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Item #: SCP-229-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-229-KO is kept in the security room of Site-██. All personnel, including D-class, are allowed to interact with SCP-229-KO except on the 29th 28th last day of February. During this time access is limited to Foundation Researchers.

Description: SCP-229-KO is a 2001 tabletop calendar made by a company named D██, sized 20cm x 30cm. The object is made of non-anomalous paper. However, it differs from other calendars in that it has February 29th, despite 2001 not being a leap year1. The object shows March 1st, 2001, as a Thursday, despite February 29th also being a Thursday on the Gregorian calendar. The text "My birthday" is written on SCP-229-KO's column for February 29th. No other text is written on any other part of the calendar.

SCP-229-KO's anomaly manifests on the last day of February when the day changes. SCP-229-KO-A manifests on a non-leap year, and SCP-229-KO-B happens on a leap year.

SCP-229-KO-A was first found on February 28th, 2002. The subject sporadically vibrates for eight minutes, secreting 100 ml of transparent liquid. The liquid is similar to human tears in composition, with a trace amount of oil ink. Analysis revealed that the liquid is harmless to the human body. Personnel who came in contact in the duration of SCP-229-KO-A shows minor signs of depression, thinking that their birthday is February 29th which was not celebrated. This symptom disappears after March 1st, but the affected remembers the events correctly.

SCP-229-KO-B was first discovered on February 29th, 2004. The object sporadically vibrates for eight minutes, and an unpainted drawing of a piece of cake appears on the column for February 29th. The original text changes to "My favourite strawberry cake". Currently, all observed pictures that manifested during SCP-229-KO-B were drawings of sweet potato cakes on the market.

Addendum: On February 28th, 201█, SCP-229-KO-A did not occur after midnight, and the column for the 29th disappeared, replaced with the following text:

Enough. It's too much for one person.

Experiments for testing SCP-229-KO's loss of anomaly are currently being planned.

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