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Visualized SCP-2170-JP instances.

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the widespread proliferation of SCP-2170-JP instances and the low probability of their existence being discovered, the operation is to aim for a covert reduction in the number of instances. A countermeme ("Copy-Guard") is to be embedded in multiple civilian media; SCP-2170-JP instances that incorporate memories containing the countermeme into themselves are automatically erased by the conceptual circuitry. Twenty instances of SCP-2170-JP are to be contained in a pseudo dreamspace unit as samples for investigation and research.


Logo of SCP-2170-JP-μ

Description: SCP-2170-JP is an imperceptible Class III Mnemosynic Apparition with elements of red fox (Vulpes vulpes). SCP-2170-JP instances are estimated to inhabit the dreams of approximately 1,200,000 citizens of several developed countries, mainly in urban areas, and have the following habits.

  • Slipping through standard dream-based defense mechanisms. This includes the dream entity manipulation abilities that typical dreamspace possessing beings are able to exhibit.
  • Retrieving specific episodic memories from the hosts of dreams in which they inhabit.
  • Transmitting the episodic memories stored in their metaphysical memory fields to an unknown database (presumably related to SCP-2170-JP-μ).

SCP-2170-JP-μ is Thiefox, a oneiric company that operates a free episodic memory distribution website in Oneiroi West. It is believed that SCP-2170-JP-μ is distributing various memories of reality for free, and earning profits in dreams by inserting corporate advertisements into said memories. The profits include not only dream-based currencies such as Oneiroi dream dollars from advertisers, but also emotions (both positive and negative) of Oneiroi who view the advertisements, and other unknown elements such as a concept described as "the vibration of phantappendicis".

SCP-2170-JP-μ has obtained episodic memories distributed through its website, through SCP-2170-JP instances. Despite investigations conducted by Mobile Task Force Phi-642 ("Dom Cobb"), the location of SCP-2170-JP-μ has not been determined as of 2021/08/04.

The following is a citation from the text on the website top page operated by SCP-2170-JP-μ.

Movies, Video Games, Experiencing Life Thiefox of

Reality copyright is different from the dream's that. You are get the memory of a lives, we will open it for free! Is it a illegal uploading? No, this is a oneigal uploading!

You are capable to enjoy marriages of beautiful hollywood actresses, strong forces of avengers, sonik, yakuzamovies, human centipede 2. You are fortunate! Now, search the episodes from here.

Addendum 2170-JP-1: The following is a log of episodic memories uploaded on SCP-2170-JP-μ website.

Instance Log

Title: Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 4 Sukuna cuts off a special grade spirit in the expansion of realm

Description: A memory of viewing the fourth episode of the anime "Jujutsu Kaisen". Most of it is visual memory which consists of images displayed on the screen with Spanish subtitles. For every ten seconds of visual memory, a fifteen-second application advertisement is inserted.

Title: PeePooDo All Episodes and All Sobers

Description: A memory of viewing all episodes of the cartoon "Peepoodo & the Super Fuck Friends". An image of a potted plant is displayed multiple times in the visual memory to cover the extreme content; it is presumed to be a picture of an Oneiroi named Sauropus Sober, which has become popular as a meme in Oneiroi West.

Title: The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild All Elements Player Collects Part 1

Description: A memory of playing the video game "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild". It is a combination of twenty-one different memories, with no memories of times when said game is not played. Thirty-seven memories with the same title have been uploaded, and each one is assigned a part number in order - however, the final part is verified to be a short memory in which the presumed original memory holder opens the door to a room while screaming.

Title: Completing Minecraft Without Touching Anything

Description: A memory of playing the video game "Minecraft". Visual information and accompanying sensory memories indicate that the original memory holder is remotely controlling a keyboard while being levitated in mid-air. Whether this memory is of an event that occurred in reality is still under analysis.


Description: A memory in which the original memory holder amputates their right arm while abusing marijuana, and joints a baguette to the cut surface with a medical stapler. It is the most viewed memory of drug abuse on SCP-2170-JP-μ website, and analysis has revealed that it is a memory of an event that actually occurred in reality, not in a dream.

Addendum 2170-JP-2: The following is a hoot posted by a civilian account on Oneiroi West on 2019/11/12.


Moonsday @Moonsday

Today 01:03
Good evening.
Today 01:03
Nice to meet you! This is #Thiefox, a memory streaming service for you! Now, search for episodes from here.
Today 01:05
Do you people have any consent from the original memory owners or relevant rights holders?
Today 01:12
Sacred stool! You are misunderstanding it. The law makes us download episodes of without permission; Oneiroi West Act Article 5+17i. Click here to learn about #Thiefox.
Today 01:15
Article 3 of Oneiroi West Act reads as follows. "No person shall cause undue harm to any person who is not a resident or visitor of Oneiroi West." What is your opinion on this?
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Will fuck you in the sewer.
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  • LIKES 4,943,194

2019/11/12 02:17am

Until 2020/03/06, there were no known cases of media exposure of entities self-identifying as SCP-2170-JP-μ other than this hoot.

Addendum 2170-JP-3: On 2020/02/19, Agent Taylor (Terror Teller in dreams), who has infiltrated Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, a cartoon production company in the United States, as an employee, prosecuted SCP-2170-JP-μ for the use of his company's intellectual property. On 2020/03/06, the trial was held at Oneiroi West Civil Court, where Foundation Collective personnel Terror Teller appeared as the plaintiff and another personnel Law Yer appeared as the plaintiff's representative. The use of dream altering abilities in the trial was prohibited by Article 3 of FC-OW Agreement. Foundation Collective requested Oneiroi West to allow a judge selected by Foundation Collective to appear in the case, which Oneiroi West refused in the interest of fairness.

Video Log

<Begin Log>

In Courtroom 3 of Oneiroi West Civil Court; Terror Teller and Law Yer are seated at the plaintiff's table, and an Oneiroi - who serves as the presiding judge in this case - is seated at the presiding judge's table. Terror Teller has the appearance of a large pile of horror novels, Law Yer of a sea urchin (more accurately Diadema setosum) wearing a blue suit, and the presiding judge of a black chess queen piece. Several civilian Oneiroi are seated in the audience.

Presiding Judge: So, it is almost time to begin the trial, but the defendant and the defendant's representative have not yet appeared in court. If no one from the defendant's side appears before the opening of court, it will be considered to be a constructive confession since no written answer has been —

The door to Courtroom 3 is opened, and an Oneiroi with the appearance of a fox enters.

Fox Oneiroi: Ah — ah, uhh —

From behind the Fox Oneiroi, an Oneiroi with the appearance of a centaur carrying a hunting rifle - Landau the Hunter - enters the court.

Landau the Hunter: I apologize, it took us a little while to prepare. I am Landau the Hunter, the defendant's representative.

Several Oneiroi in the courtroom murmur.

Presiding Judge: Okay, the defendant and the defendant's representative. Please take your seats at the defendant's table.

Landau the Hunter: Understood. Okay, come with me.

Landau the Hunter leads the Fox Oneiroi to the defendant's table.

Presiding Judge: We now open the trial for copyright infringement by the defendant.

The judge taps his gavel, and seven unknown Oneiroi appear in the jury box1. After that, information regarding this lawsuit is shared by the presiding judge and Law Yer.

Presiding Judge: Well, the defendant's representative. Do you have any objections to these plaintiffs' claims?

Landau the Hunter: Yes, I do. Now I would like to call a witness to the court.

Presiding Judge: A witness, sir?

Law Yer: Objection. This witness has not been preliminarily requested.

Landau the Hunter: But he is a very important witness in this case. He is so powerful that it took some time to get his consent to appear, which is why our appearance was delayed.


Presiding Judge: Then we need to have a discussion in the courthouse.

The presiding judge demanifests from their chair. Five seconds later, the presiding judge remanifests.

Presiding Judge: The discussion has been concluded. The witness is permitted to appear.

Landau the Hunter looks towards the plaintiff's table and grins.

Landau the Hunter: Now, let's have him enter the court. Please come in!

The door to Courtroom 3 is opened, and two Oneiroi - both with the appearance of deer wearing sunglasses - enter. They are pushing a cart, on which something is placed.

Presiding Judge: Wh, what the —

On the cart is an organic-looking dream entity outwardly reminiscent of a narwhal (Monodon monoceros) liver, with what appears to be a tape recorder forcibly wedged into it. When Landau the Hunter fingersnaps at it, its tape recorder is activated, and the entity makes the following statement.

Dream Entity: I, Matthew Ian Senreich, co-president of SBS in reality, am dropping this lawsuit regarding copyright infringement by an employee of our company in its entirety.

After the statement by the entity, several Oneiroi in the courtroom begin to chatter. Landau the Hunter clears his throat.

Landau the Hunter: Well, ladies and gentlemen. As you may have heard, this Monodon-monoceros-pancreas-Oneiroi is the president of SBS. And he just told us that he is going to withdraw this ridiculous lawsuit. What do you think, people!

Law Yer: Objection. Is it really an Oneiroi? It doesn't look like it has free will to me.

Landau the Hunter: Will?

Landau the Hunter laughs.

Landau the Hunter: I have no idea what you're talking about, Mx. Law Yer. This is Oneiroi West! One of the largest Collectives where all different kinds of Oneiroi come and go! And while most of them are noncon2, free will! You're asking for something as lofty as free will! Don't you think that's a little harsh, ladies and gentlemen?!

Several Oneiroi in the courtroom begin to chatter.

Presiding Judge: Silence! Er, I overrule the objection of plaintiff's representative.

Law Yer clicks their tongue.

Law Yer: Then, at least you should prove to us that this Oneiroi is actually President Senreich.

Landau the Hunter: Fair enough.

Landau the Hunter fingersnaps at the aforementioned dream entity. The dream entity states multiple personal details about Matthew Senreich ​— all of which are presumably impossible for anyone but him to know, and are later verified to be true. When these statements are made, several Oneiroi in the courtroom begin to chatter.

Law Yer: Di — didn't you implant the memories you got via drones into it, Attorney Landau?

Landau the Hunter: Oh dear, I wish you'd stop making unwarranted accusations since earlier, Mx. Law Yer!

Presiding Judge: Plaintiff's representative, please refrain from making statements without evidence. If you continue to do so, I will order you to leave the courtroom.

Law Yer glares at Landau the Hunter. Landau the Hunter laughs, and then turns to the judge.

Landau the Hunter: Well well, that's all from me. I hope that the wise members of the court will give us a fair decision.

Landau the Hunter gives Law Yer a glance.

Landau the Hunter: You'll have to bring some stronger company next time, my friends!

The following is omitted due to unimportant nature.

<End Log>

Landau the Hunter and several other Oneiroi from the defendant's side demanifested after the end of the trial. Their whereabouts have not been determined to date.

After consultations by Oneiroi West Civil Court, the withdrawal of the case by the plaintiffs was officially approved on 2020/03/17. Another prosecution is pending as no cooperative organization that meets the following criteria has been found.

  • The memories of their intellectual property in reality have been distributed via SCP-2170-JP-μ.
  • Active in Oneiroi West.

Addendum 2170-JP-4: On 2020/05/02, Nintendo Intellectual Property Department, Dreamworld Division prosecuted SCP-2170-JP-μ in Oneiroi West Civil Court. The following is an excerpt from a statement released by Nintendo on its newly established official web page at Oneiroi West.

Document Log

May 2, 2020Dear allNintendo Co., Ltd.

Notice Regarding the Filing of a Lawsuit for the Use of Nintendo's Intellectual Property in the Episodic Memory Distribution Service in Dreams

On May 2, 2020, Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyoto, Japan; President: Shuntaro Furukawa) filed a lawsuit in Oneiroi West Civil Court against Thiefox Co., Ltd. and its representative directors ( hereinafter collectively referred to as the "defendants"), to seek an injunction against the defendants' copyright infringement, as well as compensation for damages arising from the aforementioned activities.

We are determined to continue to take decisive measures to protect our valuable intellectual property that we have built up over many years of effort.


The Foundation contacted Nintendo Intellectual Property Department to request cooperation with Foundation Collective through Dreamworld Division. In response to this request, Nintendo Intellectual Property Department, Dreamworld Division expressed their willingness to fully cooperate with FC.

On 2020/06/29, a trial was held at Oneiroi West Civil Court, and the claim of the plaintiff, Nintendo Intellectual Property Department, Dreamworld Division, was accepted in full. As a result, the court passed the following judgment against the defendant, SCP-2170-JP-μ.

  • Payment of compensation to the plaintiff in the amount of 10,000,000 Oneiroi dream dollars, or 10,000,00 US dollars in reality (due one year after the judgment)
  • Immediate suspension of memory distribution regarding the plaintiff's intellectual property.

On the same day, all SCP-2170-JP instances under the containment of the Foundation disappeared, and the website operated by SCP-2170-JP-μ was deleted from Oneiroi West. An investigation to confirm the neutralization of SCP-2170-JP is currently underway.

On 2021/06/29, in response to the fact that no compensation had been paid to Nintendo by SCP-2170-JP-μ despite one year having passed, Oneiroi West implemented a mandatory property seizure measure3. This resulted in seizure of all dream property of Romain de Renard, an Oneiroi with the appearance of a fox who is the sole operator of SCP-2170-JP-μ.

Currently, Romain de Renard is the subject of civil lawsuits from one hundred seventy-nine different companies. Since the end of the trial with Nintendo, there have been no confirmed cases where Landau the Hunter or any other Oneiroi has appeared in court as defendant's representative regarding Romain de Renard.

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