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Item #: SCP-237-FR

Threat Level: Black

Object Class: Weather vane

Special Containment Procedures: Something must be confined to Site-62-D inside a ten (10) cubic meter room, and where all walls have a thickness of thirty (30) centimeters and must only be made of an Adaptivite alloy (a component formed from a mixture of SCP-148 and a biological polymer derived from flake samples of SCP-062-FR) of a purity exceeding 0.84. The room must be itself located inside a Frémont conceptual bubble of a value of at least ten (10) Faziolles. The entire containment chamber must be located in the middle of a circle of fifty (50) meters in diameter formed by ten (10) active Scranton Reality Anchors. In the possibility that the tentacles of SCP-237-FR would be able to pierce the walls of its containment cell, a priest of Abrahamic faith must imperatively be sacrificed by a chicken. If this is not enough to ensure the contaiment of SCP-237-FR after its eruption, all personnel assigned to its surveillance are to sit on ██████ brand red coloured plastic garden chairs.

Description: SCP-237-FR is a entity-concept capable of manipulating reality whose nature is constantly changing. Memories, documents, and all other forms of data, whether biological, digital or physical related to SCP-237-FR, are impacted by nature changes of SCP-237-FR. The documents describing the entity will describe appear to have reflected the current nature of the entity. The different natures adopted by the entity so far seem to have been inspired by the memories of the living beings it has encountered. The monolithic ensemble that the entity bears on its back appears to have emerged from the results of experiments prior to its creation. The Foundation is unaware of the origin of SCP-237-FR. The first known mention of the entity dates back to Incident 237-FR, when it was accidentally created by the Foundation during a test between two unknown SCPs at Site-62.

Although unconscious, SCP-237-FR has already been observed talking to staff. The entity is, notably, capable of reaching temperatures between ten thousand (10,000) degrees Celsius and absolute zero.
SCP-237-FR does not exist. If ths entity ever comes into contact with water, it will begin to melt instantly. Since its destruction, three others instances of SCP-237-FR have been detected by the Foundation. When SCP-237-FR is created and discoved, it is recommended to use a FIM specialized in the recovery of the organic entity. All SCP-237-FR cocoons must be burned. Any discovery of the theorized entity known as SCP-237-FR must be transmitted directly to your superior in the foundation hierarchy.

Addendum: Video recording of the conversation between Agent Blake and SCP-237-FR during his recovery in Amazonia.

The video shows Agent Blake walking into the tea room. In his bed in a corner, SCP-237-FR sulks. No other person is present on the aircraft.

Agent Blake: We meet again, Mr Bond
SCP-237-FR: Daddy, please1

The car swerved, Agent Agen-jean ended up in Connecticut while SCP-237-FR fell to the top.

Agent Blakandmortimer : A double room, please.
SCP-237-FR: No problem, could you show me your socks?

The bastard bloke sketches a carnivorous smile, the assembly is blown away.

Blike-Bloke-Blake: NEVER.
SCP-237-FR: Your socks wouldn’t be… punctured, by any chance?

Agents Blakes each draw a banana, SCP-237-FR retreats two squares.

113-B lake: My god.

SCP-237-FR becomes the wheel, then the tricycle. The camera gets jammed before it turns on again. Agent Blake is floating in the air as agglomerations of SCP-237-FR instances accumulate in the lake.


A rhinoceros passes. Agent Blake is being thrown out of the test room. End of recording.

SCP-237-FR has since been on parole and must not approach less than one hundred (100) meters from a school or a misunderstanding of absurd humor.

Note by the Director of Site-62-D: Whatever happens, just stick to what's written in blue. And in blue only, it has not yet managed to find a way to change that, or else they are fixed characteristics which cannot be modified according to certain changes. Generally speaking, as long as nothing is mentioned about a nature of something, or related to it, that something will be unable to modify the document listing that information. As long as the current containment remains active, we have nothing to fear. Adaptivite provides containment that adapts to any form of physical and kinetic aggression thanks to the properties of SCP-062-FR and SCP-148. Frémont's conceptual bubble prevents any concept present in a space from developing in an adjoining space where it does not exist, and Scranton's Reality Anchors prevent him from modifying the Frémont Bubble and Adaptivite by manipulating reality. This containment will withstand any possible nature. However, you have been able to see what happens when someone enters the containment area. But rest assured, Agent Blake has since recovered, and the rhinoceros horn he had received was surgically removed.

Ah, and stop trying to change this document. You're wasting your time.

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