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Item #: SCP-236-DE

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Outside of its effective period1, or any other usage during said period, SCP-236-DE is to be stored inside a standard security locker.

Usage of the object is to only occur inside a separate test chamber. There may only be one window in this room, which is directed to the site's inner courtyard.

As long as it occurs inside a given test room, personnel, especially those suffering from severe psychological stresses, is permitted to use SCP-236-DE for personal purposes with the approval of the leading scientist.

Description: SCP-236-DE is a large white ceramic cup with a height of 12 cm, a diameter of 9 cm, and a storage capacity of around 500 ml. The object does not show any unusual features, except for a light staining, chippings on the handle, and small tears that form a heart-like shape on the cup.

Outside its effective time, SCP-236-DE does not show any anomalous effects, and can be used like a standardized cup. During the time, between October's and February's end, the anomalous effects of the object activate, as soon as its being held between two hands by a subject. Once this occurs, SCP-236-DE fills with hot drinking chocolate. Examinations have shown that said liquid does not show any discrepancies from normal drinking chocolate, and is completely safe for consumption.

Tests concluded that the drinking chocolate adapts to the respective subject's preferences. Variations included some without sugar, sweetened with honey, with dark or white chocolate, with cinnamon, Christmas seasoning, chili, with apple aroma, Pumpkin Spice, with marshmallows or with cream and sugar sprinkles. For subjects unable to consume regular drinking chocolate2, the milk got replaced by a vegan alternative, like almond or oat milk. For subjects not favoring chocolate or are unable to tolerate it, hot spiced milk appears as an alternative.

Subjects holding SCP-236-DE with content in their two hands will sense a feeling of inner peace and relaxation, even when they were in a heavily stressing or psychologically extremely stressful situation shortly before. Affected subjects will emphasize the desire to look for the nearest possible window facing outside, in order to make their way to it.

Once the subject has found a window and is looking out, it will begin to snow in the viewing area of the subject, independent on the former weather situation. In clear weather, it will spontaneously be covered, strong winds will calm, and rains will transform into snow within a few seconds. This weather phenomenon only affects the subject's area of view. In case of a clear view, and therefore wider field of vision, the affected area is substantially larger than the view on the inner courtyard. Subjects taking SCP-236-DE in their hands outside will instinctively go to the nearest building featuring a window, in order to look outside from it.

During the snow fall, the subject will solely watch it, and occasionally consume sips from SCP-236-DE's drinking chocolate. Subjects will sense a feel of inner peace and calm during this time, and report from a deep, inner happiness akin to a warm embrace. Even severe depressions and other psychological illnesses are not felt during this time. Except for viewing snow, the warmth of SCP-236-DE, and the drinking chocolate's taste, the subject will not sense any external stimuli, and appears to ignore even larger disturbances.

This state lasts until the subject has consumed the whole contents of SCP-236-DE. Once SCP-236-DE has been completely emptied, the subject will awake from its trance-like state, and the weather outside will normalize within a few minutes.

Any and all attempts to hinder subjects from consuming from SCP-236-DE or interfere in any other way, have, as of yet, failed. Persons attempting to prevent the subject's consumption, will refuse to disturb the subject, even when forced to, and both electrical as well as mechanical methods which were designed to had malfunctions, preventing the latter from occurring until the phase terminates.

Subjects described the feeling they have experienced during this phase as satisfying, as if all burdens and worries have fallen from one, as if they have come to terms with themselves, filled with hope or like a lovely embrace they have have long since needed.

Following this phase, the subject will still feel this contentment it had felt during this phase for a few days, and be deeply relaxed. In addition, the object does not show any depressive, aggressive, or similar negative moods. But this effect dissipates, at the latest, after one week following consumption of SCP-236-DE's content, depending on the subject's psychological stability, whereafter the subject will return to its familiar emotional pattern.

Discovery: On the 29/12/2012, SCP-236-DE was discovered in the ████████████████ mental institution in ███████, following reports involving unusual weather phenomenons near it. Agents inserted therein found the object in one of the patient rooms. The patient who used the object most recently, suffering from severe psychosis, reported that the object the object has been passed around between inmates for years to influence the mood positively during the winter months.

The object was accommodated in a small box which has been sent with the cup to an unknown inmate in the year 2008. The box also contained a hand-written letter, seemingly stemming from the inmate's sister3

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