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Item #: SCP-237-DE

Object Class: Euclid Neutralised

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-237-DE-A and B were moved from level 4 to level 3 in site-DE17 after twelve years of containment without any negative incidents and considering their age. They are always to be contained together in an extended humanoid containment unit. Requests for furniture, entertainment media and other goods must be complied with as far as possible after verification and a discussion with SCP-237-DE-A. Both instances are allowed to move freely in the canteen and recreation area of the site on level 2, conversations with staff are permitted. In addition to the age-adapted diet, special attention should be paid to the type 2 diabetes of SCP-237-DE-B. At the moment, the anomaly can still perform blood glucose tests and insulin administration itself. SCP-237-DE-A needs assistance once a week to clean its containment cell, since 14.2.2002 this task is taken over by D-78008.

After the demise of the instances, the reclassification to neutralised status took place on 31.1.2015.

Description: Dolores S████, instance SCP-237-EN-A, is a 76-year-old woman with a height of 1.54 m and a body weight of 63 kilograms. SCP-237-DE-A is dark-skinned and has brown eyes. She is the daughter of a GI from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA, who emigrated to Germany with his family after the Second World War. According to her own statement, she is a mambo of the Nachon rite, i.e. a voodoo priestess of the Rada tradition (totality of peaceful Loa spirit beings).

Dolores' husband, Gabriel S████, listed as SCP-237-DE-B, is a 78-year-old man with a height of 1.72 m and weighs 69 kg. Before his serious illnesses, he worked as a track worker for 39 years. SCP-273-DE-B was shown to have advanced cancer of the duodenum as well as a specific form of systemic sclerosis that is still attacking his internal organs. In addition, there is age-related diabetes.

SCP-237-DE is an anomalous ritual healing process that normally takes place between the two instances mentioned above. The ritual could be directly observed and recorded twice by the SCP Foundation, but never replicated with positive results. It involves several incenses with different ingredients, prayers verbalised in English, Cajun French and even heavily distorted Latin, and a trance-like state induced by constant repetitive jerky movements and the consumption of high-proof liquor. In addition, during the ritual, the fetish is made that will later replace the missing organ. Although not observed by the Foundation in the two documented cases, but described by SCP-237-DE-A, animal sacrifice may sometimes be necessary.The whole process represents an invocation of the Rada-Loa "Papa Loko", a positively connoted entity associated with healings.

At the end of the ritual SCP-237-DE-A undergoes an ecstatic experience and in this state will massage the area on SCP-237-DE-B's upper body as well as the corresponding area of her own body until her fingers glide through the skin into the interior of the body. This reveals black, thick blood, although neither wounds nor scars remain after the procedure is completed. An analysis of the fluid showed it to be chicken blood, although no such blood was used in any ritual and Dolores S████ would not have had access to it in containment. SCP-237-DE-A first removes the affected organ from the man's body with her bare hand, while extracting the corresponding one from her own body. She then inserts this into the man's body, where it apparently immediately grows together with the tissue and begins its activity. No rejection reactions take place later.In the final step, SCP-273-DE-A places the manufactured fetish in its own upper body, where it works in an anomalous way as a surrogate of the corresponding organ. Contrary to all assumptions, the "artificial" implants do not cause inflammations or rejections, nor are they apparently subject to any signs of decay. Afterwards, the diseased body part that has become unusable is burnt to ashes in a bowl. With this SCP-237-EN-B draws the Veve1 of the loa "Papa Loko" on the corresponding part of his wife's body. The mark is then fixed like a tattoo and can no longer be washed off. This ends the ritual and SCP-237-DE-A leaves her ecstatic state.

Addendum of 13.9.2013: During an endoscopic test on SCP-237-DE-A, it was found that the fetishes in the upper body emit purple, pulsating light. The origin of the glow is unknown.

List of replaced organs and their surrogates:


This is an addendum after the demise of the two instances. The fetishes were removed and examined during the post-mortem examination of SCP-237-DE-A. They were later sent to site-DE20 for safekeeping.

The gallbladder replacement ritual was fully documented by the Foundation, with video and audio available in document IHS-INPR-1.1 following level 3 security clearance. In this case, the gall bladder, which was to be removed anyway, was replaced by Dr Soileau, a senior researcher, who volunteered for the "operation". SCP-XXX-DE-A also agreed with the procedure, explicitly referring to her Catholic religion and the corresponding readiness to sacrifice and love of one's neighbour. All materials were provided by the Foundation and reviewed beforehand.The ritual went off without a hitch and was successful. To this day, Dr Soileau lives with SCP-237-DE's gallbladder without any problems.

Affected organ Surrogate Remarks
Duodenum Snakeskin filled with coal dust Agkistrodon piscivorus (Water moccasin viper)
Liver| Turtle shell filled with sage and lavender Sternotherus carinatus (Keelback musk turtle), Salvia officinalis, Lavandula angustifolia
Gallbladder Green glass marble wrapped with red and black string n. a.
Lung, left Bottle gourd cut in half vertically, filled with cotton seed hairs Lagenaria siceraria, Gossypium barbadense

Final note on reclassification from 4.2.2015

The two instances of SCP-237-DE have irretrievably escaped Foundation control under false pretences. There is nothing more to be said about this, except that the staff found it difficult to maintain due objectivity and passivity with regard to the death of the two old people. According to Dr Soileau, death occurred at 5.31pm, both persons passed away simultaneously and gently, holding hands in death. They were cremated in accordance with their wishes. Their ashes are in an urn purchased by Dr Soileau in his office.

-Dr. Himmeroth, Dept. of Thaumaturgy, Site-DE1

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