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Item #: SCP-2200-JP LEVEL 1
Object Class: Safe Unrestricted


Figure 1: SCP-2200-JP

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-2200-JP is to be stored in a low level threat object containment unit. Only staff who fully identify as male can be assigned to SCP-2200-JP. If SCP-2200-JP ejaculates, staff in charge must clean the containment unit. SCP-2200-JP's semen is treated and disposed of as non-anomalous waste.


SCP-2200-JPFigure 1 is a teddy bear manufactured by ██████.Co. SCP-2200-JP has a human (Homo sapiens sapiens) █████ bonded to its crotch. The base of the █████ is fused to SCP-2200-JP's cotton. The █████ is constantly erect, and blood within the corpus spongiosum does not leak out unless the █████ is damaged.

Upon visual recognition of SCP-2200-JP, any individual who identifies as female loses the ability to recognize SCP-2200-JP's █████. Others mentioning the █████ or explaining SCP-2200-JP's anomalous nature does not undo this effect. Furthermore, affected individuals will not accept any explanation as true and will deny it. This effect can be removed if affected individuals indirectly recognize the █████, after which they can understand the anomalous nature.

SCP-2200-JP ejaculates semen approximately once a month. The timing of ejaculation is in sync with the menstural cycle of SCP-2200-JP's former owner, Ms. ████. Individuals under the effect of SCP-2200-JP cannot recognize the presence of the semen.

At the time of discovery, a homeless male was in possession of SCP-2200-JP. He testified he found it in a nearby dumpster and took it with him because he found it humorous. The original owner was located based on his testimony. The following is the testimony of Mr. ████, the father of the object's former owner, Ms. ████.

"Once I got home from work, my daughter came to me smiling and said 'Daddy, mommy bought me a new teddy.' I asked her 'what does he look like?' And she scurried off to her room. It made me happy, ya know? Nothing makes you more happy than seeing your kid happy. Anyway, she comes back with the bear in her hands and… well… The moment I saw that thing, I almost denied reality, but… it was there. On that bears crotch. That cursed 'thing.'"

"I took the bear from her immediately and went to my wife to ask what on earth she was thinking. But she didn't seem to get what I was talking about. I mean, I guess I shouldn't have avoided addressing it directly but… Nah, its impossible she didn't get it. It was so… 'There.' My wife told me that some jokes aren't okay but, like, to me that bear's the joke that's not okay. Anyway, I kept trying to explain… I mean, is that the kinda thing that needs explaining? It's just there! It! I ended up convincing myself that I was seeing things from fatigue. Both my wife and daughter say it's not there, and, why would it be? Of course, it was still there the next morning. Up and ready to go.

"Oh, apparently it had a name. 'Takashi.' According to my wife, it's the name of my daughter's crush at school. Ugh, I don't give a shit. I didn't want to learn about my daughter's growth like this. God damn it."

"After that, I just carried on with my life. Avoiding 'it' as much as I could. My daughter loved it and would bring it to dinner, so, that was fun. No matter what I said I knew they'd just say I'm the crazy one. Oh, but I did beg them to never let it leave the house no matter what. I managed to convince my daughter that taking it out would get it dirty. I couldn't let my daughter embarrass herself with such a thing, on the offset chance I wasn't hallucinating. Well, maybe 'embarrass' is an understatement here. But yeah, she'd never let him go while at home. It was tough, imagining that thing rubbing against her. But, at the time, I had convinced myself it wasn't real. I mean, how could it be?"

"The final straw was… Ah, yes. Sorry, it was so disturbing that I just tried to forget about it. So, one day I woke up to my daughter screaming in her room. I rushed to see what happened and she's crying saying 'it's smelly.' Indeed, there was a weird smell in her room. I had a bad feeling and looked at her bed, and found a lump under the blanket. I took off the blanket, and there it was… That fuckin' bear what the fuck does he think he's doing to my little ██ I'll fucking kill you Takashi you mother fucker. [Mr. ██ significantly raised his voice after which he went silent for five seconds] Sorry… I… Had a flashback. Fuck, it still pisses me off… Oh yeah, you want me to continue? We threw it out, of course. Mattress and everything. 'Daddy will buy you an even nicer teddy, so forget about Takashi.' I didn't let either of them say anything. That, was not a hallucination."

"Way to ruin such an important day for my daughter, damn it."

We are currently investigating how and where Miss. ██ purchased SCP-2200-JP, along with any distribution channels of the object.
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