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SCP-217-KO at the time of its launch

Item #: SCP-217-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Considering what position SCP-217-KO holds in the minds of the people of the United States, the belief that the object has already been dismantled must be continuously imprinted on the public, justifying its dismantlement by emphasizing the large-scale defense budget cuts of the United States, and its inability to store newer, more advanced aircraft. Manipulated photos and witness accounts of the ship being dismantled should be spread.

Combat Mission Site-140 was built at ████ island, on ██° ██′ ██″ N, ███° ██′ ██″ E for the maintenance and use of SCP-217-KO. Site-140 is to be classified as a rank three restricted area. Unauthorized ships and aircraft are prohibited from entry inside the area 24 nautical miles around the site.

Considering the subject's strategic importance and ███ break-in and sabotage attempts, high levels of physical management are required. Ground and maritime radars, sonar detectors, and satellite cameras must always be watching the area. All personnel in Site-140 must undergo a regular psychological inspection and have to score higher than a B+ on the loyalty test.

SCP-217-KO is to only set sail under the authorization of the SCP North Pacific command, the administrator of Site-140, and the commander of Mobile Task Force X-17. It is unadvisable to sail SCP-217-KO when the "Leave ship order" is likely to be given.

If the "Leave ship order" is given, protocol MI-42 is to be executed. All people aboard must evacuate the ship in 72 hours.

If SCP-217-KO becomes unable to control, protocol Rehire-47 is to be executed. Electronic and physical attacks on the target are permitted under the protocol.

Description: SCP-217-KO is the former CV-6 aircraft carrier USS Enterprise.

The subject was launched on September 20th, 1937, as the 2nd Yorktown-class carrier. The subject was commissioned in 1938 and served in the pacific war. It was captured in 1945 in a joint operation of the German and Japanese navy.

In 1947, the ship started showing paranormalous properties, and the Foundation purchased the ship. The ship is officially recorded as retired and dismantled.

The anomaly of SCP-217-KO is that it "upgrades" itself as time progresses.

Its initial displacement was 32,000 tonnes standard, with F4F fighter planes. However, currently, it has a displacement of 110,000 tonnes, with Ninety FA-18E/F and F-35B/C fighter jets. Furthermore, its wooden deck is replaced with metal. Its diesel engines are replaced with nuclear reactors. The 40mm and 20mm autocannons are replaced with SM-3 anti-aircraft missiles and GAU-8 single barrel cannons. Its current battle capabilities are thought to be similar to that of a Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier.

The subject shows changes about a month before or after a new U.S. Navy aircraft carrier launch. Seventy-two hours before the change, a "leave ship" order is broadcasted inside the ship in English. People who failed to evacuate the ship before the change was lost and have not been found to date.


Incident Log 7217-01
09/10/1947, SCP-217-KO's decks were replaced with metal, and F8F fighter jets appeared. In the process, the Foundation discovered the vessel.

Incident Log 7217-12
██/██/196█, SCP-217-KO's displacement increased to 60,000 tonnes, and its engine changed into a nuclear reactor. F-4 fighter jets appeared.

Incident Log 7217-15
██/██/197█, SCP-217-KO's equipment is replaced with the latest. F-14 fighter jets and A-6 attackers manifested.

Incident Log 7217-18
██/██/198█, a bomber was launched from SCP-217-KO, effectively suppressing and eliminating SCP-███

Incident Log 7217-22
██/██/199█, SCP-217-KO's equipment is changed to the latest. Its displacement increased to 90,000 tonnes, and FA-18 fighter jets manifested.

Incident Log 7217-26
██/██/200█, SCP-217-KO launched an anti-aircraft missile, successfully discarding SCP-███

Incident Log 7217-31
██/██/201█ SCP-217-KO's displacement increased to 110,000 tonnes. F-35B and F35C fighter jets manifested.

Request 217-KO-01 ██/██/197█ To: The O5-council

We haven't seen any anomalies from SCP-217-KO besides its upgrade in our 25 years of containing it. Therefore, I request approval for the military use of SCP-271-KO. - Mobile Task Force X-17 Pacific Command Administrator Colonel ███████ "Gordon" ███

Response from the O5 Council ██/██/197█ To: Colonel Gordon

Upon discussion, the council has concluded that SCP-217-KO is safe for use. Your request is granted. It is now named 'SCPS Enterprise.'

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