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Item #: SCP-226-DE

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-226-DE is to be held inside a 3 m x 3 m x 3 m security chamber made of polyethylene. At no time may there be any metallic parts within sight and contact range of SCP-226-DE1. Additionally, no anomalies consisting of metal or containing metallic components may be contained near the chamber.

The object can be served paper and colored pencils for communication and entertainment. For teaching purposes, the chamber is to be equipped with toys and picture books for preschoolers. Care should be taken to ensure that these objects are not to contain metal2.

In order for it to act, it must not be observed directly. In case of a containment breach, it suffices to send unarmed personnel to the current location of SCP-226-DE, which is able to view it. During containment, said personnel shall not wear any metal objects, nor be equipped with them.

Description: SCP-226-DE designates a plush animal that depicts a kind of cyborg-lion. It features a size of 30 cm, and its outer skin consists purely of plush material, including the areas that should depict mechanic parts. The majority of the body represents a lion, whereas the right face half3, the torso's left upper part as well as the left arm, the crotch area, and the right leg depict mechanic parts including wiring, lights and welds. It wears a small red cape made of velvet around its neck, in which the name „Knight Cuddle Steel“ has been embroidered with gold-colored yarn.

As long as it is directly observed by one or more persons, SCP-226-DE shows no discrepancies to standardized plush animals. It ignores the use of surveillance cameras or it does not recognize these as serving the purpose of observation4

When not directly observed, SCP-226-DE is capable of erecting itself, and move on its hind legs, with the gait appearing mechanical, and the speed measuring approximately 7 km/h. It is also robot-like when interacting with its environment. In this active phase, SCP-226-DE shows some degree of almost human intelligence, and behaviors as well as a strength5 that is uncommon for its size and weight. It is not able to talk or make sound for communication, though, it can communicate by painting children's drawings, and leaving them behind as messages. As soon as SCP-226-DE feels observed in any way, or notices that persons are approaching it, it immediately returns to its inactive state.

SCP-226-DE's special secondary property occurs when it comes into direct physical contact with metal, whether it is placed on or in close proximity to it when inactive or makes direct contact6 with it when active.

As soon as SCP-226-DE comes into contact with metal, it transforms it into plush or any other similar material such as terrycloth, form which toys are typically made. Small or thin metal parts, such as wires or coatings become separate fabric parts, whereas bigger and thicker metals, such as steel beams or thick metal plates, are additionally given a filling of stuffing wool typical of stuffed animals, in addition to the fabric layers. In course of this, the transformed components lose their metallic properties, and adapt those of typical plush material. Thus, firearms, for example, are becoming useless, blades soft, and cables lose their conductivity and tend to burn fast, and steel beams are unable to support their load and fold over.

So far, the effect was detected on all metals and metal alloys it was tested on, such as iron, copper, bronze, lead, aluminum, steel, silver, gold, brass, zinc, and platinum7. The time needed for a complete transformation differs depending on size and complexity of the substance to be converted. A stick pin or a copper wire, for example, can thus be almost immediately transformed, while it takes 3 minutes for a steel beam measuring 2 m in length, and 15 minutes for a standardized tank.

Normally, SCP-226-DE does not show any aggressive behavior, though, when unobserved, it moves around its chamber, and acts with the toys. Whereby it became apparent that it is talented in handling toy weapons, such as plastic swords or light wood shields. It also likes to read the picture books or is busy painting pictures. But when it senses any type of metal in its proximity, it becomes agitated and immediately approaches it8 to promptly transform it. In this state, it seems very focused and purposeful, with it trying everything to reach the respective object. In case of need also through aggressive methods. Experiments concluded that SCP-226-DE can sense metals in a 100 m perimeter around it, as long as the aerial line is not blocked or another bigger metallic objects distracts it. Why SCP-226-DE possesses this behavior is currently the subject of further research.

Discovery: On the 04/05/2019, SCP-226-DE, amongst other objects, was discovered during a raid in a factory hall by Raptor Tec. Industries in ████████████, Swizz. As the hall was stormed by MTFs, an uncooperative employee of Raptor Tec. attempted to steal the object, and escape with it, killing one MTF member with a firearm and seriously injuring three others. He ran onto the building's roof, and fled with the object in a helicopter standing thereon. The helicopter was tracked via imaging, before the former incinerated and crashed.

MTFs driving to the crash site discovered a huge accumulation of burning fabric and plush in the midst of the nearby mountain area, under which the burned leftovers of the employee were laying. SCP-226-DE was found unharmed around 50 m from the fireplace, hanging on a tree. It is theorized that SCP-226-DE came into direct contact with the helicopter's metal parts mid-flight, transforming the latter, thus bringing the helicopter down. SCP-226-DE could be secured, and was transported to the nearest site, where its anomalous properties were detected.

Documents located inside the hall concluded that SCP-226-DE was not created by Raptor Tec. Industries themselves, but was discovered and brought into the hall by an unnamed employee, where it was to be examined and modified, with the intention to utilize SCP-226-DE's anomalous properties for militaristic purposes, such as transforming the projectiles and armor of enemies into plush, thereby rendering them useless.

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