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Item #: SCP-209-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-209-JP is to be kept in a transparent case consisting of 20mm or more thick acrylic resin, and is to be set in the residential area of a rebellious D-class personnel.

Description: SCP-209-JP is a wooden statue of Buddha (Mahavairocana) at a total length of 235mm, made from Japanese cypress around the late 15th century. The anomalous property of SCP-209-JP affects individuals who have viewed SCP-209-JP are in the vicinity of SCP-209-JP. Individuals affected by SCP-209-JP will lose the ability to perceive and handle a crisis, and will judge that their current situation is "safe" or "relieved". While the affected individuals' crisis management capability can be re-learned by education, there is no known method to remove the effect immediately.

When initially secured, the effect of SCP-209-JP was initially believed to only be through direct observation. 3 months after the containment of SCP-209-JP by non-visual methods, SCP-███-JP breached its containment due to the lack of crisis management by multiple staff members, resulting in the loss of 1██ personnel. Additional investigation revealed that SCP-209-JP will affect dozens or hundreds of individuals in close proximity to itself if it is not visually observed by individuals for a long period of time. Based on this investigation result, the containment procedures of SCP-209-JP were revised to the current ones. As such, the influence of SCP-209-JP has been restricted to D-class personnel, who will observe it, resulting in a successful re-containment. In addition, as the affected D-class personnel showed decreased awareness of the "danger of the Foundation", their work attitude has dramatically improved.

Further research and testing of SCP-209-JP has not been scheduled. Safety of personnel and the object itself is fully secured.


Once we trembled to think what it would cause, but now we are safe. - Dr. ██

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