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Item #.: SCP-234-DE

Object Class: Safe


SCP-234-DE from 2011.

Special Containment Procedures: To date, no measure has been found to contain SCP-234-DE, therefore all containment procedures are to focus on concealing the phenomenon's existence from the public eye. To this end, social media are to be scanned for key words relating to the anomaly, with positive matches either being censored or depicted as fictional story, if the public does not already view it as such.

Description: SCP-234-DE is a phenomenon occurring every year at Christmas Eve in exactly one household that is part of the Federal Republic of Germany. The phenomenon has so far only occurred inside financially poor households with at least one child under the age of thirteen. It expresses itself in the spontaneous manifestation of a Christmas tree in the living room of the household, which is suitable to the dimensions of the room, provided that there is not already one inside. In such cases, the existing tree will be furnished with additional and/or better Christmas ornaments. Newly appeared Christmas trees collectively consist of plastic in all cases, and possess no pointed or sharp surfaces. Objects wrapped inside gift boxes and paper are always located beneath the tree that the household's owners have wished for Christmas, though, were unable to afford due to their financial situation. It has thus far never been observed that objects were generated whose ownership or usage is illegal or harmful to the inhabitants of the household, such as weaponry, drugs, life forms, cigarettes, and combustible chemicals.

According to witness reports, SCP-234-DE solely occurs once the room is completely unobserved, which also includes monitoring via recording devices such as cameras and microphones, because of which the phenomenon's exact mechanics are so far still unknown. Changes remain until the second Christmas morning, whereupon the living room is transferred to its original state, as soon as it is once again unobserved. However, obtained objects will remain.

According to recent findings, SCP-234-DE initially occurred 1991 in Münster, North Rhine-Westphalia in the ████████ family. Ms. ████████ succumbed to cancer on the 16th of December, leaving only her husband and two children behind. The significance of these events is currently subject to further research.

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