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Item #: SCP-2152-JP
Object Class: Euclid
Level 2/2152-JP

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2152-JP is to be contained in a standard humanoid entity containment cell. SCP-2152-JP is currently unaware of its own anomalous properties, and has been kept under containment by applying false memories of the cover story "Social Experiment". Once every two months, SCP-2152-JP is to be treated with backward amnesticization to erase the memory during the period of containment.

Coffee equipment is to be permanently available in the containment cell, and items requested by SCP-2152-JP are to be provided upon approval of the containment supervisor.

Description: SCP-2152-JP is a Caucasian male possessing a highly limited Class IV equivalent ontokinetic ability. SCP-2152-JP's anomalous properties manifest when it consumes its own brewed coffee (SCP-2152-JP-A instance). The anomaly progresses as follows.

  1. SCP-2152-JP enters a state of obtundation as soon as it takes the mug in its hand. SCP-2152-JP in this state is designated as SCP-2152-JP-Prime.
  2. The A instance in the mug leaks out to the outside.
  3. The A instance transforms into a humanoid form while increasing its volume; simultaneously, the Prime instance denatures into a liquid form while changing its appearance to black in color.
  4. Once fixed in the humanoid form, the A instance morphs into the same appearance as the Prime instance and then replaces each other's position.
  5. The Prime instance enters the mug while shrinking in volume.
  6. The A instance, now fully formed as a humanoid, awakens and then consumes the liquid in the mug.

The replacement of the Prime instance and the A instance is completed in a short period of time, approximately three seconds, and the features of SCP-2152-JP including its anomalous properties are inherited by the formed humanoid entity. Notably, the aforementioned process has been determined to have a positive effect on the mental health of SCP-2152-JP, such as reduced stress.

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