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Item #: SCP-2203-JP

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: In the event that SCP-2203-JP occurrence is confirmed, local field agents are to be dispatched immediately to administer amnestics to all witnesses. A sample of at least one SCP-2203-JP-1 is to be retrieved, and all others are to be incinerated at the location of occurrence.

Description: SCP-2203-JP is a phenomenon in which large groups of unknown organisms bearing features of yarrow (Achillea) plants (SCP-2203-JP-1) abruptly manifest. The locations in which these events occur, besides being an outdoor location, have no common pattern, and attempts to predict occurrences of SCP-2203-JP have not proven successful. If SCP-2203-JP occurs on land, it is common that local media will report the sudden appearance of flower fields. As of now, all such events have been successfully covered up by local field agents; however, if SCP-2203-JP were to occur in a densely populated area, it would be difficult to cover up. Due to the danger posed to the Veil, SCP-2203-JP has been classified Keter.

SCP-2203-JP-1 is a plant measuring approximately 30 cm in height. While they possess qualities of yarrow plants (Achillea), multiple white flowers can grow from one stem, similar to mustard plants (Brassica). In addition, SCP-2203-JP-1 do not produce seeds. As these plants are already blooming when they appear, SCP-2203-JP-1's premature form is unknown. As they do not possess atypical resistance to damage, they can be terminated as with normal plants.

The following table lists past noteworthy occurrences.
Date Location Area Notes
1831/07/26 Russian Empire, modern Sakha Republic ~100 m2 Oldest known occurrence of SCP-2203-JP known to the Foundation. As the area was thinly populated, there were few witnesses and the Foundation was able to cover up the event successfully.
1945/08/09 Gulf of Mexico, Florida Sea ~1 km2 First known occurrence of SCP-2203-JP occurring over water. Plants formed were scattered by tidal currents and retrieval was deemed impossible. As the discovery of SCP-2203-JP occurrences over water was difficult at the time1, there is a high chance that there were unrecorded occurrences of SCP-2203-JP at sea prior to this event.
2010/11/18 Pacific Ocean, ~200km east of Niue ~47 km2 Largest occurrence of SCP-2203-JP recorded by the Foundation. Sea currents caused large amounts of SCP-2203-JP-1 to reach countries on the Pacific coast of North and Central America. Cover story "Maritime accident" was used to explain the incident.
2014/06/11 People's Republic of China, Fuzhou City ~16 km2 Largest occurrence of SCP-2203-JP on land recorded by the Foundation. As the area was densely populated, the coverup proved difficult and extensive.

According to satellite observations, SCP-2203-JP occurred an average of 20 times a year since 2010, with an average area of approximately 10 km2. In 1960, the year satellite observation first became available, only 4 occurrences of SCP-2203-JP were recorded, with an average size of 300 m2; it can be observed thus that the frequency and size of occurrences have been steadily increasing. No accurate data exists on the rate of occurrences prior to 1960, however, records show that the average size was even smaller, and that no single year in the 1800s had more than 2 occurrences. In addition, data collected since 1960 shows that only approximately 30% of SCP-2203-JP events occur on land; the remaining 70% occurs over water2.

In the first half of the 1900s, SCP-2203-JP was theorized to be SCP-2203-JP-1's reproduction mechanism, in that as SCP-2203-JP-1 possessed no ability to produce seeds or pollen, it required anomalous methods, namely SCP-2203-JP, to reproduce. However, beginning in 1950 with the increased discovery of occurrences over water and the increase in rate of occurrence in general, alternative theories relating to SCP-2203-JP began to take hold. While the reason for which SCP-2203-JP occurs is not currently confirmed, the dominant theory is that some other factor rather than simple plant reproduction is the cause of SCP-2203-JP.

As the reason for SCP-2203-JP's occurrence has not been confirmed and no means of stopping SCP-2203-JP's increase in occurrence is known to exist, the Foundation's upper management has set up a SCP-2203-JP Special Response Team. The Special Response Team will draw up a plan for the Foundation's continued operation under the premise that SCP-2203-JP will eventually cover the entire earth. In addition to researchers studying post-Veil-collapse society, experts in astrophysics were also assigned to the Special Response Team.

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