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Item #: SCP-2233-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2233-JP is considered to be self-contained due to its own information disrupting properties.

Containment attempts by administering amnestics to the individuals involved are not to be made until the background investigation of Mr. Muta is completed. As of 2020, the investigation is not expected to be completed in the near future.

Efforts are to continue to compile SCP-2233-JP timeline based on the information collected by the Foundation web crawlers and its research team.

Description: SCP-2233-JP is the lifetime of late Yoshinori Muta (August 12, 1958 - May 4, 2000). As of 2020, SCP-2233-JP is evidenced in its existence by the following facts.

  • Testimonies of 2,750 deceased and 16,356 living individuals involved.
  • 1 family register (including 1 birth registration, 11 transfer registrations, 8 marriage registrations, 3 divorce registrations and 1 death registration).
  • 1 book written by Mr. Muta.
  • 1 certificate of real estate registration, owned by Mr. Muta (now owned by the Foundation due to the absence of heirs).
  • Cremains, owned by ██████ Graveyard, Karatsu, Saga Prefecture, Japan.

Since the above facts contain numerous inconsistencies and complications, it is impossible to establish a single timeline that explains SCP-2233-JP from Mr. Muta's birth on 1958/8/12 to his death from a cerebral infarction on 2000/05/04. Investigations by the Foundation indicate that SCP-2233-JP is an accumulation of lifetimes belonging to at least 364 different timelines. In addition, SCP-2233-JP is believed to exhibit selective information concealment and disruption effects; the irrationality of the above facts, as well as the unnaturalness of related events, was not noted until the Foundation's involvement. Due to its nature, no active containment measures, including the amnesticization of those involved, are not to be implemented until a comprehensive method of identifying and isolating information regarding SCP-2233-JP is established.

SCP-2233-JP's anomalous properties were unexpectedly discovered by Agent Shibamoto, who attended Mr. Muta's funeral as a classmate of Kōyō Private High School. As Agent Shibamoto had administered Class W mnestics for SCP-███-JP containment operation in which he was assigned at the time, he was unaffected by the information disrupting effects. Mr. Muta's funeral was attended by 3,268 individuals, including 8 wives and their families, alumni from 4 high schools and 11 colleges, and colleagues from 21 corporations.

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