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Item #: SCP-222-TH-J

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-222-TH-J is contained at Site-██. It is allowed to walk around the site under the observation of at least one staff member with security clearance level 2. SCP-222-TH-J is not allowed within a one-meter distance of any computer. If it is found within this area, it is to be brought to its containment chamber immediately. Any personnel who vexes or assaults it will face a severe rebuke or transfer to another site. If SCP-222-TH-J behaves well, it will be allowed some catnip.

Description: SCP-222-TH-J is a two-year-old lean male American shorthair cat. According to testing, SCP-222-TH-J is highly intelligent and able to understand human language. It appears to have been trained by its previous owner, though it cannot remember who it was. Despite intense observation, the Foundation found no other unusual traits other then its high intelligence. It is able to make conversation1 with researchers by typing on a laptop. It also loves catnip.

Discovery: SCP-222-TH-J was not brought in by Foundation personnel, but was sent to Site-██ in a box along with a letter saying "Dear Foundation, I'd like to place this cat under your care for a while. I hope it will give up its bad behaviours when living with you."

Addendum-222-XD: SCP-222-TH-J Event Log Sections

-Date: 02/04/20██

SCP-222-TH-J used Researcher ██████'s computer without his permission in his office while he was sleeping during the day. It also tried to insert a virus into a Mainframe Computer of Site-██ which caused the system to malfunction and was unable to unlock the security doors for two hours.

-Date: 01/06/20██

SCP-222-TH-J hacked the security system, opened the cell, and then the containment chamber door for SCP-247, allowing it to walk around the corridors, wherefore the whole site was evacuated.

-Date: 16/07/20██

SCP-222-TH-J used the smartphone of a research assistant who forgot it on a dining table and sent a porn video clip to all researchers' computers in the site which made these unusable for twenty minutes.

-Date: 30/08/20██

SCP-222-TH-J deleted all research data of Dr. ████████ and texted lots of explitives.

-Date: 20/12/20██

SCP-222-TH-J [REDACTED] and overdosing on catnip, it organized a dubstep concert in the foundation where it took the role as a DJ, which almost caused SCP-339 and SCP-███ to rampage due to too high volume.

Addendum-1: It assists many researchers' work, although many personnel complained about being annoyed by its impetuousness. Researchers who it assisted often rewarded it with some catnip. After receiving the catnip, it does not differ from a regular drug-addicted cat. A lot of personnel wanted it to assist them, however, it was of no assistance at all. Whenever a strange event takes place in Site-██, researchers often believe it is the cat's fault.

Note From Personnel:

Kyaaaaaaa! It’s very cute! Kyaaaaaaaa! - Dr. Xu

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