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Item #: SCP-248-DE

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-248-DE is to be kept inside the secured drawer No. 7 of safety storage closet K-24 in containment unit H26/Wing-05 of Site-19-DE.1 The object's storage room is to be secured via a safety door, with the drawer featuring two combination locks. The door leading into the storage room is to be secured using a magnetic lock with an ID scanner to evade unauthorized access. Access to SCP-248-DE is permitted solely to personnel of level 2 clearance or higher and only with the consent of a level 3 overseer. SCP-248-DE may only be removed from its drawer for experimental purposes. If this need arises, gloves made of synthetic material are to be worn. No other cutlery may be present around SCP-248-DE in a 2 m radius.

Description: SCP-248-DE describes a four-pronged dinner fork measuring 25 cm and weighing 43 g that consists of a stainless steel alloy and [REDACTED]. According to analyses, SCP-248-DE inhabits the feature to make almost any material edible, including liquids and some gases. If any given material is pricked via the object (e.g. in a steel beam), it will extract a bite-sized piece, whose consistency will change in a matter that will enable a person to eat it without any problems. However, this effect can solely occur when SCP-248-DE gains direct skin contact. It has been reported that the taste of the eaten material has consistently been perceived as pleasant, with the consumed "food" thus seemingly being exceedingly delicious (Refer to Test Protocol 248-1). As long as SCP-248-DE is held in one's hand, it will not harm the eater. Should SCP-248-DE be placed near other cutlery, it will begin to immediately absorb the latter. The object's mass will not shift during this process (Refer to Addendum 1).

Initially, SCP-248-DE has been discovered on the ██.██.19██ in █████████, Lower Saxony in the basement of an abandoned pub in the midst of a forest by Agent ████, who, coincidentally, was hiking in said area. While exploring the premises, SCP-248-DE fell from a shelf in the cellar kitchen of the pub, sinking almost to the shaft into the ground. Being amazed, the agent attempted to pull out the object, thereby extracting a bite-sized piece from the floor. Agent B████ reported that the floor piece from SCP-248-DE scented extraordinarily delicious and he was unable to resist the urge to carefully take a bite. This led to Agent B████ eating half a square meter of the floor, regardless of the hygienic conditions of the decrepit cellar room. Therefore, it is not to be excluded that SCP-248-DE may possess memetic abilities. At Site-DE██, agent B████ transferred the object to the foundation the next day.

Two weeks following SCP-248-DE's discovery, on the ██.██.19██, agent B████ received an anonymous package. All information about the sender was missing and later analyses neither found fingerprints nor traces of DNA on the package or its content. The package contained a plain black diary bound in leather. Obviously, the owner's name was retroactively removed, due to every spot mentioning him has been scratched beyond recognition.

The diary shows that SCP-248-DE has apparently been constructed to serve the purpose of initiating the third world war by using SCP-248-DE to absorb and subsequently destroy all the world's cutlery, thereby triggering a "worldwide fight" around the ultimate fork. It can be assumed the author of the diary was psychologically disturbed to a certain extent. For the creation of the object only information about the usage of a book about the "███████████ cult's rites" was found. How exactly this was put into practice, is yet to be determined, as any further information about it was rendered unrecognizable by scratched text passages and ripped out, thus lost pages.

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