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Item #: SCP-238-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-238-JP is to be contained in a lockable facility measuring 10m2 in floor area and 4m in height, with a retractable ceiling. The facility is to be constantly illuminated to render SCP-238-JP invisible. The output of the lights must be set to maximum when maintaining the inside of SCP-238-JP's containment chamber. Thermal imaging cameras near the entrance should not be left unmonitored.

Personnel interested in interviewing SCP-238-JP may dim the lights as necessary and conduct the conversation via voice chat; due to the nature of SCP-238-JP, interviews are limited to nighttime and direct contact is prohibited.

Description: SCP-238-JP is a humanoid entity that appears to be a slender female approximately 150cm in height. She is normally invisible and becomes perceptible only under the light of stars. Her visibility changes in correspondence with the percentage of stars visible in the celestial sphere. Similarly, the percentage of stars is believed to greatly affect her intelligence.

In clear weather, she appears to be a long-haired, high-teenage girl, wearing a white one-piece dress, with intelligence and communication capabilities roughly equivalent to that of a 10 year old. She maintains this state until clouds cover roughly 30% of the celestial sphere, at which point she becomes visually unclear and her intelligence begins to decline. This effect progresses without phases, and she becomes invisible when cloud cover exceeds 80% or under intense illumination. Her most clearly visible appearance is defined as the Active State, and less clearly visible is defined as the Inactive State.

SCP-238-JP has a vague intent to travel northward; she does not understand this motivation herself, suggesting that it is instinctive. This behavior is most strongly displayed when she is clearly visible, and the accuracy of her travel direction decreases with each approach to the Inactive State.

SCP-238-JP continues to exist when she is invisible. In this state she keeps walking in a completely random direction. Due to the fact that she maintains this behavior even when encountering obstacles or seemingly un-walkable terrain, her appearance in the uncontained situation seems to be restricted to a certain range.

When an individual with qualities of sexual feelings toward females visually perceives SCP-238-JP in the active state, they develop a strong obsession with her. The subject begins to wander around late at night to look for SCP-238-JP and tries to communicate with her upon encountering her. During the course of communication, most subjects eventually witness SCP-238-JP disappear for some reason. The subject becomes distraught and often attempts to commit suicide. SCP-238-JP herself is completely unaware of this effect.

SCP-238-JP first came to attention in 1990 after a series of suicides, and an investigation into the cause was initiated. Although the search efforts proved difficult due to the wide range and indeterminate nature of her activities, SCP-238-JP was successfully contained in August 2009 after the victims were secured prior to their suicides, and it was discovered that she can be detected by infrared light. It should be noted that despite nearly twenty years having elapsed since her initial containment, her appearance has not undergone any change. ██ agents responsible for her recovery were administered Class B amnestics, which proved useful as a countermeasure.

Interview Log 238JP-GC

Subject: ██████ ██████; He was exposed to the effect of SCP-238-JP prior to recovery, and was located by the Foundation on the verge of committing suicide.

Interviewer: Dr. ████

<Begin Log>

Dr. ████: When did you meet "her"?

██████: That was… on my way to my part-time job last month. The sky was pretty much cloudless after the typhoon… it was a star-filled night, and she was walking in the park.

Dr. ████: And what did you do?

██████: I impulsively went over and talked to her, I had never flirted with a girl before but… I don't know. I just wanted to be with her and I felt like I had to protect her.

Dr. ████: Protect her? From whom?

██████: Who knows? I mean, you know some girls that make you feel that way, right? For some reason I thought I should be there for her.

Dr. ████: And?

██████: I have my own life, so we weren't together all the time, I had to work at midnight and I had to leave there in time to make it. We didn't see each other every day… Yes, she was always under the stars.

Dr. ████: You eventually attempted suicide. Why?

██████: Those were good days. She was kind of… excuse my language, kind of a dim-witted girl, but she always seemed to enjoy listening to me. But one day she disappeared.

Dr. ████: She left you; at the risk of sounding blunt, you are saying that you tried to kill yourself because you were heartbroken?

██████: No, she literally disappeared. I happened to not have a part-time job that day, and we were going to walk and talk together until morning. But as the sun came up, she gradually blurred and…

Dr. ████: … And vanished?

██████: She always said, "I have a place I have to go." At first I thought she meant her job or something like I did, but then I realized that wasn't the case. I don't know exactly where she wants to go. But she still can't get there, and I have to take her there, but I can't do it, I can't do anything.

Dr. ████: … A sense of helplessness or loss?

██████: No, I've found the answer.

Dr. ████:

██████: I'll become a star, for her sextant.

<End Log, [████/██/██]>

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