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Item #: SCP-2113-JP

Object Class: Euclid Kušum1

Special Containment Procedures: N/A

Description: SCP-2113-JP is a bullet used by Ryo Dozono (designated as SCP-2113-JP-A-1), an Are We Cool Yet? member who existed in a parallel dimension, to commit suicide. SCP-2113-JP is leaping between dimensions as it moves through the brain tissue of SCP-2113-JP-A-1's multidimensional counterparts (designated as SCP-2113-JP-A instances). SCP-2113-JP manifests in the right side of an instance of SCP-2113-JP-A's brain, and upon reaching the left side of the skull, leaps to another instance of SCP-2113-JP-A in the closest parallel dimension. SCP-2113-JP is expected to kill all instances of SCP-2113-JP-A in the future, as its bullet velocity has not been changed for unknown reasons.

SCP-2113-JP-A instances are the multidimensional equivalents of Ryo Dozono (SCP-2113-JP-A-1). Each instance of SCP-2113-JP-A has a spatial anomaly in its occipital lobe, which overlaps with the occipital lobe of the other closest instance. Based on the recovered document, it is speculated that SCP-2113-JP-A-1 was able to acquire visual information of other instances of SCP-2113-JP-A. There are no reports to date that other instances of SCP-2113-JP-A possess similar properties.

SCP-2113-JP-A-1 was discovered by the Foundation in a parallel dimension investigating a reality level reduction event that occurred in Yumigahama, Hokuyo Prefecture3 on 2020/12/18. SCP-2113-JP-A-1 was deceased at the time of discovery, and a clinical autopsy determined that he committed suicide with a handgun. Afterwards, his anomalous properties and the existence of SCP-2113-JP were discovered, and the information was shared among the Foundations of parallel dimensions.

Addendum 1: The following is a document recovered from the house where SCP-2113-JP-A-1 was living.

Title: Liberation From This Asshole

Material Requirements:
A handgun (any model, I can buy from someone at a bar)

Abstract: Everything ends in an instant. Put the gun to my temple and pull the trigger. Simple enough.

Intent: This is the end of all me. And with the gunshot, the curtain will rise on a cool world without me.

Ever since I was a kid, I was able to see the other worlds when I looked away. It helped me a lot, like when I was trapped in a dark abandoned house (even though the other me I was looking at ended up getting beaten up and stuff).

I used my eyes to get into a pretty good college. But it didn't work. After I dropped out of college, I made a living by drawing and selling paintings that I saw while I was looking away. My counterparts in the other worlds wouldn't even look at paintings properly, probably because I wasn't much interested in art to begin with. So I looked away more to copy new paintings.

I looked away, over and over again. Every time I did, I was reminded of how shitty my life was. Still I kept looking away. The paintings I sold brought a good price. But it was far lower than the real ones I saw in the other universes. I looked away from the fact that I was already over thirty, that no one respected me, and that I was a terrible painter. I kept looking away until I couldn't tell where the world I was originally in was anymore. I looked away and looked away and looked away.

Then one day I realized. I had to realize that every me was living a shitty life. My counterparts in other worlds apparently didn't have these special eyes, and most of them were living a life they'd rather die for, causing trouble for everyone around them. It's not surprising, since the original me myself doesn't have much of a brain.

At first I thought it was not true. I had a little bit of hope. So I kept looking away. Then I closed my eyes. When I opened them, I saw the reality. There was only one way to go.

Kill this incredibly uncool "me" and the world will be a little cooler.

I don't deserve to question Are We Cool Yet?



Addendum 2: The SCP-2113-JP-A instance in the baseline dimension is a Japanese male known as Keigo Hosomi (designated as PoI-8291). PoI-8291 works at Funabashi City Hall and resides at 8 Karashina, Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture with his three family members4. PoI-8291 has no known relationship with any anomalous entities, including the AWCY? community. Therefore, PoI-8291 is designated as a Class E Surveillance subject, which is the lowest alert, and will be contained 6 hours prior to the estimated time of death.

PoI-8291 is predicted to be killed by SCP-2113-JP on 2020/12/24 at 20:12.

Update [2020/12/25]: PoI-8291 was contained in Site-81KA and was killed by SCP-2113-JP at the predicted time of death. The individuals associated with PoI-8291 were administered Class A amnestics and the cover story "Hit-and-Run" was applied. The Foundation in the baseline dimension will not conduct any further SCP-2113-JP containment activities.

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