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Item #: SCP-2371-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Minimum of 10 SCP-2371-JP in seed form are to be stored in plant seed storage lockers at Site-8172.

SCP-2371-JP-1 is to be stored in a low-threat object containment locker at the same site.

Description: SCP-2371-JP is a leguminous plant with characteristics similar to those of domestic cattle (scientific name: Bos taurus). SCP-2371-JP has a shoot system1 with a structure very similar to that of a bovine body, except that its body color is green. The body color is due to chlorophyll, and the body of SCP-2371-JP is constructed entirely by plant cells. Although the inside of the shoot system of SCP-2371-JP resembles the inside of a bovine body, the nervous system, vascular system, and lymphatic system do not exist, and the parts corresponding to organs other than the digestive system are not functioning including the brain and heart. In addition, even though brain waves and heartbeats have not been confirmed, SCP-2371-JP starts to have the same habits and behaviors as cows, immediately after germination on an unknown principle. Regarding the taste and texture of the SCP-2371-JP shoot system when cooked, all Class D personnel who participated in the eating experiment confirmed that “it tastes just like beef”.

SCP-2371-JP germinates from seeds that look very similar to soybean (scientific name: Glycine max). At this time, the soil in which the seeds are planted must contain a special fertilizer (hereinafter referred to as SCP-2371-JP-1). Immediately after germination, SCP-2371-JP completely detaches from the ground, and its roots degenerate as it grows. After germination, SCP-2371-JP begins to take in nutrients by eating, and grows to the same height as a normal cow by feeding on soil and water containing SCP-2371-JP-1. When the part corresponding to papillae of a fully grown SCP-2371-JP are compressed, a fluid that is identical in composition to soymilk is discharged from that part.

SCP-2371-JP is dioecious2 and can be pollinated by itself just like normal soybean. The pollinated SCP-2371-JP produces seeds in the organ corresponding to uterus in the shoot system and self-cultivates in the organ until germination, unless the seeds are removed by some external factor. SCP-2371-JP germinated in the shoot system of SCP-2371-JP is then discharged to the outside through the pathway corresponding to the birth canal. In addition, seeds that have been removed due to some external factors will germinate without problems when planted in the aforementioned soil.

SCP-2371-JP-1 is an object that looks like a brownish solid fertilizer. All component analyses of SCP-2371-JP-1 have failed so far, and it is assumed to have some kind of anomalous property that interferes with the analysis.

Addendum: SCP-2371-JP was discovered by MTF Shi-13 ("Household Search") when they detected the base of “Black-Clad Anticarnism”3.

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    Subject: Mr. Aikawa

    Interviewer: Agent Miruno (hereinafter referred to as Agt. Miruno)

    Note: Mr. Aikawa is one of the captured members of “Black-Clad Anticarnism”

    <Begin Log>

    [omitted due to insignificant content]

    Agt. Miruno: So, you all were moderates in your organization……?

    Mr. Aikawa: Yes, all the members that were remaining in that house were described as such. In fact, we were opposed to the use of animals in any of our activities.

    Agt. Miruno: I see. The only documents left in that base was about SCP-2371-JP…… you know, the ones about the cows, but was that base used exclusively for research on the cows?

    Mr. Aikawa: Originally that wasn't the case, but the other members of the team left the other day leaving us in charge of the development of “Soytaurus”4, and they took all the documents about the other projects with them. We were a dissight, probably. They were trying to save the animals at all costs, and we were picking the means.

    Agt. Miruno: They knew that the Foundation was going to detect, and used you all as pawns?

    Mr. Aikawa: …… I hate to say it outright, but I think it's natural to think that way. Oh, and “Soytaurus” are not cows, they're soybeans. It may seem trivial to you, but it's very important to us.

    Agt. Miruno: I'll use that for future reference.5 Well, what I understand so far is that, the purpose of developing soybeans is to confront carnism, is that correct?

    Mr. Aikawa: Yes, that's right. In Japan, 4,700 cows are cut up and killed everyday. If we include the cows that are exploited as daily cows, there are many cows that suffer. If “Soytaurus” can be used as a replacement for these cows, many lives can be saved.

    Agt. Miruno: I see…… We couldn't find any documents about that fertilizer, was that also taken out by the members who moved out?

    Mr. Aikawa: No, “Soytaurus” wasn't originally developed by us alone. When we were having difficulty in developing, another organization agreed with our philosophy and offered to help us, so we entrusted the project to them. The “Soytaurus” documents that were left here are also the ones up to that point. The fertilizer was purchased each time, as they were using that organization's trade secrets as their manufacturing method.

    Agt. Miruno: What is this organization?

    Mr. Aikawa: Well…… They're the organization that helped us out, so I don't want to betray them……

    Agt. Miruno: If you cooperate with us, we will be ready to improve the standard of living of you and the other members of the group while you all are in custody.

    Mr. Aikawa: (seems worried)…… I think it was, Nihon Seirui Soken. I can't remember how they wrote the kanji “Soken”.6

    [the following is omitted due to insignificant content]

    <End Log>

    Addendum: Since the testimonies of the captured members including Mr. Aikawa were common, and there were no discrepancies with the remaining documents, it is assumed that these testimonies and the involvement of GoI-8108 “Japan Organisms Improvement and Creation Laboratory” are highly probable.

Note: During the detection of Japan Organisms Improvement and Creation Laboratory by MTF Shi-13 ("Household Search") on 20██/██/██, documents presumed to be related to SCP-2371-JP and SCP-2371-JP-1, as well as similar objects presumed to be a prototype of SCP-2371-JP-1 were discovered, confirming the involvement of Japan Organisms Improvement and Creation Laboratory.

From these documents, it was also found that beef was used as the main material for SCP-2371-JP-1, in addition to common solid fertilizers. As a result of estimating the amount of beef required to create SCP-2371-JP-1 if SCP-2371-JP completely became a replacement for cattle, it was calculated that approximately 6,000 average-size cattle would be required per day.

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