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This user's manual may contain unnecessary information, and lack several other information. This is not intentional. If you have any questions after reading the manual, please contact the Department of Miscommunications.

— Dr. Seto, DoMC Japanese Branch

Model Number: SCP-2434-JP

Category: Kettle


Model Number SCP-2434-JP

Description: Model Number SCP-2434-JP is a kettle of unknown origin and composition.

A kettle is used not only to boil water, but also to simply transport fluids. It can also serve as a humidifier by filling it with water and leaving it in a room. However, a kettle is not meant to be treated as a blunt weapon, an interior decorative furniture, or a filling material in a container.

⚠️Handling Precautions⚠️

  • It is currently in use in Site-8154 cafeteria kitchen.
  • Contact with the surface during use may cause burns.
  • After using the product, wash it with a sponge soaked in neutral detergent, and then wipe off the moisture well before drying.
  • Please read the user's manual carefully before using this product. Do not damage the manual; keep it in a safe place with the product for future reference.
  • If you believe that any changes to the manual are required, please contact the Department of Miscommunications.
  • Use of the product for purposes other than its intended usage will cause unpredictable harm to the user.

Examples of Previous Accidents:

Example #1

User: Housewife in her 20s

Details of Accident: Facial burns

Cause of Accident: Usage as a blunt weapon

Example #2

User: Researcher in her 30s

Details of Accident: Loss of knowledge about the Object Class from 5 personnel, including the user

Cause of Accident: Application of the Object Class

Example #3

User: Researcher in his 30s

Details of Accident: Broken fingers (twice)

Cause of Accident: Component analysis using a file (twice)

Example #4

User: Researcher in his 30s

Details of Accident: Loss of 80 reports in the Foundation Records and Information Security Administration (RAISA) database

Cause of Accident: Inappropriate explanation

Example #5

User: D-Class personnel in her 20s

Details of Accident: Damage to Site-8154 due to the explosions of multiple devices used, and 12 injuries (only the user is deceased)

Cause of Accident: Attempt of measurement using various devices, which include Kant Counter and weighing scale

Example #6

User: N/A

Details of Accident: Damage to the containment locker due to raids by multiple Groups of Interest (3 times, every other day)

Cause of Accident: Prolonged storage in the containment locker (3 times)

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