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Item #: SCP-2426-JP

Object Class: Euclid


SCP-2426-JP-A during a Collision Event.

Special Containment Procedures: The area in the vicinity of SCP-2426-JP is to be constantly monitored by fixed-point surveillance cameras. When the manifestation of SCP-2426-JP-A is confirmed, the tracking agents are to monitor its activities until its disappearance.

After the disappearance of SCP-2426-JP-A, the research team is to investigate the environment surrounding SCP-2426-JP and cross-check any changes with previous records.

Description: SCP-2426-JP is a crossroad and its surrounding environment located in ████████, █████, ████████ Prefecture. The width of SCP-2426-JP is narrower than that of a standard road and is not suitable for vehicular traffic. In addition, the visibility of the surrounding area is limited due to a concrete block wall of approximately two meters in height installed at the location. Record examination has revealed that SCP-2426-JP has never been restructured since it was paved in 1968 as part of the national infrastructure development efforts. Despite this fact, the asphalt comprising SCP-2426-JP appears to have retained sufficient durability.

The anomalous properties of SCP-2426-JP are triggered when a human being (hereinafter referred to as the "subject") approaches the crossroad with no other pedestrians within a 100m circumference from the center of it. Only individuals who do not have a romantic or marital relationship at the time of approach are eligible to be the subject. In addition, the subject is required to enter the crossroad at a speed of at least 15 km/h.

When the subject approaches a crossroad at a speed of 15 km/h or higher, a humanoid entity with gender and appearance appropriate for the subject's sexual orientation (hereinafter referred to as "SCP-2426-JP-A") manifests beyond the corner where the subject's blind spot is, and a Collision Event with the subject is initiated. The Collision Event proceeds in accordance with the following steps — notably, the subject is never injured by this event.

Steps Details of the event
1 SCP-2426-JP-A manifests.
2 SCP-2426-JP-A approaches the crossroad.
3 The subject and SCP-2426-JP-A enter the crossroad simultaneously, and collide.
4 The two stare at each other.
5 The subject introduces themselves to SCP-2426-JP-A, and expresses their wish to continue to interact with it in the future.
6 SCP-2426-JP-A readily agrees to the subject's request and exchanges contact information.
7 The two leave the scene.

SCP-2426-JP-A does not disappear after the end of the Collision Event, and continues to live a life similar to that of ordinary Japanese citizens1. Although the Foundation has interviewed SCP-2426-JP-A, no information regarding its origin or factors behind its manifestation has been successfully obtained. Notably, personality analysis through behavioral observation and interviews have confirmed that SCP-2426-JP-A tends to have a strong desire for self-improvement2.

The subject under the influence of SCP-2426-JP repeatedly interacts with SCP-2426-JP-A on a continuous basis, and eventually begins to save up assets under a strong desire to marry it. In the final phase of SCP-2426-JP anomaly, a Proposal Event is initiated when a certain amount of assets proportional to the subject's standard of living are accumulated. While the process of the Proposal Event is not consistent as it depends on the subject's preferences, it is common in that the subject proposes marriage to SCP-2426-JP-A, and then SCP-2426-JP-A accepts it. After the event, SCP-2426-JP-A disappears from the scene immediately after it leaves the subject's sight. At this point, all assets owned by the subject disappear along with SCP-2426-JP-A.


A subject after a Proposal Event.

Currently, a project to determine the whereabouts of assets that disappeared due to the effects of SCP-2426-JP is underway.

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