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An analog photograph of SCP-226-FR taken on the docks of [REDACTED] in 2015.

Item #: SCP-226-FR

Threat Level: Orange

Object Class: Unclassed1

Special Containment Procedures: To date, all attempts at containing SCP-226-FR have failed. Any mentions of SCP-226-FR or assaults of Foundation facilities by SCP-226-FR-02 instances must be reported to a local representative of Program O.C.T.O.P.U.S.2 so action can be taken. Captured SCP-226-FR-02 instances must be administered class Alpha amnestics before being released under increased surveillance.

Description: SCP-226-FR is a humanoid entity which takes the shape of a standard deep sea diving suit carrying an umbrella at all times. It is invisible to the eyes of individuals having any connections to the SCP Foundation. Interventions to capture the entity must be carried out with the help of cameras, which are not affected analog cameras, as SCP-226-FR's effect extends to items featuring electronic circuitry.
For any other human being, SCP-226-FR appears as is, but is never noticed by the former if they are not considered by the entity to be a target, except in certain exceptional circumstances (such as █ ███ ████████, █████ ████ ██ ███ ██ █████ ███████ ███████ ██ ██ █'███ ███ █████ ██ █ ██ █████████ ████, see Dr Pédolus' notes on this matter).

SCP-226-FR appears to travel eratically, generally near large population centers. The entity's way of locomotion is currently unknown, given the aforementioned difficulties in observing it.

However, SCP-226-FR seems to follow a specific pattern to determine its targets. Indeed, multiple common traits have been observed between the latter, including, most of the time:

  • Single
  • Socially isolated
  • Specialized in a given field (recorded fields of expertise range from chemistry to weaponry)

The manner in which SCP-226-FR becomes aware of the existence and location of its targets is as of yet unknown. Some theories exist however, hypothesizing that the Group of Interest Nemo and the Nautilus has since long managed to infiltrate the public internet, as well as many other private databases, and is using this data to guide the entity with a yet-unknown communication device.

Once SCP-226-FR has approached its target, generally in their own home, or in an isolated space without external distractions, it will commence a conversation with them as follows:3

"Hello. Do you have a moment to talk about Nemo, our Herald and Savior, and his mighty Nautilus?"

After this utterance, the target will become an SCP-226-FR-02 instance. During the transformation into SCP-226-FR-02, subjects lose their free will and begin to act with the sole purpose of bringing down the Foundation in order to serve the designs of Nemo and the Nautilus, along with other instances, using hive mind-like behavior.

From the moment the target is transformed into an SCP-226-FR-02 instance, dialogue will begin between them and the entity in 100% of known cases. Outside of the introductory sentence, which is always the same, all conversations differ, although they generally touch on the hobbies and motivations of SCP-226-FR's target, as well as Nemo and the Nautilus' objectives, and include the revelation of copious amounts of information about the Foundation (notably memetic weaponry projects or ███ ██████ ████████ ██ █████ ████████████).

From this step on, the SCP-226-FR-02 instance will converse with SCP-226-FR for a duration of one (1) to two (2) hours. After this, SCP-226-FR will leave the premises. All tailing attempts after the conversion of a target into SCP-226-FR-02 have resulted in failure. It is common for SCP-226-FR to operate in an individual's very apartment, beginning the interaction by knocking at the door.

Once SCP-226-FR has departed, the SCP-226-FR-02 instance will become aware of other SCP-226-FR-02 instances in a two thousand (2000) kilometer radius, and will attempt to join them.

Generally, most SCP-226-FR-02 instances live in isolated groups, near large population centers, in order to remain close the numerous resources necessary for their actions. Their only purpose is then to attack the Foundation, either directly or through other methods. So far, three distinct group types have been defined:

  • Alpha: teams generally comprised of former soldiers, able to attack the Foundation through direct armed exaction. These groups generally count five (5) to ten (10) people. Their total numbers are estimated to be three hundred (300) to four hundred (400) exclusively in northern Europe.
  • Beta: teams comprised of scientists, managers and logistics specialists, able to arm other groups and provide Nemo and the Nautilus with new manners of action. These teams are generally more numerous than the Alphas, given the need for coordination, and can count twelve (12) to three hundred (300) members. Their exact numbers are difficult to estimate.
  • Gamma: teams comprised of social, political and intelligence experts. They generally supervise the actions of the Alphas and Betas, in addition to participating in ████ █████ ██████████████ of the Foundation on a global scale in the anomalous world. Gammas can range from well-organized offensive teams of around fifty people to solitary individuals with a guerilla-like strategy.

The whole of these groups is presumably managed by the upper leadership of Nemo and the Nautilus4 and can act independently in a similar way to modern terrorist cells. Members can be found in all layers of society: they are therefore extremely difficult to track because of the network's versatility and ability to rapidly rescue, or cover, any given individual thanks to their centralized mind.

To date, upwards of ██████ SCP-226-FR-02 instances have been recorded and more than 3000 have already been neutralized.

An SCP-226-FR-02 instance can be neutralized if administered class Alpha amnestics. The observed relapse rate is 0%. So far, SCP-226-FR has never tried to reinfect a neutralized SCP-226-FR-02 instance. To date, all interrogation attempts on SCP-226-FR-02 have failed, including indirectly, during undercover operations aiming to approach SCP-226-FR-02 instances in a more discreet way.

They know. I still don't know how but… they know. We had three agents in the village next to the Beta camp we uncovered, and we had placed them undercover in the village's three different grocery stores. Every time, the SCP-226-FR-02 instances refused to be served by them and went to find other clerks. It's as if they were instinctively aware of who is and isn't in the Foundation. But well, coming from Nemo and the Nautilus, It doesn't surprise me. - Agent Namü on the ██/██/20██ operation

The problem is this: we know nothing about SCP-226-FR. We are unable to predict its trajectory, which makes us hardly capable of deploying an O.C.T.O.P.U.S. to its location fast enough, since we generally only have a window of one or two hours, and only the members of the Program can realistically attempt to intercept it. In addition, we got nearly nothing out of SCP-226-FR-02 instances about it. The entity could very well have much graver effects without us having the slightest idea. This is why we must, first of all, focus our efforts on the traces it leaves behind, to understand how it functions and learn more about it. Currently, we are not in a position to capture it, given the total lack of information about the entity, O.C.T.O.P.U.S. or not. Thus, please collaborate with Dr Johannes, from the Site-Aleph Archives, responsible for collecting data on SCP-226-FR. - Dr Pédolus

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