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Item #: SCP-2226-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2226-JP is currently contained in a soundproof, large object containment chamber. As vibrations during transport might cause SCP-2226-JP to emit noises, it is generally not moved outside from its containment chamber, and all experiments will be conducted in its containment chamber. To prevent risking exposure its anomalous properties, all experiments must be performed by D-Class Personnel equipped with earmuffs under the remote supervision of the personnel in charge. Following the experiment, all D-Class Personnel who performed the experiment or served as subjects are to be administered amnestics.

Description: SCP-2226-JP is the collective designation for 2 human cadavers (SCP-2226-JP-1, -2) that have undergone anomalous bodily modifications. Non-invasive examination has revealed SCP-2226-JP body cavities do not contain a heart, lungs, stomach, liver, intestines or body fat, leaving the body cavities completely hollow. Both subjects possess a suture mark extending from their chest to their abdomen, thus it is determined that all the organs and fat were removed through surgical means. The vocal cords are not removed but are stiff and remains in a closed state. The nostrils and anus were sewn shut, leaving only the mouth open.

For unknown reasons, SCP-2226-JP's interior is filled with air. When the abdomen area is pressed, air will flow in and out from SCP-2226-JP's interior through the vocal cords, producing a noise from SCP-2226-JP's mouth at a volume much higher than average vocalizations. This noise (SCP-2226-JP-A) has been described as a "human scream", and humans who hear SCP-2226-JP-A directly (hereafter referred as "victim'') will suffer from hallucinations which are described as intense pain and fear. Experiments have proven that wearing ear plugs or any other hearing protection equipment are able to alleviate these hallucinations to a certain extent.

Most victims are unable to specify details of the aforementioned pain and dread, but a few victims reported "pain of their body hair being plucked" and a fear towards chickens. The correlation of this is still undergoing investigation. Notably, most victims will also produce noises similar to SCP-2226-JP-A, especially victims without any hearing protection equipment.

Addendum: SCP-2226-JP was first discovered in a private residence located in a mountainous area in Miyazaki Prefecture. SCP-2226-JP-1,2 were identified as the residents, Takashi Kuroki and Kimiko Kuroki respectively. The couple had privately raised about a dozen chickens, mainly to obtain eggs and meat. However, none of the chickens could be located, and only a large amount of chicken feathers were found scattered throughout the scene. A butcher's knife stained with the couple's blood was also recovered, alongside their removed organs.

According to the neighbors' testimony, the couple had planned to slaughter some chickens the night before the object's discovery. How the couple was processed into SCP-2226-JP is currently unknown.

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