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2/2188-JP LEVEL 2/2188-JP
Item #: SCP-2188-JP


SCP-2188-JP, prior to containment.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2188-JP' s body is to be contained in a standard biological long-term cryopreservation storage unit.

Description: SCP-2188-JP was a 27-year-old male who seemed to possess an anomalous feeding ability. Despite outwardly lacking the muscle mass enough to do so, SCP-2188-JP was able to pick up any object without regard to its weight, and carry the target into its mouth at a speed impossible for others to observe.

Since no traces of cognitive inhibition, spacetime manipulation or reality alteration could be detected by any of the Foundation's paranormal examination equipment, it is presumed that the anomalous properties of SCP-2188-JP were not achieved through these abilities, but rather through its abnormally enhanced physical agility.

Prior to containment, SCP-2188-JP worked at the ████████ Hotel in Tokyo, Japan, where it was responsible for transporting dishes for large groups of guests to the banquet hall using a serving cart. It is believed that SCP-2188-JP had secretly consumed food from plates by using its anomalous ability during the transportation process.

Although the surveillance cameras installed in the corridor from the kitchen to the banquet hall were unable to record the moment when its unusual behavior took place due to performance limitations, the Foundation's analysis managed to recover fragmentary evidence of the anomalous eating activity, namely the footage of SCP-2188-JP actively and quickly moving its mouth for chewing while smearing gravy and sauce on its fingers.

Containment Circumstances: For a few months before SCP-2188-JP was contained, the ████████ Hotel had received several complaints about unbalanced food arrangements and what appeared to be finger marks on the food. Although █████ █████, the chief chef of the ████████ Hotel at the time, had long suspected the person responsible for transporting the food as the cause of these complaints, he had no hard evidence.

Mr. █████ took several measures to capture the scene where SCP-2188-JP was secretly eating the food, such as requiring multiple people to transport the food and installing the aforementioned surveillance cameras at his own expense. All of these attempts failed due to the anomalous properties of SCP-2188-JP. Eventually, Mr. █████ ceased all efforts to catch SCP-2188-JP in the act; he later testified that he approached and called out to SCP-2188-JP from behind to apologize for casting suspicion on it.

It is speculated that SCP-2188-JP, who was in the midst of transporting food and was about to demonstrate its ability, was shaken up by being called out, and accidentally carried the object in front of him into its mouth at an abnormally high speed. The anomalous properties of SCP-2188-JP were revealed after the resulting Foundation intervention in response to a report about a "corpse that anomalously choked on an entire serving cart".

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