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Item #: SCP-2099-JP

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: If the occurrence of SCP-2099-JP is confirmed, the cover story "Occurrence of a bizarre murder and the escape of the murderer" will be disseminated and residents living in the area where SCP-2099-JP occured will remained from going out as much as possible. Additionally, the site where SCP-2099-JP occurred will be completely sealed off until the victim's body has disappeared.

Description: SCP-2099-JP is an anomalous phenomenon that occurs indiscriminately among people who are out of the house, mainly between September and January of the following year. It has been confirmed that SCP-2099-JP occurs more frequently in socially vulnerable and powerless people such as homeless people and young children, but it has also been confirmed to occur in ordinary people. A person involved in SCP-2099-JP is hereinafter referred to as a victim.

When SCP-2099-JP occurs, the victim's center of the body, such as the chest and abdomen, is pierced by a fixed sharp object nearby, and the victim is transferred to a state of death. It has been confirmed from nearby security cameras that the victim disappeared for a certain period before being transferred.

After being transferred, the victim's body will be fixed in that position by unknown means until January of the following year, and will disappear at irregular intervals. All attempts to move the victim's body were failed.

The existence of SCP-2099-JP was discovered through abnormalities in a series of bizarre murders including the first suspicious death of a homeless person on 09/10/2008 and victims' body.

The causes of SCP-2099-JP's occurrence and preventive methods are currently under investigation.

Addendum: It has been confirmed that there are rare cases in which the bodies of SCP-2099-JP victims do not disappear even after January, and research team are currently devising a plan to remove the bodies.

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