52 Umeeda", and have stated that they were "manufactured by Tou-Hei Company, Automaton Division".

SCP-2061-JP instance behaves as an elevator operator to the encountered individual. When the subject enters the elevator where SCP-2061-JP instance is present, it declares "This elevator is going to the ground floor" regardless of the elevator's previous or next movements. If the subject becomes suspicious and exits the elevator before it can be operated, SCP-2061-JP instance will bow, close the door and disappear; no tracking attempts have been successful. If the subject continues boarding and allows SCP-2061-JP instance to operate the elevator, the elevator will arrive at the ground floor of SCP-2061-JP-A.

SCP-2061-JP-A is a fourteen-story commercial facility with twelve floors above ground and two floors below. The building itself is constructed in the Art Déco style, and its name is assumed to be the "Gyouseiya Department Store"1 based on the signs inside.

Explorations by using D-Class personnel has confirmed that there are many customers visiting SCP-2061-JP-A, and that commercial activities are taking place. A number of humanoid automata similar to SCP-2061-JP are working as clerks in the store, and humans are positioned as senior clerks to organize them. Both the human clerks and customers have been observed using prosthetic limbs, artificial organs such as eyeballs, and reinforced exoskeletons that deviate from current scientific technology. From the exploration of the sales floors inside SCP-2061-JP-A, the conversations of humanoid entities, and the documents described below, it is inferred that these artificial body parts are collectively referred to as "Giku"2 in this dimension.

Production dates of foods, publication years of books, expiration dates of medicines, and the dates of exhibitions held in SCP-2061-JP-A are all listed as Taishō era3. The dates on a calendar at the Information Center indicate that Taishō era, which originally lasted 15 years, has continued to 150 years4. In all exploration efforts, the dispatched personnel arrived in Taishō 150, and the situation in Taishō 151 and beyond has yet to be confirmed.

The following is the structure of SCP-2061-JP-A, as obtained from explorations and displays in the facility.

Floor Merchandise and Facilities
Rooftop Hanging gardens and an amusement park
12th Movie theater
11th Grand dining room
10th Giku and automata
9th Books, stationery and a tearoom
8th Furniture and bedding
7th Electrical appliances
6th Children's clothing, toys, and recreational goods
5th Men's clothing and miscellaneous goods
4th Kimono, women's clothing and miscellaneous goods
3th Cosmetics and medicines
2th Jewelry and leather goods
1th Information Center and miscellaneous fashion items
B-1th Foodstuffs (prepared foods, Japanese and Western confectionery)
B-2th Foodstuffs (fresh products and alcoholic beverages)

Currencies circulating in SCP-2061-JP-A do not match those of Taishō era, and unknown individuals are depicted on the banknotes. D-Class personnel who used post-Showa era currencies in SCP-2061-JP-A were immediately apprehended by clerks who suspected the difference, and all attempts to recover them have failed.

In the third experiment, a D-Class personnel exited outside SCP-2061-JP-A to explore the vicinity. While the geography and topography outside SCP-2061-JP-A generally corresponded to Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo at the time of Taishō era, there were significant deviations in science and technology, such as skyscrapers, three-dimensional imagery advertisements, and autonomous machinery. This exploration ended with the D-Class being captured by humanoid entities presumed to be military police, and the retrieval has also failed. As all explorations outside SCP-2061-JP-A have been hampered by the MPs, the structure of SCP-2061-JP-A itself and its surroundings are only clearly understood at present.

Both SCP-2061-JP-A clerks and military police officers are recorded to contact what is believed to be an unknown normalcy maintenance agency in this dimension when they captured D-Class personnel.

Addendum: On 200█/02/07, five notebooks were discovered in the study of ██████ Haneda, a children's literature author who died at his home in Tokyo on 01/25, when his family organized his personal belongings. These notebooks, mistakenly believed to be Mr. Haneda's unpublished works, were taken to a publishing agency by his bereaved family, where they were found and retrieved by the Foundation. The notebook contains a novelistic description of what appears to be scenes inside SCP-2061-JP-A in Mr. Haneda's own handwriting; from the accuracy of its contents, it is believed that Mr. Haneda had contact with SCP-2061-JP in the past. The date on the back covers indicate that these were written in December 1926. Mr. Haneda's cause of death has been confirmed as non-anomalous senility.

Given the fact that the five notebooks contain detailed descriptions of the inside of SCP-2061-JP-A, some extracts are provided below for informational value. The name "Kaneshima" in the description is presumed to be █████ Kaneshima (died on 199█/10/14), who was a lifelong friend of Mr. Haneda.

"Haneda, we've stumbled into an unbelievable place, haven't we?"
 Kaneshima looked at me, with a face paler than the schoolyard on a snowy day. In his eyes, I also had a very disquieting look on my face.
"Taishō 150 cannot be possible; it's Taishō 15 now. We must have been spirited away. That elevator girl was from out of the world."
"Yes, indeed. I saw it."
 I said in a whisper so that only Kaneshima could hear me.
"She wasn't human, she was a doll."

 As the elevator doors opened, the scent of a flower garden tickled my nostrils. Gorgeously dressed ladies were glancing at showcases with smiles, so I knew we were in the cosmetics section. Lipsticks, blushes, perfumes, powders, creams, bottles and cans of unknown purposes… It was almost like a wizard's workshop. Embarrassment began to creep up my back as I wondered if it was weird for two boys to be walking together here.
 Kaneshima, let's pass this place quickly. I was about to say that, but then swallowed my words back. He was gazing at a dahlia-colored lipstick on display, his downcast eyelashes cloaked in sadness.
 I instantly realized what he was thinking.
 Kaneshima was mourning his mother.

 While looking around curiously, I turned back and saw a woman's face right behind me. Thinking that I might have bumped into her, I bowed my head in apology. But she did not say anything. In fact, she did not even look at me.
 I looked more closely, and she turned out to be a visionary light floating in the midair. A bust of a woman wearing a shimmering necklace was smiling. Beneath it floated the words, "Second Floor, Jewelry Section, Big Sale," or whatever it said. I timidly tried to touch her rosy cheek with my finger, but it poked through.
 When I let out an involuntary yelp of surprise, Kaneshima said in amazement, "Just don't do anything too conspicuous, you know."

 Something approached us from behind, with clanking metallic sounds. Kaneshima turned a bit, his face instantly filled with dread, and whispered to me, "Haneda, don't look back, just be natural."
 I did as Kaneshima said, not looking back, and glanced at the person as she passed us by. Canary-colored dress and a luxurious hat. She looked like a modern girl who had become accustomed to wearing Western clothing. What peeked out from her fluttering skirt was not a woman's slender ankles or fashionable shoes, but eight mechanical legs similar to those of a spider.
 People around me did not say a word as the spider woman strolled gracefully around them. An old lady frowned as she passed, but not in horror, more as if to say that it was a shame for her to show her legs like that.
"Kaneshima, that lady…"
"I saw her too. This world is definitely not right."
"Nobody was surprised at all. Such mechanical people are normal here."
"It's like something out of a science fiction novel. No, this is probably the future, but…"

" When you follow the long way to Ginza, there is a dream store that welcomes you,
 The chandeliers illuminating the hundreds of goods, the display windows lined with your longings,
 A tower of eternal romanticism, a hall of the dawn star,
 Oh, our Gyouseiya Department Store "

 Bookshelves so large that they nearly reached the ceiling, ink jars in the colors of galaxies and depths of ocean, fountain pens decorated with vibrant maki-e. As someone who loves to collect books and stationery, Kaneshima's eyes sparkled. When I told him that it would be bad manners to browse too much, he gave me a blatantly regretful look.
"Oh, but there are so many books I want to read."
"That much? You really are a bookworm."
"We're both alike. I'm sure you're interested in them too."
"Well, I guess."
 In a postal supply section a short distance away, a schoolgirl was selecting letterheads. I wondered if people would still write letters in such an incredibly advanced scientific world. Since it seems to be a little smaller than other sales sections, perhaps everyone is sending telegrams or something similar.

 In the showcases were mechanical arms, legs, and body parts; there were even pulsating hearts. And each one is crafted with astonishing intricacy. Some are inlaid with multiple metals, some have beautiful openwork, and some are decorated with engraving techniques and embedded with dazzling gems…
"How about this one for your wife? This model is most popular among ladies. A first-class product, meticulously crafted one at a time by a skilled giku craftsman, guaranteed to elevate your body into an art piece…"
 A store clerk explained to a seemingly wealthy couple. What exactly is a giku? How do you spell it? Kaneshima looked pale as he hid behind me.
"That spider woman must have replaced her flesh and blood limbs in this way."

" With His Majesty's ascension to the Divine Engine,
 the Great Century of Science began.
 With the hope that this glorious dawn would never fade,
 the store was renamed Gyouseiya Department Store in Taishō 16. "

"I've always loved this electric soda, it tastes and smells so good and it even recharges your batteries."
"Excuse me, I'd like to order one Ethically Cultured Beefsteaks, with red wine sauce. Technology is truly impressive these days, we can eat just as we did when we were biologically alive."
 In the vast dining room, I could hear incomprehensible conversations coming from everywhere. I looked at the menu with Kaneshima face to face, and found that it was full of dishes that I had never seen before. Roasted genetically engineered Kalaviṅka, hayashi rice with summer day vegetables, electric blanc extracted from the thunder god… What will it taste like?
"Hey, Kaneshima, let's order something."
"Do you have money to pay?"
"As long as it's not too expensive, maybe."
"Well then, I'll try this Electric Soda, the one that the guy over there was drinking earlier. What about you, Haneda?"
"I'll have the Crystal Soup."
"Are you sure we can do this?"
"We'll be all right. It's not fake money, after all."
 After a while, a waitress brought plates in front of us. The plate in front of me was filled with a liquid as clear as fresh water, with something crystalline similar to amber sugar floating in it. So that's what crystal means. A jade green soda water with an ice cream on top was served in front of Kaneshima. Silver stars were scattered on it, and I felt a tingle of regret, wishing I had chosen that one. Kaneshima took a sip of soda, shuddered and made his eyes round like a cat's.
"It's so strange. It crackled in my mouth, and I felt like I was being electrified all the way to my head. It almost made my hair stand on end. It's not just carbonation, is it?"
 How about the Crystal Soup, then? I nervously brought a spoonful to my mouth and was surprised at the sensation running over my tongue. It was definitely not fresh water. I could hear the sound of crystal shattering in my head. It was clear in aroma and taste, yet rich in nourishment. That's the only way I can describe it. I doubt if I've ever eaten anything like it before.

"Hey, Haneda. What should we do if they find out that we are from a different world? You know, in most adventure novels, foreigners are usually chased or captured. When we paid the bill earlier, they looked at us as if to say that our money was awfully old. I have a bad feeling about this."
"Don't say scary things… I can't help it, I'll run away with you if it happens. I'll run with you wherever you go."
"You're not going to get caught?"
"Of course not."
"Then we have to get out of here. Look, that's the MPs over there. They might have been sent to get us."
"Oh, well, that's not good. Let's go, Kaneshima."

"It's an amusement park, Haneda. Amazing."
"We're not at an age to be excited about amusement parks."
 Even as I told Kaneyama so, I couldn't control the excitement in my heart. The gardens bloomed with red, white, yellow, orange, peach, and even blue roses. A Ferris wheel, a carousel, playground equipment I had never seen before, the voices of Kamishibai narrators and balloon sellers. It seemed to me that paradise might be a place like this.
"Since we're here, why don't we try some rides?"
 As I was looking around to decide which one to go for, I saw a graceful lady sitting on a bench near the Ferris Wheel entrance. The moment I recognized her face, I felt goose bumps from back to toes. I reflexively turned to look at Kaneshima. His lips were quivering.
"…Mother. Isn't that you, Mother!"
 Kaneshima screamed as if his throat was being ripped out, and rushed over with stumbling legs. The lady was indeed Kaneshima's mother, who had died in that devastating earthquake a few years ago. My family and I had a close relationship with her, so there was no way I could have mistaken her face. When she found Kaneshima running towards her, the blood quickly drained from her oval face.
 She called out Kaneshima's name. Nodding again and again, he grasped his mother's shoulders, tears trickling from both eyes. He had always regretted that he had not escaped with his mother.
 She was shocked and at a loss for words, but then quietly shook her head, grabbed our hands, and said in an admonishing tone.
"No, you two cannot stay here; you will be in terrible trouble if the military police find out about this. Now, hurry!"
 She pulled us by both hands and began to run. As we were pushed into the elevator, she looked at Kaneshima and me in turn, her face contorted in grief.
"█████, please forget about me. Listen to what your father, grandfather and grandmother tell you. And get along with your sister and brother. Haneda-kun, please take good care of my child."
 Her gently made-up face was soaked with large tears. I struggled to restrain Kaneshima calling out to her, "Mother, mother," and trying to touch her. I knew that something terrible would happen if I did not, and that Kaneshima would never be able to return to our own world. The elevator girl announced something, but I couldn't hear what she said.
 The moment the elevator door closed, I saw children coming down from the Ferris wheel behind her. They had the same faces as Kaneshima's younger siblings, but they looked more grown up than I knew them to be. There was no sight of Kaneshima himself among them.

"You can grudge me as much as you want, Kaneshima."
 We were sitting side by side on a bench, in a department store in our original world, in Taishō 15. I stared at the floor. I thought it was no wonder I was rejected. I would regret for the rest of my life that I had not kept Kaneshima with his mother at that time. However, Kaneshima placed his hand on my back and said quietly.
"No. I won't hold a grudge. Haneda, you'll be my friend for ever. This is what my mother wished for. I'm happy just to have met her for once."
 Kaneshima's eyes were moist, but he still smiled so hard, as if to say that he had caught a star.
 We rode the elevators together many times after that, but we never met that elevator girl again. Somewhere, that department store from Taishō 150 must be still gleaming. In a world where we do not exist, but certainly.

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