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Item #: SCP-2476-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2476-JP is now closed, and a copy of the website is stored on the Foundation's intranet. Experiments on SCP-2476-JP-1 are to be conducted only in a sandbox environment1.

In the event that a website distributing SCP-2476-JP-A is detected by Foundation web crawlers, it is to be shut down immediately, and SCP-2476-JP-A is to be covered up through identification, interrogation, and amnesticization of the individual who distributed it.

Description: SCP-2476-JP is a website assigned the URL https://███.████-██.███.jp. Upon accessing SCP-2476-JP, it immediately begins to install SCP-2476-JP-A on the terminal used for browsing. While blocking this with security software does not succeed, the installation fails in most cases due to the enormous size of SCP-2476-JP-A, which is approximately 2.3TB.


A screenshot while executing SCP-2476-JP-A.

SCP-2476-JP-A is an executable file entitled "cat.exe". The Foundation's analysis team failed to determine the internal structure of SCP-2476-JP-A. When SCP-2476-JP-A is executed, the image of a cat (Felis catus) is displayed in the layer below the mouse pointer on the screen of the device. The cat on the screen always acts as though it is aware of the mouse cursor, and shows some behavior such as looking at or pawing at it. The execution of SCP-2476-JP-A can be terminated without difficulty.

During the execution of SCP-2476-JP-A, several phenomena occur on the terminal. While most of the phenomena are caused by cyberterrorism via arbitrary code execution by SCP-2476-JP-A, some of them physically interfere with the terminal in unknown means. The following are some examples.

  • Corruption of files in the device.
  • A cat's purring noise is emitted from the speakers.
  • Multiple accesses to the official web pages of pet food manufacturers.
  • Purchase of pet supplies from online shopping websites.
  • Impact of approximately 200g is applied from the inside of the terminal to a point on the LCD screen, where the mouse cursor is located2.

These phenomena do not occur when SCP-2476-JP-A is executed in a sandbox environment; even when it is executed in a normal environment, the Foundation's conventional security system can prevent them from occurring without difficulty.

Experiment Log: Several experiments were conducted to understand the nature of SCP-2476-JP-A.

Experiment Log #1

Method: Delete SCP-2476-JP-A from the terminal.

Result: SCP-2476-JP-A was removed from the terminal without difficulty.

Experiment Log #2

Method: Copy SCP-2476-JP-A.

Result: The copied file behaved in the same manner as the original SCP-2476-JP-A.

Experiment Log #3

Method: Compress and transfer SCP-2476-JP-A to another terminal.

Result: Although the decompressed SCP-2476-JP-A was executed without difficulty, a large amount of blood and the carcass of an animal that seems to be a cat were displayed on the top layer of the screen. Image analysis indicated that the displayed cat was killed by high pressure from all directions.

Note: Analysis of the internal structure of the decompressed file failed. The file was deleted without difficulty.

(38 experiments have been omitted. The full experiment log can be available here.)

Addendum: A Foundation web crawler detected that a file believed to be SCP-2476-JP-A was distributed on a private blog. The blog contained the old URL to SCP-2476-JP, along with a statement that the blogger decided to make a secondary distribution of SCP-2476-JP-A because they found SCP-2476-JP had been closed. SCP-2476-JP-A was split into ten files and compressed into zip format before being distributed.

While the blogger was located by address and interviewed, no new additional information was obtained, as the blogger claimed that the secondary distribution of SCP-2476-JP-A was an unauthorized reproduction, and therefore they had not contacted the operator of SCP-2476-JP. Following the interview and the recovery of SCP-2476-JP-A from their residence, the blogger was amnesticized and released. Although recovering SCP-2476-JP-A from the distributed data was not possible3, the blog post in question was deleted as the anomalous property making the file unanalyzable remained.

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