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Item #: SCP-233-FR

Threat Level: White o

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-233-FR must be conserved in its anti-acarid cover and kept in the n°042-2010 anomalous items containment locker in Site-Aleph. It must be secured with a padlock whose code must be changed on a two-day basis. Said code is known by the research lead only.

Personnel desirious to use SCP-223-FR must submit an authorisation request beforehand (Authorisation_223-FR form) and will receive an answer from Dr. Muse under a three (3) days period.

Any request from a personnel who already has been exposed more than eighty (80) hours to SCP-233-FR will systematically denied. In the event of another request from the same personnel, they must be considered as a stage C subject and be given amnestics.

Description: SCP-233-FR is a standard synthetic 50 x 60 cm fiber pillow. Its design and the remaining information on the label match with the product sold by ███████ until January 2008. No anomaly has been found in SCP-233-FR's fibers. No other product from the same range taken from another point of sale has shown anomalous effects. It is therefore supposed that the anomaly is specific to SCP-233-FR.

According to Agent █████'s testimony, he was given the object by F███ O█████, a close relation of G█████████ C████, known as a suspected confirmed member of the Serpent's Hand (see Recovery Log RA12-233-FR).

SCP-233-FR's effects only manifest when a person, tyjen designated as 'subject', enters in a rapid eye movement sleep phase when being in a direct physical contact with it. SCP-233-FR doesn't make any difference between the subjects who were get to sleep by artificial means (knocked unconscious or put into an artificial coma) or simply follow their normal sleep cycle.

SCP-233-FR influences the subject's sleep and some of their cognitive abilities. Risks of seeing SCP-233-FR's effects becoming permanent raise with the time of use.
There are several stages of anomalous effects that apply on the subjects, which may noticeably vary from one subject to another.

Exposure Observations
Stade A Less than twenty (20) hours of exposure No change.
Stade B Up to sixty (60) hours of exposure Subjects claim to feel well-rested. Testing actually shows a reflex improvement and a better physical condition.
Stade C Up to hundred and twenty (120) hours of exposure The subjects' excellent physical condition remain and their cognitive abilities undergo more or less important changes: the subjects show more empathy and their emotional responses often override their common sense. A notebook has been handled to the subjects to write down records of their dream experiences. The subjects show a real motivation, even obsession, to keep the experiment up. When Dr. Muse decided to exclude D-2307 and D-0813 from the experiment, they insistently asked to take it up again until they were given amnestics. D-2307 had to be brought under control by two security personnel (see Incident RI_233-FR).
Stade D Up to two hundred and fifty (250) hours of exposure The subjects experiment lucid dreams. Their tend to express their new sensitivity through artistic creation. Subjects have been observed drawing, singing and carving (with cutlery from the canteen then with modeling clan they were given for this purpose) or verbally sharing their thoughts and personal feelings. Analysis show a deterioration of their physical condition: a slight reactivity loss and muscular feeblenesses. Apparition of SCP-223-FR-01.
Stade E Up to four hundred (400) hours exposure Subjects week physical isolation from other human beings. D-2492 often spontaneously fell asleep when lacking external stimuli. Subjects display a substantial attention disorder. It is possible to hold a coherent discussion with SCP-223-FR-01 who is described as "friendly". Note: "For practical reasons, we only have two (2) stage E subjects, one of whom was lead to it using artificial means before being woken up when needed. We assume the next stage to be █████ " – Dr. Muse

SCP-233-FR-01 is the denomination for the oniric entity appearing in the dreams of stage D subjects. It is possible to converse with SCP-233-FR-01. Following the breach from à la rupture 01/17/16, SCP-233-FR-01 must be considered hostile: personnel mustn't enter in contact with it or give it any information about the Foundation's activities. Any personnel meeting SCP-223-FR-01 must immediately refer it to their site director (see Incident Report RI_233-FR-01_17/01/2016).

It is Dr. Muse who, through the diverse materials used by the subjects, discovered this character's recurrence. Even if descriptions may vary from a subject to another, the most recurring elements describe a white male between twenty-five (25) and thirty (30) years old, measuring around one meter eighty (1 m 80), quite thin, with black hair, green eyes and thick glasses.
SCP-233-FR-01 seems to match the physical description of F███ O█████, this being indirectly confirmed by Agent █████ during one of her interviews with Dr. Muse.

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