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Notification from Foundation Records and Information Security Administration

The following documents are documents about the large-scale alteration phenomenon recorded by the Foundation in the first half of the 17th century, and have been preserved to date with object class changes pending from a research perspective. No new objects will be placed on the number, and the record of SCP-2351-JP will continue to be maintained as a permanent observation target.

— RAISA Director, Maria Jones

Item#: 2351-JP
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:



Everything we cannot observe is at the end of a far-reaching journey.

Special definition/2351-JP: The item is functionally accommodating, but the Foundation cannot achieve it for principle or ethical reasons. For details on the special object classes defined in SCP-2351-JP, refer to Attachment.

Special Containment Procedures: [Not Applicable]

Description: SCP-2351-JP is the Pope of Rome as of 1633 Urban VIII Roman Curia, and a general term for large-scale reality-altering events due to the collective orientation of Catholics who believe in them. The Roman Curia is still in clear conflict with the Foundation, and it is no longer considered possible to fully restore that relationship. The cause of the situation was an astronomer written in the 2nd century Claudio Putremaios's book "Almagest ”A large-scale meme pollution phenomenon consisting of 13 volumes, which led to the 16th century. Large-scale memetic pollution continues to spread, especially in Rome. The following is an excerpt of research materials on meme pollution disasters in all 13 volumes of "Almagest".

We will announce the survey results. Please note that all of the information below is a memetic decontamination and the anomaly is completely neutralized. Currently, these books are registered as Uncontainable Abnormal Articles-001-013.

All 13 volumes of "Almagest" consist of the following contents and anomalies.

  • Volume 1: Proposed by Ptolemy「Explanation of the outline of "Earth-centered theory". It should be noted that the explanation of the part related to "ecliptic" is consistently non-theoretical. , It becomes possible to interpret it as a theory established by modifying the memory of the subject due to memetic pollution. Proven by experiments with D-class personnel.

  • Volume 12: Proposal of a theory on the retrograde phenomenon of celestial bodies. This proposal is generally skeptical because of the problem that there is no discrepancy with the measurement results of the interplanetary distance. A slight tendency for memetic contamination was identified in this document.

The book "Almagest" became widespread, especially among Catholics, and became popular as a reference book for Greek astronomy. It is noteworthy that the large-scale spread of memetic contamination due to this is progressing worldwide, and it is almost impossible to deal with these events by spraying countermemes and amnestics at this stage. It has been determined. The most notable content of the effects of memetic pollution is "strong interest in the geocentric theory." Such memetic pollution spread widely to Rome at that time, and it was noteworthy that the Roman Curia and others attracted a strong interest in this cosmology because of the right to interpret the Bible. To date, the Roman Curia has claimed to be "a rational theory and interpretation for unification to prevent religious conflict," but in the Foundation's view this is St. Peter's Basilica is said to be an excuse to conceal a large-scale alteration phenomenon that seems to be ongoing.

The root cause of SCP-2351-JP is the first Pope in St. Peter's Basilica Simon Petro is believed to be in the body. The first Pope of Peter is considered a saint in Christian denominations, and because of his concentration of faith, he is currently the highest-ranked pistiphaper entity.. Pistiphage: Noun, Greek, "faith eater". It has been suggested that it is highly likely that both the deity entity has transformed into. "Almagest" is considered to be an anomalous article published from a religious point of view in order to concentrate the belief in Pope Peter, which is a collective by some organization with the same ideas as the Roman Curia in modern times. It is believed that the behavior is the cause.

Archive-Alpha: Incident "Alphard"

The earliest SCP-2351-JP observations date back to October 15██. At that time, it was in its infancy, shortly after the foundation was founded, and there was an urgent need to deal with the abnormal causes and effects that had been observed until then. Site-Zulu is a site that studies anomalous phenomena consisting of geographical problems, and among the confirmed anomalous phenomena, it pursued religious and theoretical problems in particular.

In the early days when the spread of compass made it possible to travel away from land, the Earth-centered theory that was popular at that time was Putremaios Stellar Catalog reported that there were many errors regarding the ecliptic coordinates of the planet, and researchers at Site-Zulu interviewed the publisher about the phenomenon. As a result, no anomalies were found in the stellar inventory, and paradoxically, the fact that the coordinates of the celestial sphere were "moving" irregularly was discovered. This has been proven by Site-Zulu observations. Site-Zulu, the director at the time, determined that this phenomenon was a large-scale anomalous phenomenon that was directly linked to the equilibrium between planets and the collapse of modern science. Was defined as the incident "Alphard" and a large-scale investigation into this phenomenon has begun.


Senior Researcher Nicolaus Copernicus. At that time site-belonging to Zulu

Site-The person who is said to have contributed most to the research at Zulu was the top researcher at the time, Nicolaus Copernicus. The researcher was the only supporter of the heliocentric theory at the time, and his research also used a special method based on the heliocentric theory. At that time, there were few supporters of Copernicus researcher from the religious point of view and the doctrine of the Bible, and it was found that demotion of the researcher was also being considered. At this stage, it is predicted that the meme contamination of "Almagest" had spread inside the Foundation site. As a result, the detailed definition of the yearly unit that he left behind became a major discovery that shook the Earth-centered theory at that time, and his achievements were highly evaluated for posterity.

He is also deeply involved in the elucidation of the incident "Alphard", and in the definition of "planet position", he proposed that "the radius of revolution of each planet is determined by the ratio to the radius of revolution of the earth". The establishment of the consistent system had a great influence on the incident "Alphard".

In November 15██, a large-scale collapse of space was observed at several stations in the Italian branch of the Foundation. By identifying the relative coordinates of each observatory, it was discovered that the coordinates responsible for the collapse phenomenon were St. Peter's Basilica, and in response to this, the Foundation established an internal cover story "Inspector of the Italian Branch of the Intelligence Agency". An attempt was made to negotiate directly with the Pope, who is in charge of management and operation, under the information confidentiality of. However, the negotiations were rejected by the Roman Curia's Department of Foreign Affairs, and the Foundation began an infiltration investigation as a compulsory measure.


The following, under the report of Agent Hayes, who conducted the infiltration investigation, discloses only the facts found by collation with the research results.

This information has been credibly confirmed and captured as a consistent fact.


Internal structure

First, there is some sort of space-altering entity in St. Peter's Basilica. Second, the Roman Curia has not shown any cooperation in this regard.

People's religious spiritual power is concentrated in the Crotifisso Chapel, which is located in the foreground on the right side of the nave, and if it were the "food" of the entity, it is highly possible that it would manifest itself as some kind of deity entity. expensive. And if anything exists, it definitely involves the Holy See. The Holy See will intend to keep the matter completely confidential, and it is possible that the negotiations have even increased vigilance. But the problem in this case is not there.

There is no doubt that the space collapse that occurred this time was caused by some phenomenon that sleeps here, and assuming that "faith" is involved, it can be said that the incident "Alphard" is the cause of this. Let's go. If the heliocentric theory, which has recently begun to be advocated, has shaken the current cosmology, that is, the earth-centered theory, then the point of faith is there.

The source of faith is likely to be directly linked to the support of cosmology. And the Catholic and mainly supported cosmology that the Pope worships is — — the earth-centered theory. It can be said that some anomalous phenomenon is involved in the earth-centered theory. Along with the analysis of historical materials, it is necessary to hurry to clarify the anomaly hidden in St. Peter's Basilica.

Researcher Copernicus, who has an astronomer side, wrote his research results within his foundation before his death in 1543.「About astronomical observations”. This book was published in secret in opposition to "Almagest," which had been the subject of faith and interest since that time, and it shook public opinion at that time. It is probable that the origin of the incident was directly linked to the outburst phenomenon caused by the fact that this book caused fluctuations in faith and the inability to maintain the ability to modify it, and the resulting spatial curvature phenomenon. From these known facts, it became clear that some deity entity existed in St. Peter's Basilica, and these alterations were officially registered as SCP-2351-JP. However, the object has been established as an independent state called "Vatican City", and it is said that containment is impossible in principle without the rejection of the Foundation's veil. A search order has been issued for Site-Zulu to further investigate the phenomenon.


Our experiments showed anomalies in books.

Here I sue the evil astronomer Ptolemy.


It has become clear that the book "Almagest", which was originally treated as an astronomical Bible, has been given the "mematic effect" discovered in recent years. Further research is being conducted on the first publisher of this book, but we are looking elsewhere.

The current system of the Roman Curia is under the influence of memetic pollution by Ptolemy's "Almagest". The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has no ears to listen to, and domestic investigations are in extreme distress. It can be said that the possible factor from this situation is the occurrence of a large-scale pollution disaster caused by the mematic effect. Or is even the Roman Curia cooperating with Ptolemy? Their purpose is to establish the Earth-centered theory as the only cosmology and to gather faith through the books of its origin. The existence of a deity entity in San Pietro is no longer a credible and clear fact, and it is speculated that recent incidents are alterations by that entity.

It is unclear what the alterations mean and why the Roman Curia tolerates them. Further investigation will continue.

Supplement: Secondary event Code: Prudens

The main reasons why the containment of SCP-2351-JP was not established until the first half of the 16th century were the rupture of negotiations with the Roman Curia and the purpose of maintaining the veil. One of the factors is that it is difficult to settle the situation because the identity of the publisher is unknown.The system of "Almagest" was established in the first half of the first century, and it is known that publication was started in many countries later, but the original text by Ptolemy himself, which is the basis of it, is now a group of interest ("Knowing Publishing") is presumed to be in the hands. (The identity of Knowing Publishing is largely unknown, and it is only recognized that it is an organization that manufactures books with anomalies to the public.) In the past, people involved in Knowing Publishing were "Almagest." It was found that he had been in contact with the Latin translator Trapeduntius, and several other research records showed that the manuscript of "Almagest", whose publisher was unknown, was described as "Knowing Publishing" in English. Has been confirmed. The origin of Knowing Publishing is unknown, and the purpose that caused the phenomenon is unknown. The location of the publisher and the distribution route have not been confirmed at all, and the investigation is ongoing to this day. At the same time, a large-scale contamination phenomenon caused by large-scale spraying of amnestics and countermeasures against SCP-2351-JP were implemented, but the memetic contamination of "Almagest" was not contained. "Almagest" is in the process of being registered as an abnormal item that cannot be accommodated. These phenomena are currently recorded as a secondary event Code: Prudens.

postscript: On the back cover of the manuscript of "Almagest" of unknown publisher, which was confirmed in 1588, the following text was spelled out along with the description of "Knowing Publishing".

The priests, those who have a wish for the stars, the time is full. I write down here that our mission has been fulfilled. Insights for the stars. From your dear Knowing Publishing.


Is the black moon barking?

No, the moon is still dyed in vermilion.

Archive-Beta: Incident "Second-Alphard""

5/2351-JP-A LEVEL 5/2351-JP-A
Item #: SCP-2351-JP-A

Image of St. Peter's Basilica at the time of the incident "Second-Alphard".

Special definition/2351-JP-A: It is a secondary object generated by SCP-2351-JP.

Special Containment Procedures: The function of SCP-2351-JP is still growing. There is currently no way to stop the incident "Second-Alphard".

Description: SCP-2351-JP-A is a "universe" affected by the large-scale alteration phenomenon caused by SCP-2351-JP that occurred in 1601. The structure of all the universe is reconstructed according to the cosmology that makes the earth immovable —— the earth-centered theory, and outer space is developed so as to include the spherical earth. Outer space in this state is hereafter referred to as the "celestial sphere." Currently, there are a number of contradictions in the celestial sphere reconstructed by this alteration, and it is speculated that the YK-class "vacuum collapse" scenario caused by them is in progress..The Foundation has already discovered the Higgs boson.

Note: About the incident "Second-Alphard"

In 1601, that is, ██ years after the earliest incident, a red pillar of light suddenly appeared in the square of St. Peter's Basilica, and the fume value of the site.The Foundation has come to elucidate the theory of Hume. The Foundation confirmed the phenomenon by temporarily recording Inf / Hm (unmeasurable) by. It is speculated that the people at St. Peter's Basilica at the time were exposed to the effects of the enormous increase in fume values ​​and died. This phenomenon was observed only in the Vatican City, and no signs of an incident could be confirmed at an external observation station. It is thought that this is due to the actual dilution of the surrounding area due to the temporary amplification of reality by the light pillar (for the phenomenon of invisibility of the surrounding space due to the dilution of reality, see Appendix 2351-JP.198. checking). The entity that occurred at the scene at that time was tentatively defined as SCP-2351-JP. In addition, from the testimony of the persons concerned and multiple cross-examination records described later, it is extremely likely that the entity that caused the outbreak of SCP-2351-JP is the body of the first Pope, Simon Peter. .. This fact can be predicted by the fact that Simon Peter's body has not been excavated to date and that there has been a large transfer of goods to the cathedral in the past.

Due to this large-scale incident, a phenomenon of outer space alteration occurred, and it was transformed into SCP-2351-JP-A. A motion was held by the Guardian Council on future actions to address this phenomenon.

Supervisory meeting

issue: Regarding the series of phenomena caused by SCP-2351-JP, should we declare the occurrence of the LV-Zero "rolled veil" scenario in order to curb social turmoil? If the verdict of the 12 Guardian Council members is not finalized, the verdict will be decided by an automatic vote by O5-13 ("Tiebreaker"). All members, decide with your heart.

agreement oppose Abstention

result: Motion passed

Due to the convergence of the incident, the Foundation voluntarily rejected the veil, leading to the LV-Zero "rolled veil" scenario. While government agencies acknowledged this fact, they were strongly criticized for failing to prevent the incident. The social status of the Foundation is currently in crisis, and the fact that it has been kept secret and its responsibilities are being questioned.

In addition, the Foundation has succeeded in detaining a person believed to be related to SCP-2351-JP-A, a Catholic who escaped immediately after the incident. The following is a record of the interview with the person.

subject: Vittorio-Regge

interviewer: Dr. Platov

Addendum: Mr. Regge was one of the people discovered during the incident "Second-Alphard", and his testimony revealed that he was a Catholic.

<Start recording>

Dr. Platov: Mr. Regge, let me tell you about the current state of the Vatican and what was happening at St. Peter's Basilica. You don't need to know where this is, but you should think that you don't have the right to veto.

Regge: I don't know what you're saying from earlier … I just happened to be there, I don't know anything— —

Dr. Platov: Why do "knowing nothing" humans need to be protected by miraculous techniques? Did you think you didn't notice it?

Regge: [silence]

Dr. Platov: You shouldn't underestimate the deep world. If you don't confess yourself, can you stir your brain cells and pull out your memory? Or do you want a hole in your head?

Regge: Okay, okay, please stop. I don't want to die ….. I'll tell you … [sigh] Instead, promise to keep me safe.

Dr. Platov: We call it "protection" to get into the containment cell, but is that okay?

Regge: Anything is fine, as long as you can't ask the rabbit to inquisition. —- That is a ritual to make our ideal a reality.

Dr. Platov: [In a whisper] The developed confession seems to be effective —- nothing, what is your ideal?

Regge Do you not know the cosmology we believe in?

Dr. Platov: Is it the earth-centered theory? It's a fucking theory of idiots who are fluent, but was that reality modification really meant to do that? I'm not sane.

Regge: It's a fact. Since 200 years before you started observing it, it has been growing with faith. — — Still now. I had to do that, in order to spread my faith to the world.

Dr. Platov: Faith, of course, is the Catholic doctrine you believe in?

Regge: That's right, I've been told so. —- After all, it was just a plot of the Roman Curia.

Dr. Platov: After all the papal office is involved.

Regge: Yes. If we spread the earth-centered theory to the world, and if it becomes a reality … We, the Roman people, who know the most about it, will be in an advantageous position in the world situation at once. Hopefully, it may even be possible to take control of it as a world leader, perhaps. Therefore, the current —— sun-centered theory was unnecessary.

Dr. Platov: Do you know

Regge: We also knew that there were a number of contradictions in the course of our research. And with Copernicus' recommendations, the breakthrough of our theory was decisive. And yet, the position of the theory we believe in has been jeopardized. Then what would you do? — — You just have to make a wish to the deity.

Dr. Platov: Stupid things. You know what happens if the laws of the universe collapse.

Regge: Phase transition phenomenon due to Higgs boson —- Is it vacuum collapse? It's a trivial matter. The arrival of electromagnetic waves on the earth is a long way off, and we have time to play a lot. [smile]

Dr. Platov: That dream will not decay with this.

Regge: How is it? I'm looking forward to seeing how much you can do if you lose social authority. Let's use this as a side dish for a while. [smile]

<Recording end>


Archive-Gamma: Protocol "Rubaiyat"



Assigned Site


Site Director


Research Head


Assigned MTF


Assigned Site


Site Director


Research Head


Assigned MTF


Plan preface: The foundation has fallen to the ground. Flying near the scorching sun, our wings have been burned down and we can no longer crawl. Government support has been discontinued, making it impossible to even launch large-scale protocols. — — But we are not saying that we will give up. We can act. You can speak and you can give your opinion. We must stand up as a shield to protect humanity until the end of its legs being torn, its hands torn, and its mouth torn. Speech, resist the crowd. To secure, contain and protect anomalies. Everything is for our origin.

Let's fight, until the last moment.

Plan summary: Currently, all outer space has been transformed into SCP-2351-JP-A under the influence of the incident "Second-Alphard", and its reality is collapsing due to numerous contradictions. The following is an excerpt.

  • Contradictions regarding the vibration problem of ecliptic coordinates
  • Mismatch of position information and disorder of reality due to incomplete observation of Mercury
  • Large-scale collapse of causality regarding parallax celestial size
  • Contradiction of the speed of the planet that moves the eccentric circle, circular motion contradiction of the epicycle itself
  • The collapse of reality due to the lack of accurate reality alterations regarding planetary permutations

These are the causes of reality change SCP-2351-JP is growing due to the belief of many groups, and the direction of reality change varies greatly depending on the group. As a result, it is believed that SCP-2351-JP's ability to modify reality had a certain amount of "disturbance", which was a major factor in creating the "contradiction" currently occurring in SCP-2351-JP-A. It is speculated that there is. Paradoxically, by completely dispersing these beliefs, SCP-2351-JP may lose its effectiveness, the reality alterations that are occurring, and SCP-2351-JP-A may lose its anomalous properties. It is high. This led the Foundation to raise the protrol.


Galileo Galilei Senior Researcher

Galileo Galilei, a senior researcher belonging to Site-Zulu, was selected as the representative implementer of the protocol. He has a high level of knowledge as an astronomer and is currently the Pope of Rome.、Due to his friendship with Pope Urban VIII, he was considered to be suitable for the convergence of the situation, and he was ordered to make a broad proposal for the sun-centered theory. It is believed that the large-scale dissemination of the sun-centered theory attempted to disperse the belief in the "earth-centered theory" led by "Almagest."

Researcher Galileo to date has made achievements such as the discovery of [the law of inertia and the proof of the rotation of the sun by observing sunspots, and the protocol — — that is, the sun-centered theory is expected to win.




  Secure, contain, protect.


About the Galileo Trial

1615, Roman Curia Galileo Galilei, a senior researcher, has been sued by the Ministry of Public Prosecution (formerly the Inquisition). The Foundation at the time was treated as a paranormal organization and was not legally binding, so Senior Researcher Galileo was taken in and sentenced to the first decision at the Inquisition in Rome. The following is a summary.

  • A total abandonment of the sun-centered theory and a ban on any defenses relating to it.
  • If this decision is ignored, the suit will be filed again.

This forced Site-Zulu and Researcher Galileo to atrophy their activities, and the protocol "Rubaiyat" was temporarily frozen. During that time, SCP-2351-JP-A was affected by repeated alterations by SCP-2351-JP, and the collapse of reality was steadily progressing. It is also speculated that the Roman Curia at that time was probably not worried about the danger of the actual collapse, or did not know the facts due to lack of observation technology. All offers to negotiate with the Roman Curia have been rejected to this day.

In 1630, Researcher Galileo published a commentary on the sun-centered theory without mentioning the sentence, which was published in Florence in 1632. This announcement has shaken public opinion, and it has been observed that SCP-2351-JP's reality-altering ability the fume value temporarily declined in the same year. Protocol "Rubaiyat" will continue.

In 1633, Researcher Galileo was ordered to appear again. Notably in this decision, the rationale and evidence submitted were forged and forged by the Ministry of Public Prosecution, and Researcher Galileo denied the signature. As a result, the sentence was found guilty and later Galileo was sentenced to house arrest. The Foundation performed amnestics after the trial by an infiltration agent to prevent the leakage of confidential information, and selectively erased information about the Foundation from Researcher Galileo.

The following is a heretical swearing statement allegedly made by Researcher Galileo..Galileo Galilei, excerpt from "New Science Dialogue"

I hoped that His Eminence and the devout Christians who distrusted me in this theory would dispel their strong doubts, and with sincere and sincere faith, abandoned and hated the above-mentioned mistakes and heretical teachings. Masu … and I swear that I will never express the same suspicion, either verbally or in writing.

Contrary to this fact, the statement of Researcher Galileo, which was later heard from one of the judges in charge, is as follows.

It is the sun that is immovable in the center of the world, and I reiterate my objections here and now to the inquisitor suspected of being heretical.

それでも地球は回っている。E pur si muove


About object class respecification

The Inquisition of Researcher Galileo and the court records were disseminated by the Foundation and governments. This is a retaliation against the Foundation's Roman Curia. The observation records at that time confirmed that the effects of the alteration of SCP-2351-JP-A were temporarily weakened, probably because a number of contradictions and problems were discovered and pointed out from the court records. The Roman Curia protested against this, but the papal office at that time did not have substantial power outside Italy, and criticism from each country was concentrated on this attitude.

Also by Johannes Kepler The Law of Planetary Motion, Isaac Newton's founding of classical mechanics gradually lost the determinism of the Earth-centered theory, and in the first half of the 17th century, SCP-2351-JP succeeded in achieving a perfect probability of a planetary orbital model. It turned out that the average spatial fume value of -A is recovering to the normal value. Currently, SCP-2351-JP has been atrophied to an unobservable scale, and SCP-2351-JP-A and SCP-2351-JP have been designated as Cernunnos due to their principle problems and the need for containment. I did.

We will continue to pursue abnormalities and maintain normality.

Remember, the days when the king holds all things in the universe are gone.

   Supervisory Council

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