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Example of an idol representing SCP-2227-JP (a short story written in Sumerian can be seen on the chest)

Item #: SCP-2227-JP

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: It is impossible to establish containment measures against SCP-2227-JP due to their nature. Regarding the perception described below, information disguised to be consistent with modern science has been disseminated in various media.

Description: SCP-2227-JP is a collective term for Class η Ectomorphs1 that have possessed/coexisted with approximately 65% of the current human population. Although the exact processes involved in possession are unknown, they are believed to be able to use any written word as its medium2.

SCP-2227-JP bears characteristics similar to Risarar, the spirit of written words in Mesopotamian mythology3. However, it was concluded that SCP-2227-JP does not originate from a specific faith, since myths and folklore related to them existed throughout the world.

Based on the various lore, it is believed that SCP-2227-JP has coexisted with humanity since a certain time in history, presumably since the earliest period of written languages. While the traditions about SCP-2227-JP were uncorrelated and ubiquitous, they were universally described as inquisitive and friendly beings in all cultures. The information management protocol "Myosotis" intended to erase these records was completed in 1920.

SCP-2227-JP is immune to interference by normal perception and any known optical instruments, and can only be observed via the augmented Hartmann Ectomorph Imaging Device. All experiments attempting to contact SCP-2227-JP have been unsuccessful as they are not affected by any physical or spiritual intervention except for the aforementioned observation device.

SCP-2227-JP causes anomalous speech perception in the possessed individual (SCP-2227-JP-A). It has been hypothesized, although not proven, that this perception served as a critical auxiliary influence on the acquisition of written language by primitive humans.

Due to the nature of text-mediated possession and their anti-interference properties, it is practically impossible to take effective containment measures against SCP-2227-JP. No differences in language abilities between SCP-2227-JP-A and unaffected individuals are currently apparent, and given the strong mutual non-interference status, coexistence with SCP-2227-JP is not expected to have any effect on humanity.

In recent years, the number of individuals designated as SCP-2227-JP-A has been rapidly declining due to unknown factors; an estimate calculated for 2022 suggests that SCP-2227-JP will completely cease to exist within approximately 150 years.

To date, no significant activity has been demonstrated for SCP-2227-JP, and they are perceived only as anomalous phonological representations5 that are manifested when humans recognize letters.

The following is an excerpted translation of a short story inscribed on an idol from the second millennium BC which is the only surviving record of SCP-2227-JP's speech as a lore.

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