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Item #: SCP-243-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Only personnel who have passed the psychological test will be allowed to enter the room containing SCP-243-JP. This is because it was determined that inadvertent contact with SCP-243-JP-1 could trigger a CK-Class Restructuring event following the result of Experiment 243-JP-D. Please refer to the section on Experiment 243-JP-D for details.

Description: SCP-243-JP is a push-button telephone like no other from any existing manufacturer; it requires no power source or connection to a telephone line to use. Any attempts to destroy SCP-243-JP have been unsuccessful.

SCP-243-JP was initially kept as Anomalous Item, "an unbreakable but originally broken phone". However, after it was revealed that it could sometimes make calls, though the conditions were unknown, it became the subject of the Foundation's experiments.

SCP-243-JP is normally in an inactive state, in which case it reacts just like a push-button telephone that has been unplugged. However, SCP-243-JP is activated when the handset is lifted by the person whose life was saved by someone in the past. When SCP-243-JP is active, the person can talk with someone who somehow saved the life of the person who lifted up the handset (hereinafter referred to as SCP-243-JP-1) for 5 minutes only. It is unclear what makes SCP-243-JP select SCP-243-JP-1 as the person who saved the user's life. It is not necessary to press a number to make a call using SCP-243-JP, and even if you do, it will not cause any reaction. SCP-243-JP will be inactive by putting the handset back on the hook, even if it is within 5 minutes.

Experiment 243-JP-A
Date: 19██/██/██
Subject: D-0071
Result: A person claiming to be ████████ answers. (During this experiment, he was classified as SCP-243-JP-1-A) He claimed to have received a call on his cell phone. He said that he did not know D-0071, and hung up unilaterally because he was "busy". Later investigation revealed that the person named ████████ was real and that he was the doctor who had operated on D-0071 when D-0071 was involved in a fatal car accident before. As a precaution, an agent later found SCP-243-JP-1-A and administered a C-class amnestic on him.

Experiment 243-JP-C
Date: 19██/██/██
Subject: D-0081
Result: A person claiming to be ███████ answers. (During this experiment, he was classified as SCP-243-JP-1-C) He claims that a nearby pay phone rang and he "just picked it up". D-0081 reported that his name sounds familiar. D-0081 reported that SCP-243-JP-1-C was a lifesaver and that D-0081 had been rescued by SCP-243-JP-1-C when he drowned in the ocean during his childhood. At this point, the characteristic of SCP-243-JP became clear. At a later date, an agent found SCP-243-JP-1-C and administered a C-class amnestic on him.

Experiment 243-JP-D
Date: 20██/██/██
Subject: Agent █████(Her life was saved by a firefighter named ██████ when a fire broke out in her home 15 years ago. That firefighter died from burns he suffered while rescuing Agent █████.)

"This is an experiment in which SCP-243-JP-1 is deceased. We can assume that SCP-243-JP will not be active in this experiment"— Dr. ████████

Result: A person claiming to be ██████ answers. (During this experiment, he was classified as SCP-243-JP-1-D) He claimed that the call came from an emergency line at the fire station where he works. When Agent █████ asked him for the date, he replied that it is 19██/██/██. That date was the date he had rescued Agent █████ from the fire. At this point, the other agents fearing a CK-Class Restructuring Scenario by altering the past asked Agent █████ to hang up the phone. But she ignored them and told SCP-243-JP-1-D that he would end up losing his life in a fire few hours later by saving a girl named █████. At that point, another agent nearby made it inactive by taking the handset away from her and putting it back on the hook. As a result, CK-Class Restructuring event did not occur, but in light of her indiscretion, Agent █████ was relegated to a front company of the Foundation, and Dr. ████████ who was in charge of the experiment was transferred to Storage Site-██.

Addendum 243-JP-1 Excerpt from the journal of an agent who witnessed Experiment 243-JP-D

When that call connected to "the past", we were all in an uproar. It was something that neither Dr. ████████ nor we had expected. To avoid altering the past, we told Agent █████ to hang up the phone, but she ignored us. I quickly pressed the hook of the phone with my finger, but the phone did not hang up. Then, 3 agents nearby tried to take the handset from her. But before they could take it away, she told the firefighter that saving her would cost him his life.
I understand the desire to save the life of one's lifesaver. But she shouldn't have gone through with it. I managed to snatch the handset and put it back on the hook while Agent █████ was being held by the other 3 agents. That made SCP-243-JP inactive, but everyone there went pale. That is because they all knew that if someone who was supposed to be dead survived, the CK class was inevitable. After the phone hang up, there was silence in the lab as we all waited for the "restructuring" to happen. 1 or 2 minutes passed, and after 5 minutes passed without any incidents, we realized that "restructuring" apparently did not happen, although we did not know why. Agent █████ was taken away by the armed guards, and Dr. ████████ was called over using the announcement from his boss. Before she was taken away, Agent █████ said "I remember now. When he was helping me out, he said 'It's all right, █████'. At that moment, I thought to myself, 'How does he know my name?'"
I still think about that time and that firefighter. The firefighter knew the fate that awaited him, but he jumped into the fire to save the girl. I wondered how much courage it took to do that.

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