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Item #: SCP-2072-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2072-JP is stored in a humanoid anomalous containment case with MRI functions, and is under constant surveillance.

Description: SCP-2072-JP is the body of Hishikawa Kotone (18 at the time of death), which is resistant to decomposition and destruction. According to the Kanagawa prefectural police incident database, she was the victim of a gang assault and murder on December 11, 2011, her body being characterized by several beating bruises, and cigarette burns on the chest and buttocks. Furthermore, autopsy reports conducted immediately after the incident show that the cause of death was emaciation due to several hours of exposure to extremely low temperatures. The results of an interview investigation show that while alive, Hishikawa Kotone had an orderly and greatly earnest personality, and showed no anomaly manifestation or signs of it.

Four humanoid entities (SCP-2072-JP-1) reside within SCP-2072-JP’s womb. SCP-2072-JP-1 are characterized by an underdeveloped musculature and body structure, except for the head, their development consistent with that of a 15-week fetus. Vegetative organs exist, but the need for nutrient supply doesn’t seem to be necessary. Their basic behavior includes rubbing their head against the endometrium and clustering around the mouth of the uterus, and it’s unclear whether this is a deliberate act with the goal of leaving the interior of the womb or not.

SCP-2072-JP was discovered as a result of the detection of swelling of the abdomen and resistance to destruction during the autopsy immediately following the event. SCP-2072-JP suspect that the group responsible for the incident is deeply involved in the anomaly’s manifestation process, and has currently placed highest priority on finding the whereabouts of Miyashima Dōri (16 at the time) and three others who disappeared immediately after the incident.

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