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Item #: SCP-222-KO

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: On the 18th day of every solar month from 4:00 to 5:00 AM, when SCP-222-KO appears, subway lines are to close down and a trained agent is to be deployed to execute the deactivation procedure. All stations affected are to be restricted during the night of 18th under the pretext of maintenance. One agent should be assigned at each station to block civilians and report progress. If "repetition" occurred due to the failure of the deactivation, the whole line is to be shut down by force, and the resulting fires should be put out while keeping the train functioning properly.

Description: SCP-222-KO is an anomalous phenomenon which take place in the █████ Subway Line No. █ of Korea, which started after an accident on 18/██/20██. SCP-222-KO was discovered by the Foundation which monitored the accident, and the containment procedures were quickly established. When SCP-222-KO manifests, the train appears to undergo the accident again and will go off its rails. Its timeline is as follows:

  1. On ██████ Station, last stop of the Line █, a train burnt to the ground appears coming out of a blank wall at about AM 4:00, running backward. The train stops at the platform for a while, opening only the door of the first car (or the tail end, save the engine room, depending on the operating direction). Only one agent should board the train for the deactivation procedure.
  2. The train starts running toward █████ Station, the first stop, moving at half the speed of normal trains without stopping. Passage to the next car is locked. Several objects and poltergeists are found in the car, and it was observed that the internal temperature rose as time goes by.
  3. At the time the train arrives at █████████ Station, two plastic bottles with gasoline in the car sprinkle their content, and a lighter kindles a fire. At the same time passage to the next car is opened, and the poltergeist objects flock to the passage to block the way. The flames gradually spread to the front, so the deployed agent should penetrate into the fire to get to the foremost car. All trials to extinguish these flames have failed.
  4. When arriving at the foremost car, the agent should enter the engine room and insert the master key to open all doors of the train. If succeeded, the flames will exit the entrance to turn into heaps of ashes in the shape of humans. The train will arrive the first station at around AM 5:00 and stop for a brief period. When the agent gets off from the train, it immediately moves into the blanked wall and vanishes.

The rules of conduct stated above consists of the basis of the deactivation procedure. The master key for the procedure was located under a seat in the starting car during the first occurrence and was recovered during the third manifestation.

If the deactivation procedure is unsuccessful by the time the train disappears, the flames in the next manifestation intensify to make it harder to conduct the procedure. Peculiarly, it was observed that the train recovers its original appearance every time the procedure fails. When failed five times, the train for the next manifestation is found completely intact, and waits without disappearing before starting to run in accordance with the normal train schedule. The originally scheduled normal train becomes unable to operate due to an unidentifiable breakdown. The train by SCP-222-KO, which took the place of the other train, will be lit at █████████ Station to reproduce said accident. This situation is designated as a "repetition."

If a "repetition" occurs, there are great concerns not only from the primary damages by the situation itself, but also from the collateral damages when the fire spreads over the line. All agents in charge of the deactivation procedure should be well-acquainted with it, training in the simulation set. Since the train cannot embark more than one person, at least three agents should take turns to conduct the procedure.


SCP-222-KO Manifestation Log

18/██/20██ - Observed on the day of the accident. Agent █████, dispatched as a member of the investigation group, was trapped in the train and reported the situation inside via his walkie until dying by the gasoline fire.

18/██/20██ - ██ ████, a D-class personnel, was ordered to explore SCP-222-KO. He observed the events from the beginning to the ignition and attempted to move to the next car, but was trampled by the objects with poltergeists crowded in front of the passage and died by fire.

18/██/20██ - Dr. ██ ███ voluntarily presumed to be accidently boarded the train. He found the master key and pushed his way through the crowded objects, to get to the engine room and opened all the doors. Deactivation procedure was founded.

18/██/20██ – Agent ██████████ conducted the deactivation procedure.

18/██/20██ – Agent ██████████ conducted the deactivation procedure. An accident occurred, which left the agent stuck in the car, and he soon disappeared.

18/██/20██ – Agent ███████ attempted to conduct the deactivation procedure, but failed and lost his life.

18/██/20██ – Agent ███ attempted to conduct the deactivation procedure, but failed and lost his life.

18/██/20██ – Agent ██████ attempted to conduct the deactivation procedure, but failed. Presumed to be dead. [DATA EXPUNGED]

18/██/20██ - The train was found partially cleaner than before. Deactivation procedure was not conducted.

18/██/20██ - Deactivation procedure was not conducted. Poltergeists are the same as usual, but the fire didn’t spread like prior. Reclassification to Safe is pending.

18/██/20██ - The train appeared in an absolutely normal state, and was not ignited at all. The train arrived at the foremost station at around 5:00 AM, but did not vanish. Thirty minutes later, The train started to run in accordance with the ordinary train schedule, and civilians boarded the train. When arriving at ███ Station, the ignition remanifested with the poltergeists. The situation was saved by the monitoring field agents, and all witnesses were given class A amnestics.

18/██/20██ - Doctor ██ ███ is reassigned as head of the deactivation procedure. Agent █, Agent █████████, and Agent ███ are assigned to conduct the procedure.

Interview Log 222-KO-3 (Partial)

Interviewed: Dr. Ridgway - Doctor and Coroner
Interviewer: ██████
Foreword: Interview regarding the flames which turned into the human-shaped ashes.


██████: Is it alright to regard the flame itself as being a humanoid entity?

Dr. Ridgway: No. As you can see in the imagery interpretation, the flame was just a flame.

██████: Then how about the ashes?

Dr. Ridgway: I can assure you that it was human remains. Among them there was an arm, a leg, or nothing but ashes, but the analysis has made the same result every time.

██████: Tell me your opinions.

Dr. Ridgway: Considering that just few of them were found intact, it is strongly theorized that they are the corpses which were not recovered after the accident. These could be the result of that it was difficult to make out that they were even corpses.

██████: Weren’t you able to gather them?

Dr. Ridgway: No, we weren’t. We already tried that, but they burnt all boxes to contain them, whether it was plastic bag or steel frame box. We could gather them on our hands, but as soon as we try to carry them, they slipped through our fingers, as though adhering to the floor. And when the train disappeared, they also vanished… well, through the ground.

██████: Thank you.

List of Extranormal Objects found in SCP-222-KO

  • Two plastic bottles with gasoline, and one light which ignites it - All trials to extinguish the flame failed.
  • Scores of Shoes - Able to crush a person to death when the passage is unlocked.
  • Purse
  • Fire Extinguisher - Jammed
  • Backpack
  • Floating Earphones - No equipment connected. When placed on, several voices coming from different individuals are heard repeating "All passengers, please stand by in your place to prevent any confusion until extinguishing is initiated."
  • Muffler
  • Glasses - Cracks as time goes by, regardless of whether it gained a physical or chemical contact.
  • Spinning Top
  • Cane
  • Note and Pencil - Repeatedly writing only the word "Your message was sent."
  • Winter Gloves
  • Burnt Book - Its content is unintelligible.
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