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Item #: SCP-2455-JP (Temporary designation)

Object Class: Dagdagiel

Special Containment Procedures: Not devised.

Description: SCP-2455-JP is an antimemetic entity of unknown origin located at Site-19. All life forms are unable to perceive, recognize or retain memories of SCP-2455-JP’s presence, activities and traces.

The exception to this is during a life form’s sleep. Only during the unconsciousness period of sleep, that is to say, while dreaming, can someone remember SCP-2455-JP’s presence and activity to a certain degree. Because of this, this document is defined by the dreams of the author, myself, Ana Galway, Foundation Junior Researcher (Staff ID: 017281).

The detailed mechanisms by which the antimemetic effect of SCP-2455-JP are negated during sleep are unclear, as the author of this document has no knowledge in brain science or antimemetics, although the author guesses that the memory sorting process in brain activity during sleep might have something to do with it.

No one at Site-19 is able to recognize SCP-2455-JP while awake, but the author of this document has verified through dreams that the following entity is observed (And then immediately forgotten):

  • Body structure and composition generally similar to humans (judging superficially), except for abnormally long limbs and developed cranium.
  • Whole body has slimy skin and is almost completely devoid of pigment, fully lacking body hair.
  • Large, black eyes, with no pupil or sclera identified. As it’s always looking at the observer, it can be assumed it’s not blind.
  • Often faces the observer, mouth opening over four times as much as the standard human being. It makes fun of me.

SCP-2455-JP mainly engages in ritualistic murders and cannibalistic acts within Site-19. Based on activity cycles, SCP-2455-JP’s deeds are not for the sake of meals, but they appear to be simply for the sake of entertainment. SCP-2455-JP appears to have a preference for live crucifixion, burning to death, skewering, chemical liquefaction and skinning, and its victims are comprised of Site-19 staff members and the general public residing near the site. Bob the mood maker, Teresa who was better than everyone else, Karen who had just gotten married, John who always worried about me, and so many other innocent people who I don’t even know.

The current victim seems to be fully aware of SCP-2455-JP and its actions. This could be proof of SCP-2455-JP being able to control its own antimemetic effects, using them exclusively to make its victim scream in a way that will always remain in their brains.

People around the victim cannot recognize SCP-2455-JP’s acts while awake, and the victim’s existence is erased without contradictions in their memory. But the memories of SCP-2455-JP’s acts remembered during dreams are recognized as unrelated nightmares with nothing to do with reality, as the majority of people are unconscious while dreaming, making them not pay it any attention. This excludes the author of this document for reasons explained below.

Addendum 1: The author of this document is currently the only person aware of SCP-2455-JP’s existence. The author has been an active lucid dreamer1 since childhood, and believes this constitution allows them to maintain continuous consciousness during sleeping hours as well as awake hours, allowing them to remember SCP-2455-JP. This indicates that the author is the only one who can presently deal with SCP-2455-JP.

Below is a list of attempts at containing and neutralizing SCP-2455-JP devised so far, and their status.

Common knowledge: Author of this document attempts to make others aware of SCP-2455-JP’s existence. This includes the following:

  • Reporting current situation and requesting aid from other sites, Foundation’s System Communication Center and Containment Breach Integration Office. [Failure] (Both failed due to SCP-2455-JP’s abnormality)
  • Developing technology capable of easily recognizing SCP-2455-JP. [Ongoing] (The Foundation does not possess effective technology nor a special division dedicated to antimemes, and it would be too difficult for the author to develop them independently using only the author’s technical expertise2.
  • Train all Site-19 personnel in lucid dreaming. [Pending] (It takes too much time. It’ll notice what I’m doing.)

Dismantling: Attempting to neutralize SCP-2455-JP using conventional and paranormal weapons.

  • [Pending](The most serious problem is that , while awake, the author of this document cannot recognize SCP-2455-JP, and thus cannot determine their accurate position. Activation of Site-19’s failsafe3 is not a worthwhile risk to neutralize SCP-2455-JP, as it has appeared outside of Site-19 before.

Defence: Attempting to protect and preserve the author of this document. Especifically, the following measures have been taken:

  • Whenever possible, excepting professional duties, the author will take onto a self-defense position, stationing themselves in an isolated space, barricading their own room, in the belief that it can’t be accessed by SCP-2455-JP. [Ongoing] (The author is the only staff member able to recognize SCP-2455-JP. The loss of the author is considered to be a great loss to the Foundation.)

Just shivering in the corner of a secluded room. I must protect everyone from that thing, but I can’t do it. I can’t do anything.

Forgetting: Attempting to objectively neutralize SCP-2455-JP. Everything will be as if nothing had ever happened.

  • Remove the author of this document’s ability to lucid dream.
  • Overdosing on amnestics to destroy the author’s ability to retain memories.
  • Self-termination.

[Dismissal] Not worth considering. As part of the Foundation, the author must continue to attempt containment. Are you sure about that?

Addendum 2: An objective psychological analysis has determined that the author of this document is in a mild depressive state. This is thought to be caused by the strong pressure that comes with the responsibility of being the only staff member in charge of SCP-2455-JP, the mental anguish of repeatedly watching the deaths of co-workers inside dreams, and the fear of their own death, with the following care being taken independently, fearing it’d delay action on SCP-2455-JP otherwise:

  • Taking tranquilizers (Unrestricted)
  • Practicing mental training offered to Foundation staff (Subjectivity filtering discrimination). This is an effective method of killing off one’s feelings for the sake of calm judgement.
  • Reading the following text posted in my room (Drafted in the early days of SCP-2455-JP’s discovery) every morning.

This is a memo for me. In order to not forget how I feel now and how to confront SCP-2455-JP, I’ll keep it in a place where I can see it as soon as I wake up.

I first noticed it when I witnessed it tear Bob off with a hook hanging from the ceiling as if this was a butcher’s shop. The place was an office and I thought it was some sort of nightmare because I literally saw it while dreaming. But then I woke up and I realized it wasn’t a nightmare. In a short period, I’ve seen this scene countless times.

To this day no one’s noticed its crimes. I have the responsibility to face it all on my own. Because I’m the only one who can. I’m the only one. There’s no need nor reason to do that.

Sometimes I wonder if it has noticed me, and sometimes I think it’s letting me stumble around for fun. If that’s the case, then it’s my chance. If it’s looking down on me, it means I still have time. I don’t know if I’ve tried everything I should do. Luckily, all that could be tried has been done. And nothing has changed.

Or worse, I imagine otherwise. It may be my delusion, and he truly doesn’t exist. An hallucination of my own making… That’d be more believable than a monster I can only see in my dreams. That’d be so much easier to talk about; get psychological treatment for it. The counselors at the Foundation are excellent.

But the anguish over the many people who’ve been sacrificed negates such foolish thoughts.

Bob’s body still hangs from that hook (A massive amount of flies have swarmed around him, but I’m too short to get them off). Teresa’s left eye must still be inside Chamber 14 (It scattered her entrails over such a big area). I could never find Karen’s ring (Must have melted in hydrochloric acid just like the rest of her body).

John was burned alive for worrying about me. Only when I get tired of it, it kills people who are worried about my condition. It feels that way, anyhow (Ever since John, I try to avoid gathering the attention of other staff as much as possible regarding my unnatural behavior around it).

The truth is that many more people must have been sacrificed, but its abnormality has made us forget their names.

I must avenge their deaths.

As a Foundation employee, I must protect everybody's tranquil lives. But who’s gonna protect me? For the sake of stopping it from doing whatever he likes, I’ll continue to struggle, fighting alone in this dark. I have to do this. I’m tired of struggling.

I cannot give up. I must make sure SCP-2455-JP is successfully contained.

I’m so tired

The author of this document’s attempts at containing SCP-2455-JP are presently ongoing.

Someone, please help me

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