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SCP-227-FR at time of its discovery.

Item #: SCP-227-FR

Object Class: Safe

Threat Level: Green

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-227-FR must be contained within Containment Hanger 03 of Site-Kybian. Given the lengthy onset time of the anomaly's effects on test subjects (four weeks before attaining critical synchronization, followed by an indefinite period of continued testing as per Protocol 227-T), D-Class used in tests are exempt from monthly termination. A stock of ancient one (1) franc coins must be available to researchers during testing.

Description: SCP-227-FR designates a machine similar in appearance to a modified photo booth of the brand Photomaton, measuring 3.10 x 2.20 x 0.50 m and painted in black and navy blue.

Its front is equipped with two slots : a slot for one franc coins permitting a "horoscope séance" and a slot on a small receptacle which dispenses a paper containing a written message at the end of the séance.

SCP-227-FR is topped with a panel designating it a "HOROSCO-MATON" (sic) and a poster on which is written:

What future do THE STARS promise you?
Unlucky in love ? Dreams of promotion ? Discover what the future has in store for you today thanks to the revolutionary Horoscomaton® !
Because apparently your destiny is dictated by balls of hydrogen in fusion thousands of light years from you, so why not let a machine extrapolate all this to give you even more rules for how you should live your life?

The inside of SCP-227-FR is painted white and equipped with a halogen light bulb in the roof, a white adjustable stool, a black velvet curtain at the entry and a cathode screen inset in the wall across from the stool.

It should also be noted that, despite being equipped with an electrical plug, SCP-227-FR does not seem to require being plugged-in in order to function.

When any person (hereafter designated "subject") sits within the chamber after having inserted a one (1) franc coin, the screen will turn itself on and display a message asking the subject to place their hand on the screen and count to five, so that the machine can establish a "palmistry appraisal" which supposedly allows SCP-227-FR to obtain information utilized in its calculations1.

Once the subject has complied, the screen will briefly display a loading screen before showing a file containing multiple instances of specific information concerning the subject. This information is always rigorously exact and includes:

  • The date and time of the birth of the subject.
  • The geographic coordinates of the place of birth of the subject.
  • Their astrological sign.
  • Their rising sign.
  • Their dominant hand (left-handed, right-handed or ambidextrous).
  • A secret (too insignificant to be exploited by the Foundation).

Following this, the screen will prompt the subject to orally confirm the information displayed by saying "YES" or "NO". The response seems to always be taken into consideration, despite the absence of a receiver within the booth. Once the subject has confirmed the displayed information, the screen will direct the subject towards the exterior receptacle where a strip of paper with the written prediction will be output.2. Once the subject exits, the screen will turn itself off and a strip of paper will output.

The first strip of paper produced will display vague and common information relating to the subject's past. The subject will express disappointment, indifference or anger and will, in every case, experience a sensation of intense displeasure, believing themself to have fallen victim to a prank. Over the course of the week following the subject's interaction with SCP-227-FR, the subject will feel an increasing desire to reuse the booth, under the pretext of verifying if the machine is in working order or if the result remains the same. This marks the habit forming phase.

The habit forming phase lasts about twenty-five days. Each time the subject returns to use SCP-227-FR, the information output will be increasingly precise and relate to the increasingly recent past.

The habit forming phase will finish with the "critical synchronization" moment during which the machine will no no longer predict the past but instead the present.Critical synchronization will occur between the twenty-first and twenty-eighth days. The output message is invariably:

You are currently reading this paper.

Following critical synchronization, the subject's addiction to SCP-227-FR is considered incurable, and the subject will have a pathological need to try SCP-227-FR at least once per day3. This signifies the beginning of the anticipation phase.

Once the critical prediction has passed, SCP-227-FR will begin to generate legitimate predictions concerning the future of the subject. This begins with extremely specific predictions concerning the near future, in the following hours, before increasingly moving towards more general predictions concerning the increasingly distant future.

These predictions are consistently accurate. Unfortunately, the predictions concern the D-Class subjects, too useless and too vague, displaying no information relevant to the Foundation.

Problems caused by the onset addiction prevents any usage of SCP-227-FR by researcher or security personnel. Any personnel found attempting to make use of the anomaly will be amnesticized.

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