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Item#: SCP-240-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-240-JP-[DATA CORRUPTED] are to be kept within separate standard insect breeding facilities at Site-81██. Regular feeding and visual observation should be performed for confirming the situation. In case that SCP-240-JP instances show any abnormal status, it should be promptly reported to the head researcher. Under no circumstances are any individuals permitted to injure SCP-240-JP instances, or allow SCP-240-JP instances to be injured.

Description: SCP-240-JP is the collective designation for 0 instances of locust that are believed to have a limited reality bending ability. Measuring an average of approximately 30-40 mm in length, SCP-240-JP instances has shown no anomalous properties while alive. The anomalous property of SCP-240-JP manifests at the time of death; when an instance of SCP-240-JP dies by external causes, it is believed to use its reality bending ability to erase the fact that it is dead for maintaining the total population. Due to its nature, observation of SCP-240-JP's reality bending ability is extremely difficult. Since containment by the Foundation, 4 instances have been terminated in testing and [DATA CORRUPTED] instances have died in an accident. Despite this, total population of SCP-240-JP is remain as 0 instances, the same number at the time of containment.

SCP-240-JP was discovered in the breeding chambers of an unauthorized building in a mountain of ████ district, ████ Prefecture, Japan. This facility is assumed to be an experimental research station of Japan Organisms Improvement and Creation Laboratory or its related organizations. While searching of the breeding chambers, the following document was found under the bookshelf.

Recovered Document:

JOICL Development Data Format#4

Project#: I-007-X05

Management Species: PURPLE - Standard Terrestrial Insect

Development Requirements: Development of an ecosystem that can avoid extinction resulting from natural disasters or invasive foreign species

Development Plan: Based on standard rice locust (O.yezoensis), the subject is to be provided a function for reversing its death due to external factors which includes accidents, predators, etc.

Development Result: Through crossbreeding of a pair of [REDACTED] instances, 0 instances of locust that have the special ability were produced. While 2 instances were terminated by work tools, total population was still 0. Following this, 2 more instances are used as a feed of other creature; locusts in the cage remain their number as 0 instances. Regardless of the cause of death (including drowning, burning and biodegrade), the number of instances is remained constant. Development is a success.

Add: 3 weeks have passed since we started breeding. The amount of locusts in cage are still 0, but something is wrong. Generally speaking, 0 is too small number for a clutch of locust. Maybe a side effect of their ability - but why didn't someone in-charge suspect it at all when writing the report? It will be another question for research.

Addendum: Currently, reclassification of SCP-240-JP to Neutralized has been considered; this document contains an apparent discrepancy. The Foundation should have secured at least 1 instance of SCP-240-JP, or the Special Containment Procedures for SCP-240-JP would not exist. Despite this, the Special Containment Procedures exist, while the SCP-240-JP instances do not. The head researcher of SCP-240-JP couldn't remember how he had been managed SCP-240-JP. From the above, it is believed that SCP-240-JP's reality bending ability was to erase the fact it was born, rather than for reversing its death.

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