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2/2422-JP LEVEL 2/2422-JP



Item #: SCP-2422-JP

Object Class: Binah

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-2422-JP-A are subject to combined protection by the Foundation's Anomalous Linguistics Department. Please contact the Department of Abnormal Linguistics for details of the measures.

Description: SCP-2422-JP is an anomalous phenomenon that occurs linguistically. SCP-2422-JP exerts a complex nine-step effect on a vocabulary (designated SCP-2422-JP-A) in which daily users are less than 0.01% of the speakers of a language .. These stages progress irreversibly, and the rate of progress seems to correlate with a decrease in awareness of SCP-2422-JP-A. The following is an overview.

Phase phenomenon
1st stage Persons who recall and utter SCP-2422-JP-A will experience hallucinations such as mold, dust, and rotting odors that do not have a source, in a state associated with SCP-2422-JP-A.
2nd stage Unless you look at SCP-2422-JP-A recorded as letters, the language speaker will not be able to recall SCP-2422-JP-A as words.
3rd stage In addition to the second stage phenomenon, the language speaker will not be able to pronounce SCP-2422-JP-A correctly.
4th stage The language speaker will not be able to utter SCP-2422-JP-A as a single word.
5th stage Due to its weak antimemetic nature, SCP-2422-JP-A recorded on recording media is less likely to attract the attention of the observer.
6th stage Any medium on which SCP-2422-JP-A is recorded is vulnerable to some form of damage such as disaster or pollution, and without proper maintenance, there is a high possibility that information regarding SCP-2422-JP-A will be lost.
7th stage It becomes difficult to correctly connect the meaning and concept of SCP-2422-JP-A with SCP-2422-JP-A, and the target branches into multiple objects.
8th stage SCP-2422-JP-A can only be recognized as a mere string of characters, except by those who have taken the appropriate countermeasures.
9th stage Concepts related to SCP-2422-JP-A disappear from the language and culture.

Currently, the Foundation Department of Anomalous Linguistics has identified 303817 words of SCP-2422-JP-A in multiple languages, of which 4121 words have progressed to the 7th and 8th stages. If SCP-2422-JP continues to occur at this rate, it poses the threat of a gradual AK-Class: End-of-the-World scenario based on the "Sapir-Whorf"1 process; in addition, it has been pointed out that many of the Foundation's ancient culture-based containment techniques and procedures can become dysfunctional.

For this reason, the Foundation has been working to revitalize the education of ancient languages and classical texts in multiple countries. Vocabularies of potential SCP-2422-JP-A instances (simply designated as Stage 0 and marked up by the Department of Anomalous Linguistics), which were created in the post-modern era and are not covered by these efforts, have been designated as "extinct languages," and the Foundation continues to attract attention to them through media features and increased exposure on social networking websites.

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