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3/2211-JP LEVEL 3/2211-JP
Item #: SCP-2211-JP

SCP-2211-JP during initial containment.

Special Containment Procedures: The area surrounding SCP-2211-JP is designated as Area-185 and a dedicated containment wing made of fire-resistant materials is to be constructed to cover its presence. SCP-2211-JP is completely excluded from the Foundation Inter-Site Collaboration Network; access to SCP-2211-JP by Foundation personnel requires approval from the head researcher assigned to it.

SCP-2211-JP-B is to be stored in a standard critical item storage cell staffed by armed personnel; access to the storage cell requires approval from the O5 Council.

Description: SCP-2211-JP is Foundation Site-185, which is metaphysical-dimensionally connected to Hell. This "Hell" is categorized as a concept comparable to Gehenna (γεεννα) in Christianity, and is morphologically defined as an extra-dimensional space designated as Under-Dite class (The world from below the fifth circle to just before Cocytus, the lowest level of Hell, as described in Dante Alighieri's The Inferno, where fallen angels and damned sinners are contained).

The most noticeable effect of the connection is that SCP-2211-JP is constantly on fire. While the heat source and fuel for this is unknown, personnel who spent time inside SCP-2211-JP reported a strong sulfur smell. To date, there is no indication that SCP-2211-JP itself has been damaged/consumed by the flames.

As a further manifestation of its anomalous properties, any organism or item inside SCP-2211-JP begins to exhibit a complex of anomalous features, depending on their type. These are collectively designated as SCP-2211-JP-A. In the description of SCP-2211-JP-B, which is described below, SCP-2211-JP-A is defined to be assigned to three paranormal theological attributes, which are broadly classified as "Sinners," "Jailers," and "Wrath of God," derived from their role in Hell.

The following is a brief description of the properties of the three known SCP-2211-JP-A anomalies and their respective targets.

  • SCP-2211-JP-A-1: D-Class personnel within SCP-2211-JP classified as "Sinners" on SCP-2211-JP-B. SCP-2211-JP-A-1 acquires forced immortality without biological alteration (such as significant increase in regenerative capacity or cessation of cellular aging) for as long as they are within SCP-2211-JP. Experiments on how this would function outside of SCP-2211-JP have not been successful, due to another type of SCP-2211-JP-related phenomenon, in which SCP-2211-JP-A-1 is unable to cross the boundary between SCP-2211-JP and the outside world.
    • In addition, the D-Class personnel residential quarters attached to SCP-2211-JP are extra-dimensionally expanded on an irregular basis, bringing new SCP-2211-JP-A-1 instances equipped with the standard Foundation D-Class personnel equipment to the additional quarters. The identities of these SCP-2211-JP-A-1 instances match those of civilians who are documented to have died prior to their appearance; they were either inmates (especially those on death row) for violent crimes until shortly before their death or possess a history of having violated at least seven of the traditional Judeo-Christian Ten Commandments1.
  • SCP-2211-JP-A-2: Foundation personnel staying at SCP-2211-JP who are not assigned to D-class duties, classified as "Jailers". With the development of several abnormal external characteristics2, SCP-2211-JP-A-2's body begins to exhibit a strong indestructibility within SCP-2211-JP, which renders it incapable of death/damage or feeling pain from physical factors such as containment breaches, contact with anomalies, or defiance of -A-1 instances. These anomalous properties cease to affect the personnel upon exiting SCP-2211-JP, and are reactivated upon entry.
  • SCP-2211-JP-A-3: SCP-2211-JP-A-3: All objects that are to be contained within SCP-2211-JP, classified as "Wrath of God". Sentient SCP-2211-JP-A-3 instances tend to be generally cooperative in experiments to elucidate their own nature, showing a particularly ardent willingness and sense of duty to inflict pain on -A-1 instances through such experiments.

SCP-2211-JP-B is a roll of indestructible parchment. SCP-2211-JP-B bears esoteric sigils and the signature of former Site-185 Director Roald Browning in his own blood that authorizes the outsourcing of the affairs of Hell and the administration of a portion of its territory to Site-185. The following is a partial transcription.

Our Pacts

We, as Foundation Site-185 Director and a Marquis of the Tartarean Realm, hereby authorize the mutual outsourcing of the administration and affairs of the territories we govern, and to rule by our operational capacity and authority.

Upon the execution of this agreement, the soul of Roald Browning shall immediately become the property of [Illegible string], and in exchange, [Illegible string] promises that the Foundation shall maintain the operational capacity of Site-185 forever through infernal flames.

We mutually agree that our respective territories and subjects shall be placed under the following effects.

[Omitted: Lengthy description explaining the anomalous properties of SCP-2211-JP and the definition of SCP-2211-JP-A]

At the wish of Roald Browning, [Illegible string] also authorizes to extend the scope of our agreement to other locations by writing the names of the Foundation's facilities and its representatives in the space provided below.

Finally, with these signatures of crimson blood, we firmly seal our pacts.

- Roald Barrett Browning
- [Illegible string]

Prior to the containment of SCP-2211-JP, Site-185 was known for its high rate of personnel deaths due to chronic under-allocation of D-class personnel and frequent containment breaches, and former Director Browning had received several counseling sessions with Foundation psychiatrists due to physical and mental exhaustion caused by excessive workloads.

A surveillance camera in former Director Browning's office captured the appearance of a Type I Tartarean Entity3 that closely resembled Browning when he was working alone in the midnight hours. The camera then recorded a series of events in which this entity, through conversation with Browning, lamented the manpower shortage in Hell due to the rapid increase of sinners, and the two became friendly as they share a few alcoholic beverages.


Former Director Browning (left) and the Tartarean entity (right) in friendly conversation.

Subsequently, the Tartarean entity offered Browning a contract through SCP-2211-JP-B. All recording devices indicate that SCP-2211-JP occurred shortly after the former Director's suicide with a handgun, which was executed as a quid pro quo for the contract following his agreement to it. All attempts to abrogate/revoke SCP-2211-JP-B and re-contact the Tartarean entity have failed, and the contract signed by former Director Browning is still believed to be binding to this day.

Addendum: The proposal to grant SCP-2211-JP anomalous properties to other Foundation Sites via adding them to SCP-2211-JP-B in light of its usefulness is currently pending due to the concerns listed below.

  • Minor concerns in terms of secrecy, as it is relatively difficult to hide from the general public due to its characteristics deviating from the appearance of a standard building.
  • Moderate concerns about Type-II AK class theoescatlogic hazard due to the unknown impact and threatening nature of the constant connection to Hell upon the baseline reality.
  • Significant ethical concerns that approximately 93% of the Foundation personnel would meet the requirements of SCP-2211-JP-A-1 posthumously, since most Foundation activities violate the traditional Judeo-Christian Ten Commandments.

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