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3/208-DE Level 3/208-DE



Item #: SCP-208-DE

Object Class: Argus

Threat Level: Blue

Special Containment Procedures: Since SCP-208-DE is owned and controlled by the Global Occult Coalition (GOC), it is not considered necessary to bring the anomaly under Foundation control. Due to the immense benefit it provides, there are also no plans to infiltrate the facility, although known entrances to SCP-208-DE are being monitored for the appearance of any Persons of Interest. If authorised by an O4 Council Member, Foundation Personnel can receive treatment at SCP-208-DE.

Description: SCP-208-DE is the St. Caesarius1 Hospital. In contrast to regular clinics, the main focus of SCP-208-DE is the treatment of anomalous diseases, and the provision of care to members of the paranormal community. The operator of the facility appears to be the World Parahealth Organisation (WPHO), one of the member organisations of the GOC. Care costs between 200 and 5000 Euros, but is qualitatively above the German standard and available to anyone. This includes members of organisations hostile to the GOC, including members of the Church of the Broken God, the Syndicate2 and even the Serpent's Hand. This neutrality stems from the anomaly's location within the Sjhlfel am Rhein Nexus.

The building's 35 meter high facade is assembled from 1.5 m2 reflective panels made from an unidentified material3. When observed from outside, the building's floorplan is elliptical and covers an area of 3900 m2.

The internal structure changes at irregular intervals, altering the position of corridors or the furniture of rooms. To the best of our knowledge, the foyer, used as a waiting area, is exempt from these changes. It is assumed that the workforce either determines or is informed about these changes in advance. Space also appears to be distorted inside the anomaly. According to information provided by the hospital, all floors connect together on the same level, making elevators and stairs unnecessary, and it also appears that the internal floorplan is rectangular.

According to their own records, the hospital staff consists of 50 doctors, with a Dr Katō serving as chief physician, as well as 100 nurses and 20 staff described as "specialists".

As noted above, the building itself is located in the Freeport of Sjhlfels am Rhein, but it can be accessed through several other entrances in the form of Ways, only some of which are known to the Foundation. Whenever anyone steps into one of these Ways, they are transported into the foyer of the anomaly. Whenever anyone exits the anomaly, they are transported back to their location of entry.

Appendix 1: It is presumed that the GOC is using SCP-208-DE to observe the Freeport of Sjhlfels am Rhein. Proof of this theory has not yet been found.

Appendix 2: The inhabitants of the Freeport often express negative opinions regarding the architecture of SCP-208-DE. The GOC made an official statement, asserting that "due to the immense cost of renovation, the building would not be altered."

Discovery: SCP-208-DE was built on 30/06/200█ with the assistance of Thaumaturgy and paratechnology from Eurtec5 and was inaugurated on 01/07 that same year. Due to having only a small presence in Sjhlfels am Rhein at the time, the Foundation first found out about it five days later.

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