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Inside SCP-2459-JP

Item #: SCP-2459-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2459-JP is to be contained in the low-threat item locker at Site-8122. Heating experiments using the object is to be conducted only after obtaining permission from the Ethics Committee.



Description: SCP-2459-JP is a National microwave oven NE-EH22 that has deteriorated over time. There is no difference in the structure or material from the distributed products, but the words "for food education" written in permanent marker on the bottom can be seen.

If an item originating from a single organism is placed in SCP-2459-JP and heated at maximum power for 15 minutes, an entity with an appearance similar to that of the organism used as the material (SCP-2459-JP-1) will manifest inside SCP-2459-JP. The existence of SCP-2459-JP-1 has only been confirmed through the viewfinder, and only items that do not differ from those heated by normal means will remain when the heating is completed. If the door is opened before the end of heating, or if the dial is controlled after the start of heating, SCP-2459-JP-1 and the items inside will disappear.

There are no confirmed cases in which SCP-2459-JP-1 has clearly responded to external stimuli. It is speculated that this inability to communicate is due to the fact that SCP-2459-JP-1 is confused and weakened by the high temperature environment inside, in addition to the sound being blocked by the door.

Heating Experiment Examples
Items Placed Inside SCP-2459-JP-1 Action
dried horse mackerel 1 horse mackerel Initially jumped around actively, but gradually subsided and continued to show vital signs despite the raptured eyeballs and burning dorsal fin
300g pork ribs 1 pig, about 10cm long, with physical characteristics identical to those of the individual processed into the item Observed repeatedly rushing toward the viewfinder and violently lashing out; had severe inflammation on its body surface and continued to show vital signs despite the deterioration of its face and forearms
same as above same as above There was no physical damage at the time of manifestation, but there was more severe breakdown than before, and ceased activity at an earlier stage; vital signs continued in the same manner

SCP-2459-JP-1 appears with a volume size that generally matches the items placed inside. Currently, there are no cases of SCP-2459-JP-1 manifestation by heating the objects made out of alive organisms and reheating the objects that have been heated once.

Addendum: SCP-2459-JP is an object that was found in the house of the suspect Mr. ██ Tsukuda during the investigation of the pension fraud case that occurred in ██ city, Hyogo Prefecture. Mr. ██ stubbornly insisted that his father was still alive, and his wife and 4 acquaintances who lived with him put up a fierce resistance to the investigation, but they were all found the next day surrounding the object, having committed suicide by poisoning. The Tsukuda family had been living together many years, led by Mr. ██'s father, and it was found from the testimony of the neighbors that there had been frequent problems with strange smells and noise for about 6 months before the discovery of the object.

Interview Log

Subject: Matsuko Tsukuda (Daughter of Mr. ██ Tsukuda)

Note: The subject is the person who made the report that led to the discovery of said incident, and was in police custody when the object was discovered. She is currently in a hospital under the care of the Foundation considering the effect for her physical and mental health.

<Begin Log>

Interviewer: Where was that microwave oven obtained from?

Ms. Tsukuda: That's, well, that's what Kosei-sama1 brought. He said that we should all know more about life, and appreciate our happiness.

Interviewer: You can speak naturally and not stiffly. How was it used in your home?

Ms. Tsukuda: The only time we used it was during the Life Party. It's a meal that we all eat together on Thursday nights including Kosei-sama, father, mother, Mr. Tajima, Mr. Sakaguchi and the rest of his family, Auntie Takako2 and I. In the past, we all used to announce our appreciation for the food. But since the arrival of that thing, we've been cooking meat and other things and saying thank you as we watch it cook.

Interviewer: How did you feel about it?

Ms. Tsukuda: I didn't like it when I was hungry, because I wanted to hurry up and just eat. But Kosei-sama often told me that a rabbit was able to become a Buddha because it was thanked while being burned. I thought "it makes me happy that they give their lives to us, so I should thank them in return", so I did my best. But my hands hurt when I was in charge of the applause, so I preferred to play the drums or dance; I do it anyway while saying thank you though.

Interviewer: I see. Now, please tell us how you came to use it the way you use now.

Ms. Tsukuda: Kosei-sama started to lose a lot of weight last summer. Kosei-sama told everyone that the life that was thanked so much would come back, and that there was nothing to worry about. He was still there 3 days after he stopped moving, and I tried my best to cleanse and take care of him, but it was no use. Then my mother cried "I need more words, I need to listen to his words" and my father said "we didn't appreciate enough, let's appreciate more". Mr. Tajima, Mr. Sakaguchi and the others consulted together and decided to hold the Life Party. That's how it happened. I wasn't able to help them, but Mr. Tajima and my father made Kosei-sama, umm, into small pieces, so that he could be put in that thing.

Interviewer: Please continue.

Ms. Tsukuda: It was a Thursday in September. That day was the first time we warmed Kosei-sama. Then, he was moving inside, and I was so happy. I knew he had come back to us. He was just as energetic as the pigs and fishes, and answered us by banging on the door. He came back as he promised, and he cheered us up. We continued to say "thank you, thank you" at that time, and we were really happy.

Interviewer: Did you, you know, eat the heated thing?

Ms. Tsukuda: Stop it, of course I won't do that. Kosei-sama is enshrined on the altar in preparation for his return, properly cooled.

Interviewer: I see, I'm sorry. Please tell us the changes after that.

Ms. Tsukuda: But after doing it so many times, Kosei-sama couldn't even reach the door, and we all just watched him become a mess while we said thank you. In the spring, he didn't move at all anymore no matter when we warmed him, and only his mouth was chomping. But my mother kept nodding, and she looked so happy. She told everyone that she can hear his words. She said we should show our appreciation more and more. It must have cost a lot of money, because the altar was getting cleaned up every time the Life Party was held. But Mr. Tajima started fighting my mother over it, and he was gone the next thing I knew. My father said "there's nothing to worry about, that's what Kosei-sama, your grandpa is saying", but that's obviously a lie. After Mr. Tajima disappeared, at night, my mother and Auntie were heating something all night long, many times. Maybe it was the food, but, but, what was in the can inside the refrigerator? I don't know, because the meat doesn't talk, and I can't hear any voice. There's no way we can hear even if we warmed it. I couldn't hear him, but my grandpa was screaming "stop, let me die" every day while becoming a mess. I knew it. But, I.

Interviewer: Please calm down, Ms. Tsukuda. Let's take a break if you need to.

Ms. Tsukuda: It's okay, I'm fine. But, at that time, I finally realized.

Interviewer: Realized what?

Ms. Tsukuda: I thought that maybe the birds and pigs hadn't received our gratitude at all, and that they didn't want to come back. They were all dead, and it's right to have nothing after that. Once I realized that, I was sick of it all. I was sick of warming my grandpa.

<End Log>

Termination Report: As stated by Ms. Matsuko, many pieces of shredded meat were found inside the object and in the refrigerator of Mr. Tsukuda's house. The cube-shaped pieces of meat preserved in individual package were found to have belonged to Mr. Tsukuda's father, and the roughly ground pieces of meat packed in empty cans were found to have belonged to the missing Mr. Tajima.

Based on the heating experiment and interview statements, it is theorized that SCP-2459-JP-1 have some consistency in behavior and degree of breakdown when manifesting from heating items derived from the same individual. In order to investigate the origin of this consistency, a heating experiment of human-derived items for the purpose of interaction with SCP-2459-JP-1 has been approved. The personnel in charge should select appropriate human resources for the experiment from Class D personnel whom delayed dismissal3 is authorized.

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