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Image of SCP-234-KO. The file is not in JPEG format, hence no anomaly occurs.

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The external hard drive containing SCP-234-KO is to be stored in a low-risk safe-class container when not used for experiments. Foundation personnel participated in experiments regarding SCP-234-KO should not defecate or urinate one hour before the test to prevent exposure to unexpected anomalies.

Description: SCP-234-KO is an image file of a standard toilet. SCP-234-KO is formatted as a JPEG file. However, Foundation programmers reported that SCP-234-KO does not show quality loss common in typical JPEG files, and hides various complex codes which are thought to be causing the anomaly. However, the file only shows these properties when it is kept as a JPEG file and changes into a non-anomalous file when saved in different formats such as a PNG file.

SCP-234-KO's anomalous effects occur when a person who used the toilet less than 30 minutes before visually recognizes the file. The subject shows convulsions from 2 to 3 seconds and then returned, claiming that they experienced being a toilet in a house for six months. Affected subjects showed significant mental trauma. However, after recovery, the subject showed increased affinity to toilets and lower aversion to faeces. This change in the psyche is thought to be a result of the defence mechanism and self-rationalization to relieve such psychological stress.

Multiple experiments showed similarities among the anomalies experienced by different subjects affected by SCP-234-KO. Notable details include the same brand and orientation of the clutter around the toilet, the censored faces of the residents, and the fact that the residents wear and look similar in different subjects. Also, it is noted that the subject accounts are specific enough not to be treated as being a simple vision. Further investigation of the house in question is under progress.

SCP-234-KO was retrieved after a web crawler sensed a thread post containing the file in a Japanese community site, 5ch. Below is the translation of the thread post originally written in Japanese.

1 Name: YOROSI9★ 2022/09/25(SUN) 06:36:35.97 ID:S9p0lMp26
To all the anons who told me not to be a crybaby at my last post, I'm mad(`Д´)You turds should feel the pain of a turd being shoved into your body, and then you'll learn your lesson. Imma make you feel how it is read this post (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

When the Foundation, notified by the web crawler removed SCP-234-KO and replaced the file with a similar image, the thread post was removed by anomalous means without the Foundation being able to backtrack it. It is hard to estimate the damage caused by SCP-234-KO, but the Foundation did not take further actions as it considers the damage to be of minor threat to security.

Addendum: Interview log 234-05
This log is from an interview with D-158534(Female, 26 years old, physically and mentally healthy) who was part of an early experiment of SCP-234-KO. This interview showed most of SCP-234-KO's anomalies.

Dr. Aaron: D-158534, How are you feeling now?

D-158534: I was confused at first, being able to move freely again, and that I rather shit than being shat at, but I'm fine now, thank you.

Dr. Aaron: Is that so? Well, let's start the interview. First, can you describe in detail about what happened when you first knew your situation?

D-158534: I suddenly lost consciousness when I saw that toilet picture. When I got back to my senses, I needed some time… I'll phrase that again; It took only a little while for me to realize what I become. By the way, doc, do you know how it feels to have wings grow out from your back or to have six arms?

Dr. Aaron: What? Umm… No, I don't think so.

D-158534: Exactly. I can't describe how it felt like after being human again. Simply put, it felt like "not being able to move while having your jaws open with your mouth slightly full with water from your guts, but not tiresome at all." I refused to accept this situation of mine, but I had to when the time came.

Dr. Aaron: "The time"?

D-158534: I used to be a toilet in the bathroom. The time comes when a toilet has to serve its duty.

Dr. Aaron: You mean…

D-158534: Yes, I do. The door in front of me opened, and a man came in. He had some kind of emoji on his face, but I could know it was a guy from his attire and physique. Before I could even comprehend what was happening, he pulled down his pants and sat on me. Then I understood everything. I tried to scream and run away. I just cannot take in the fact that a man I have never seen is crapping into my body. But I just couldn't run away. A toilet doesn't have a mouth or legs, you know. He, not knowing how a toilet feels, started what he had to do to a toilet. How can I put it? If I describe how it feels like, it felt like him forcefully opening my gaping mouth and torso and then [REDACTED]

Dr. Aaron: No, you don't need to talk about that right now. I'd like to get some useful information from your… experience.

D-158534: (Slightly frowns) Okay… So, I stopped screaming after the dung-mixed water flowed through me to my backside. I realized to me, not a human but a toilet, had no meaning in screaming. I knew myself growing crazy, but the guy clearly said "Six months left" then. On retrospect, that one sentence was the reason that I did not lose sanity.

Dr. Aaron: Why did that sentence help you? Couldn't it be a mere soliloquy?

D-158534: I needed a thin ray of hope, feeling despair and solitude from being something else than human, in an unseen environment. The guy checking the calendar in the bathroom talking to himself sounded like him talking to me. I don't care if it was just my thoughts. It made me cling on to my humanity. First, I tried to remember who made me do my duties.

Dr. Aaron: So there was more than one person who… hmm(Brief thinking), used you?

D-158534: Yes, two males and a female. The first guy who used me was fat, but the other two had quite a body. I don't know if I can say I was disappointed, but they all had an emoji on their faces, and I didn't get to see what they looked like.

For the first month, I wished that they took a shower or washed their face, but, what do they say? "Humans animals of adaptation"? After a while, I got used to it. After all, it's normal to shit or pisses in the toilet, and no one cares if I have shit stains or if I swallow urine. It made me think it was no big deal. Well, I didn't even need to consider my human dignity.

Dr. Aaron: It must have been quite hard. I can't even imagine what that would have felt like.

D-158534: No, the duty wasn't the hardest part after some time. The hardest part was when they didn't show up as if they went on a family trip or something. No interesting news, no guy to check the calendar. It almost drove me crazy. I was so bored that watching a fly that entered the room was the only joy I could find in my life. It was so boring it makes me shiver to this day when I think of then. If a toilet can kill itself, I would have killed myself right then. You don't seem to get it. I was joking. Eh.

Dr. Aaron: Please refrain from speaking unnecessary stuff in the interview.

D-158534: I'm sorry. I got out of track. Anyways, after they returned, I started observing them in detail again. The woman went to the bathroom more than the guys. The things she mumbled looking at her phone was amusing, brightening up my day. The muscular man took a shower twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, and for me, a human female, it was quite a visual treat. But after a month or so I didn't feel anything. I'm worried that I won't be turned on if I see a naked guy.

The fat guy was quiet compared to the other two. Though he checked the calendar and said things like "A lot of time passed. Only three months left" to himself. He didn't say anything funny, and his dooty was the most smelly, but those words that he said to himself was what kept me together. I think I must have felt some kind of sympathy with the man counting the days. After some time passed, when about a month was left, I knew when they usually go to the toilet, their favourite cosmetic products, and even what they ate based on how the dung smells or looks like.

Dr. Aaron: I can't tell if it's amazing or gruesome. Did your experience affect you after being a human again?

D-158534: Well, my thoughts changed a lot. No matter how they look like, everyone has something dirty inside their bodies and when the time comes they spill them out inside the toilet. Thinking like that, I don't judge people by how they look now. Also, I thank the toilets that clean up everyone's dirty stuff without any word. I say thanks to the toilet every time I sit on one to this day. Who knows? The toilet that I was sitting on might have been craving for some words of comfort.

<End of Log>

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