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This file is an associated document of Protocol Lightning Rod and is classified as Level 4/2337-JP Confidential. Unauthorized access is strictly prohibited.

On the Gumball, FA Director



Item #: SCP-2337-JP

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2337-JP-1 is currently contained in a standard humanoid entity containment unit at Site-990. Unauthorized entry into a 20 m radius of SCP-2337-JP-1 (its zone of influence) is not acceptable; SCP-2337-JP-1 is to be provided with necessary supplies, including food and intestinal medication, through a small elevator installed inside the unit. Its breakfast menu must include Stilton1. Any personnel entering the zone of influence are mandated to undergo decontamination treatment. All other containment arrangements are to be in accordance with standard human containment procedures.

Ten members of Mobile Task Force Psi-29 are to be stationed in the dreamspace of SCP-2337-JP-1 for surveillance purposes. A D-class personnel is to be sent into the zone of influence every three days, through whom a rotation of MTF members is to take place. The MTF members stationed in the dreamspace are responsible for securing invading Oneiric Apparitions that are determined to have erosive properties or to be non-aggressive, and directing all other aggressive entities to SCP-2337-JP-2. Approaching SCP-2337-JP-2 is not permitted due to its hazardous nature.

Description: SCP-2337-JP is the collective designation for SCP-2337-JP-1 and SCP-2337-JP-2.

SCP-2337-JP-1 is Gale McLaren, a Caucasian male, 23 years old as of 2020/09/22. SCP-2337-JP-1 has a preference for ingesting Stilton cheese, and exhibits chronic diarrhea symptoms.

SCP-2337-JP-2 is the Oneiroi of SCP-2337-JP-1, taking a form similar to a black hole and classified as a Class V Oneiric Apparition2. SCP-2337-JP-1's dreamspace is more vast than that of a typical human and contains an unknown number of Oneiric Apparitions inside. These entities become active mainly on the day SCP-2337-JP-1 consumes Stilton and primarily engage in attacks on other dream entities; some of them also attempt to attack SCP-2337-JP-2.

Addendum 1: On 2020/03/13, it was confirmed that one of the dream entity drones — developed by the Foundation Collective for scanning civilian dreamspaces — was lost. An agent of Mobile Unit Psi-6 investigated the area where the drone had been deployed and discovered a dreamspace populated by an unusually large number of Oneiric Apparitions. Despite being attacked, the agent managed to return and report this situation to Dr. Bennington. The Foundation secured and contained SCP-2337-JP-1, identified as the host of the dreamspace in question, while disseminating the cover story "Hospitalization due to gastrointestinal disorders". The personnel whose dreamspace was invaded by Oneiric Apparitions during the securing operation were subjected to decontamination procedures by the Foundation Collective.


Individuals Involved:

  • SCP-2337-JP-1
  • Dr. Mekhi Bennington (Assigned to SCP-2337-JP; member of the Foundation Collective)

Foreword: Shortly after the containment, SCP-2337-JP-1 was escorted to the interview room by Dr. Bennington, who then began to interact with SCP-2337-JP-1.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Bennington: So, when did you first start experiencing diarrhea?

SCP-2337-JP-1: About two or three years ago, I think. The last few months have been particularly awful, I've had constant diarrhea.

Dr. Bennington: I see. Do you have any idea what the cause might be?

SCP-2337-JP-1: Uh, Stilton, perhaps.

Dr. Bennington: Stilton?

SCP-2337-JP-1: Yeah. Whenever I eat Stilton, I always have a really terrible time.

Dr. Bennington: You like Stilton?

SCP-2337-JP-1: Very much. I have eaten them since I was a kid.

Dr. Bennington: Hm. It could be an allergic reaction to an excessive intake. Speaking of Stilton, by the way, do you have nightmares the day you eat it?

SCP-2337-JP-1: I do, especially in the past.

Dr. Bennington: How would you describe them?

SCP-2337-JP-1: Zombie invasions, tsunamis surging in, et cetera. The point is, I often got into unpleasant situations in my dreams.

Dr. Bennington: You said "in the past" earlier, is it different nowadays?

SCP-2337-JP-1: Actually, about five years ago, the nightmare scenario started to change.

Dr. Bennington: What kind of change?

SCP-2337-JP-1: Like, the zombies are still there, but I only have dreams where I'm eating them. The whole time I'm crying, though.

Dr. Bennington: You eat them?

SCP-2337-JP-1: Yes, I slurp and inhale zombies, tsunamis, and all sorts of other stuff. I had this thought once before that I would rather devour them than be devoured, so maybe that's why things have changed.

Dr. Bennington: I see.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-2337-JP-1 was escorted to the containment unit by Dr. Bennington, who subsequently underwent decontamination procedures.


Individuals Involved:

  • The black hole-like dream entity
  • Dr. Mekhi Bennington (Assigned to SCP-2337-JP; member of the Foundation Collective)
  • Research Assistant Jane Smith (Member of the Foundation Collective)

Foreword: Following SCP-2337-JP-1's first sleep in the containment unit, Dr. Bennington and Research Assistant Smith initiated sleep within its zone of influence and entered SCP-2337-JP-1's dreamspace as Oneiroi. Research Assistant Smith has completed Class IV memory retention training in dreamspace; the following log was reconstructed based on her recollections.

<Begin Log>

[Dr. Bennington and Assistant Smith enter SCP-2337-JP-1's dreamspace, which appears to be a recreation of cosmic space. Immediately after their entry, three zombie-like dream entities attempt to attack them. The dreamspace alteration by Dr. Bennington prevents this, keeping the dream entities from approaching them beyond a certain distance.]

[Dozens more dream entities approach them and attempt to attack. Dr. Bennington's defenses protect both of them, preventing the hostile dream entities from getting any closer than a certain point. They slowly advance and move to the center of the SCP-2337-JP-1 dreamspace.]


Extracted Image 2337-JP-003

[At the center of the dreamspace is an entity with an appearance similar to a black hole.]

Dr. Bennington: Are you Mr. Gale McLaren?

[A high-pitched noise echoes from the entity. Dr. Bennington increases his forward defenses.]

Dr. Bennington: My name is Warm Worm3. I have come to talk with you.

[The two gradually approach the entity. The high-pitched noise emanating from the entity gradually changes to a low-pitched sound, and then to a male scream. Dr. Bennington further increases his defenses.]

Dr. Bennington: Can you hear me?

[The noise from the entity completely turns into a male scream.]

Assistant Smith: I don't think we can communicate with this one.

Dr. Bennington: Well, it seems-

[Suddenly, a demonic-looking dream entity attacks them from behind. Just as Dr. Bennington strengthens his defense, the demonic entity begins to be drawn toward the black hole entity. The two researchers quickly leave the vicinity.]

Demonic entity: No, s- stop…

[The demonic entity is absorbed into the black hole entity. At this point, a face similar to SCP-2337-JP-1 emerges in the center of the black hole entity. The face slurps and masticates the demonic entity, during which it appears to be nearly vomiting several times. The two researchers are silent for a while.]

Dr. Bennington: …Let me ask you again. You are Mr. Gale McLaren, correct?

[The face at the center of the black hole entity finishes chewing and turns to the two researchers. It is weeping, and a small amount of brown liquid is leaking from its mouth; a few droplets briefly leave the entity, then approach again and adhere to its face.]

Dr. Bennington: I would like to check your wavelength4 for verification. If you'll excuse me.

[Assistant Smith approaches the black hole entity while Dr. Bennington protects her. The entity shows no signs of aggression toward Assistant Smith.]


Assistant Smith: …Wavelength verified.

Dr. Bennington: Roger that. Now, we shall take our leave.

[They exit SCP-2337-JP-1's dreamspace while Dr. Bennington maintains his defense. During this time, the dream entities show no sign of aggression.]

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Dr. Bennington and Research Assistant Smith underwent decontamination procedures. The wavelength of the black hole-like entity was 77% identical to SCP-2337-JP-1's electroencephalographic activity. Because of this, the entity was identified as the Oneiroi of SCP-2337-JP-1 and designated SCP-2337-JP-2. Notably, SCP-2337-JP-1 showed symptoms of severe diarrhea the next day.

Addendum 2: Research conducted by Dr. Bennington led to the hypothesis that SCP-2337-JP-1's dream entities become aggressive when SCP-2337-JP-1 consumes Stilton. Based on this, Dr. Bennington conducted an experiment involving D-class personnel and SCP-2337-JP-1.


Subjects: D-31116, D-31117, D-31118, SCP-2337-JP-1

Method: A pseudo-Oneiric Apparition5 is inserted into each subject's dreamspace. The subjects are then instructed to sleep under the following conditions.

  • D-31116 and D-31117 sleep in beds in the same room. D-31116 is fed Stilton before bedtime, and no individuals are allowed within a 20 m radius of them except for each other.
  • D-31118 and SCP-2337-JP-1 sleep in separate rooms. Both subjects are fed Stilton before bedtime, and no individuals are allowed within a 20 m radius of them.

Following this, the activity of the subjects' pseudo-Oneiric Apparitions is monitored through the extraction of dreamspace images by EEG measurements every 10 minutes.

Result: In the dreamspaces of the three subjects who consumed Stilton, increased activity of pseudo-Oneiric Apparition was observed. It was also confirmed that the pseudo-Oneiric Apparition inserted in D-31117 traveled from its host's dreamspace to the D-31116's dreamspace. Notably, the intensity of the pseudo-Oneiric Apparition's increased activity in the SCP-2337-JP-1's dreamspace was significantly higher than that in the other subjects.

The above and several similar experiments confirmed the following facts.

  • Oneiric Apparitions are more active in the dreamspace of the individual who consumed Stilton, which results in increased aggression toward other dream entities.
  • Oneiric Apparitions can detect the dreamspace of the individual who consumed Stilton, and tend to travel into it.

In response to this finding, the Foundation is currently conducting a Stilton retrieval operation and disseminating the cover story "High Carcinogenicity Discovered". Experiments are also underway to verify the hypothesis developed by Dr. Bennington that long-term ingestion of Stilton would enhance the properties that attract Oneiric Apparitions to dreamspace.

In light of the discovered facts and the anomalous properties of SCP-2337-JP, Dr. Bennington proposed Protocol Lightning Rod, which was subsequently approved by the Foundation Collective Supervisory Department. SCP-2337-JP was reclassified to Thaumiel class and MTF Psi-26 was tasked to enforce the protocol.


Name: Protocol Lightning Rod

Objective: Attraction and elimination of hostile Oneiric Apparitions.


  1. A Mobile Task Force composed entirely of Oneiroi is to be dispatched to SCP-2337-JP-1's dreamspace.
  2. Exploiting the Oneiric Apparitions' nature to be attracted to Stilton, SCP-2337-JP-1 is to be fed a Stilton daily to lure hostile Oneiric Apparitions into SCP-2337-JP-1's dreamspace.
  3. Among the Oneiric Apparitions invading SCP-2337-JP-1's dreamspace, non-hostile ones and those with erosive properties are to be secured by the MTF.
  4. Any hostile Oneiric Apparitions are to be directed by the MTF towards SCP-2337-JP-2, which will then eliminate them.

Since the implementation of Protocol Lightning Rod, 314 hostile Oneiric Apparitions have been eliminated as of 2020/09/22. This has drastically improved the operational efficiency of the Foundation Collective and reduced the number of personnel lost due to attacks by Oneiric Apparitions. However, the diarrhea symptoms of SCP-2337-JP-1 have further escalated.

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