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Item #: SCP-2424-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2424-JP are to be kept in medium-risk containment chambers reinforced with anti-ontokinetic equipment.

In cooperation with law enforcement agencies and banks in the U.S., information about "heavier-than-usual counterfeit one-cent coins" is to be collected and efforts are to be made to recover the undiscovered SCP-2424-JP.

Description: SCP-2424-JP are counterfeit coins that imitate the one-cent coin circulated in the United States of America. 114 of them have been recovered. The physical properties of SCP-2424-JP are the same as those of a non-anomalous coin, but it contains lead in its center, making it about 0.5~0.8g heavier than normal. Its durability is also the same as that of normal coins, and it is possible to lose its anomalous properties by subjecting it to significant damage.

When a person (hereinafter referred to as the subject) performs a coin toss using SCP-2424-JP, the following series of limited reality bending events occur.

Tossed SCP-2424-JP stays in the air unnaturally long and is not affected by external forces until it lands. Most of them fall in about 10 seconds, but there is a large range of fluctuation depending on the trial, and its law is still unknown. In addition, SCP-2424-JP raises its surface temperature very slowly by an unknown process during its stay in the air. The temperature increase stops about one second before the fall, but the means to suppress the heat generation of SCP-2424-JP during its stay in the air is undiscovered.

When SCP-2424-JP is stationary with the face value engraved on it facing upward, the reality bending converges immediately. when SCP-2424-JP is stationary with Lincoln's portrait facing upward, a .45 ACP warhead appears 50 cm behind the head of subject and travels at an initial velocity of approximately 200 m/s toward the back of the head of subject. The bullet can be defended against by placing obstacles in advance.

Discovery: The first instance of SCP-2424-JP (SCP-2424-JP-1) was discovered on 11/16/2010, during a search of the basement of the private residence of PoI-4511 (real name: Xinhao Liu), a major member of the "Daqin Temple Ballistaoists12", a small sect of GoI "The Holy Derringer Church". The basement is believed to have once been used as a meeting place for the GoI, and the following items were recovered.

  • SCP-2424-JP-1
  • SCP-2424-JP-2〜-8
  • Document-SCP-2424-JP
  • 1922 rounds of .45 ACP cartridges, all of which were determined to be non-firing rounds based on the degree of surface damage and the results of nondestructive testing
  • 145 FP-45 handguns
  • A damaged CD player
  • A smashed CD with handwritten inscription Red Bis "Z.O.C" on the surface
  • The corpse of PoI-4511

Addendum-1: Document-SCP-2424-JP

The pilgrimage was long, but there was little to be gained. No one visits the room where I used to talk with my friends. Liberators3 and the idols, Lincoln cents, are thrown out on the desk. Perhaps it is time for me, like my friends, to be judged.

A coin spins. Spinning is heat. It cannot be allowed to stop spinning and fall to the ground and freeze. As long as the coin is spinning, the revolution will continue.

The coin is still spinning. When the coin falls, I will become a holy target and make the revolution. The sound of the hammer is still distant, but it is definitely aimed at the back of my head.

The coin is still spinning. Targeting the symbol of the United States and landing a bullet attributed to the perfect trinity of harmony, we would be considered gentiles and might not be able to be saved. Therefore, we wanted a defective gun, an accidental firing, a misfired bullet, a lucky shot, rather than perfect harmony. This is a trial to save us.
I can feel the sound of the hammer approaching.

The coin still keeps spinning. I'm happy about that. And yet, I haven't been able to sleep at all recently. Was the sound of the hammer an auditory hallucination?
No. If the coin is spinning, then the bullet has not lost its heat yet. The judgment will be rendered any day now.

There was no sign of the coin falling. I can't take my eyes off the coins spinning in the air, as if they are about to fall. There is only bread and water in the basement.

[No date]
It is still not falling.

I must have done something wrong.
I played the other Lincoln cents in the room, but they were all backwards. The liberators were all rusty and useless because they hadn't been cared for properly.
I guessed that the trajectory had deflected off me.
But then, why does the coin keep spinning?

I can't see out of my left eye for a few days. Also the other eye is hazy. Is it due to debility? I can't die.
I can hear it spinning.
I'm waiting for the hammer to fall.

[No date]
The only sound in the basement is the spinning of the coin. The spinning sound, which used to terrify me, is now my only source of support.

[No date]
I can't see
The sound is getting quieter

[No date]

PoI-4511 had committed suicide by hanging himself in the basement. Document-SCP-2424-JP was recovered from the foot of his corpse.

SCP-2424-JP-1 has been spinning in the air at the coordinates where the basement of the residence of PoI-4511 was located since its discovery until now in 2021. The movement of SCP-2424-JP-1 has been abandoned due to its anomalous property.

Addendum-2: 5/3/2037, SCP-2424-JP-1 fell to the floor of the containment chamber. The surface temperature of SCP-2424-JP-1 reached 330 degrees Celsius, and the lead in the center of the SCP-2424-JP-1 had melted and expanded, deforming SCP-2424-JP-1 to the extent that the front and back sides could not be distinguished. As a result of the test, SCP-2424-JP-1 did not show any anomalous properties.

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