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SCP-218-FR in containment. Her wardrobe consisted in a standard shirt-trousers ensemble, modified before she was equipped with anti-regressive gloves.

Item #: SCP-218-FR

Threat Level: Red

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-218-FR is currently contained in a 6m x 6m chamber, dug into the bedrock for this occasion, in Site-Beth. Furniture inside the chamber must be restricted to bare necessity. The door giving access to this chamber must be made of a single unaltered stone block, locomoted using a mechanical traction device installed on the corridor side.

Her gloves should under no circumstances be taken off, except in case of physical inconvenience which could damage her hands, in which case a strongly anesthetic gas must be diffused inside the chamber before intervention. The key allowing their opening is currently in possession of Security Head Arafat, and a duplicate is in possession of Site Director Phillips.

Description : SCP-218-FR is a caucasian female, aged 28 at the time this report is being written. SCP-218-FR bears the civilian name Anastasia ████████ and knows french, german and english. Subject is 1.83m tall and weighs 63kg, has brown hair and eyes, and does not suffer from any morphological anomaly. Upon recovery, SCP-218-FR suffered from several wounds, concussions and slight malnutrition, now in remission healed.

SCP-218-FR's psychological evaluation shows particularly high intelligence (with an intelligence quotient of 152) and a stable mental condition, despite paranoid tendancies and adverse feelings towards novelty. SCP-218-FR is particularly withdrawn due to the traumatizing conditions she was recovered in, and must therefore be set comfortable prior to any contact or communication attempt from personnel. SCP-218-FR has demonstrated important manipulation abilities, and must at no time be listened to by personnel assigned to her containement. Communications must be restricted to bare necessity and all her statements must be recorded.

When SCP-218-FR touches an man-made object with her bare hands, the object will begin "regressing". "Regression" consists in alterations of the object's morphology and constituant materials, causing transformation into another object with the same function, but of a much earlier variant and viewed as an "antecessor" of the current object.

The process through which this transition occurs is unknown. During transformation, observers report seeing a "blurry fog" surround the object, through which they can perceive only slighty the changes in color and shape, and no particular particle or wave emissions were noted during regression of an object, which renders study of SCP-218-FR's effect difficult.

Following experiments performed in collaboration with SCP-218-FR, it was determined that regression happens at a constant rate of around twenty years per second with normal hand grasp (about 30kg of pressure). This rate increases as SCP-218-FR applies more pressure : grasping harder (60kg) will cause the object to regress at a speed of one century per second.

SCP-218-FR was provided with work-out equipment in order to strengthen her grasp and see how high this rate can go. Equipment was confiscated.

Sample of tests on Regressed objects (normal grasp):
Test subject 0.5s 1s 5s 10s
A Nokia Lumia 640 cell phone (2016) A Nokia 6111 cell phone (2006) A Nokia 9000 Communicator cell phone (1996) A Marthy-type cable phone (1910s variant) An enveloppe, a quill and a paper sheet (fabrication estimated to the beginning of the XIXth century)
A blu-ray disc containing the movie The Hateful Eight by Quentin Tarantino A DVD containing Kill Bill volume 2 from same director A VHS tape of Pulp Fiction from same director A cellulose reel of a movie titled █████ ██ ██████, directed by ███████ █████████ in 1915 A manuscript titled [REDACTED]
A 5 euro bill (2005 circulation) A 5 French franc coin (1996) A 5 French franc coin (1985) A 5 Franc germinal coin (1915) A 5 Franc germinal coin (1815)

Note : It appears that the object's contents are prioritary relative to its nature. The actual value of 5 euros is supposed to be around 6.50 French francs, however the number 5 remains. Same for the author of a piece which is as constant as possible.

Discovery and recovery: On 11/08/19██, the Foundation's attention was drawn by the expansion throughout Northern Europe of an antiquity trafic, which were at the same time too rare, too numerous and too well preserved to be considered as authentic. However, dating has shown that those were all undoubtedly originals.

Foundation agents finally located the core of this traffic in a mansion in Bâle, Switzerland, which belonged to local mafia. Following a raid conducted on 28/01/19██, SCP-218-FR was discovered chained naked in the mansion's basement, bearing marks of abuse, malnutrition and in a state of shock. It was deduced that the criminal network was using SCP-218-FR as a tool to generate an unlimited supply of high-quality antiquities.

Addendum 218-1: Note from the Scientific Department


Anti-regressive gloves designed for SCP-218-FR.

A pair of anti-regressive gloves was designed in order for SCP-218-FR to handle objects without altering them.
They are composed of an internal flax glove, weaved following Paleolithic textile methods, vulnerable to regression but capable of retaining a fine mesh by the end of the process. The second layer consists in regression-safe grains of silica attached to a separate surface in a permanent manner.
A last layer, made of weaved aluminium, prevents any exterior damage to the glove.

Addendum 218-2: This report was updated following containment breach 218-FR-01. SCP-218-FR is to be now considered as Keter and Red-level. For further information, please see the containment breach report.

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